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Gramno Boosting Services

Playing favorite games is entertaining but getting stuck at some level or stage is upsetting, especially for those who are passionate enough to conquer. This is where cheats, hacks, and bots come into the picture to give players free upgrades. However, most of them are unreliable. To ensure reliability to go to a higher league without facing further failures, Gramno is offering online boosters for games.

Entertainment, for most, needs to be incessant. Apart from in-between ads, the repetitive failures to step into the next zone or reach the next level is perhaps a critical hurdle to incessant entertainment. To overcome this in a reliable way, Gramno is offering several boosters that seem to be quite effective.

With the aim to increase players rank and raise their joy while playing games, the company is offering economical game services for all popular games. These services include rank boosting, coaching, account management, and leveling services to increase players rank in any popula…

A Peek At The RSCRevolution Mod Room

Runescape Classic Legend's Quest Guide

LengthLongDifficultyHardRequirements52 mining, 50 crafting, 50 strength, 50 woodcutting, 42 prayer, 50 agility, 50 smithing, 50 thieving, 45 herblaw, 59 magic (from family crest), 107 quest points, hero's quest, family crest quest, underground pass quest and waterfall quest completed.Suggested itemsRune pickaxe, 1 soul rune, 1 mind rune, 2 law runes, 33 water runes, 3 earth runes, 1 body rune, 3 cosmic runes, 1 uncharged orb, 1 cut diamond, 1 cut ruby, 1 cut emerald, 1 cut sapphire, 1 cut opal, 1 cut red topaz, 1 cut jade, 2 bars of gold, hammer, lockpick, snake weed, adringall, water filled vial, rune hatchet.RewardYou can choose a skill to get experience in (the amount is dependent on the current lvl of the skill) 4 times. Also you get access to the Legends Guild, where, among others, you can buy a white cape, and half of the dragon square.
By: Guide by Hvkasteren
Make sure you have finished the shilo village quest, since it has a bank close to the new quest area, an…

Runescape Classic The Quest for The Holy Grail

LengthLongDifficultyModerateRequirementsMust have completed Merlin's Crystal Must defeat a lvl-126 Black Knight TitanSuggested itemsYour armor and a weapon. It might also be wise to bring potions and teleportation runes. A prayer level of thirty-six would eliminate the need for potions or runes.RewardA heap of prayer xp.
Talk to King Arthur, he will send you to Merlin. It seems the holy grail has entered the RuneScape world. Go talk to Merlin (on 2nd floor, you can't miss him) He will tell you to go talk to Brother Galahad who knows more about the grail. Talk to Brother Galahad (west of Mc'Grubbers wood)

Now go to Entrana Island, and into the church there. Talk to high priest of Entrana. He will tell you he doesn't care about the grail, but somone named "crone" will tell you what to do. Talk to him about all the options, then go to Brother Galahad again and he will give you a cloth. Now go to the top floor of Dranyor Manor and pick up 2 whistles. N…

Runescape Classic Hero's Quest Guide

LengthLongDifficultyModerate-HardRequirementsYou need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it. You must also defeat the Ice Queen (who is over level 100).Suggested itemsPossibly prayer items for Ice Queen. Food, of course. Anti-dragonbreath shield would be good to have.RewardAccess to hero guild, 1 quest point, 0-1 herblaw levels, 0-1 fishing levels, and 0-1 cooking levels. The hero guild has a fountain where you can charge your dragon stone amulet, buy a dragon battle axe, and mine at various rocks in the basement.
You need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it.

To start this quest…

Runescape Classic Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

LengthShortDifficultyEasyRequirementsLevel 5 FishingSuggested items1 raw sardine, 100 gp, 1 bucket of milk, 1 doogle leaf.RewardA kitten that you can nurse, 1 quest point, chocolate cake, meat and potato stew.
By: Guide by Hvkasteren
Talk to gertrude in the house just south of Juliets. She'll tell you that her cat is missing, and she can't search for it because she needs to look after her children. She'll tell you that Shilop or Wilough have seen the cat last. Talk to either of them and they'll tell you that the cat followed them to the mill east of the Jolly boar inn if you pay them 100 gp.

You'll need to find a gap in the fence to get in. Look for a hole on the east of the buildings on the minimap. Find the ladder going up. If you go up twice you''ll find the cat. If you try to pick up the cat it'll tell you that it's thirsty. Give it a bucket of milk. If you try to pick it up again it'll tell you it's hungry. Use a doogle leaf (f…

Runescape Classic Fishing Competition Guide

LengthShortDifficultyEasyRequirementsLevel 10 fishingSuggested itemsGarlic, a spade, and a regular fishing rod.Reward1 quest point and use of the tunnel that bypasses wolf mountain.
Start out by talking to one of the dwarves at either end of the dwarf tunnel (small buildings to the east and west of wolf mountain, they will tell you they want a golden trophy and you have to win the fishing contest to get it. they also give you a pass to get into the fishing contest.

Now go to the fishing arena north of the fishing guild. Talk to Grandpa Jack and he tells you about the red vine worms that carps like best (thats what fish you will be catching) to get them go north to Mc'Grubber's Woods and enter through the loose fence. Use your spade on the vines on the ground to get some red vine worms (4 or 5 is enough) then go back down the fishing arena and talk to Morris to enter the competition.

Go over to the pipes and rub garlic on them. That drives the sinister stranger awa…

Runescape Classic Fight Arena Quest Guide

LengthShortDifficultyModerateRequirementsAble to kill a level 58 ogre, a level 46 giant scorpion, and a Bouncer level 122. Suggested itemsFood (Lobsters will do), and your best equipment.Reward2 quest points, 1000 gold, about 8000 theiving experience and some combat experience.
By: Guide by NoW4yOut
Quest Start: Talk to Lady Servil, who is located South of the clock tower in Ardounge next to a broken cart. She tells you that her husband and son have been kidnapped by Khazard's men.

Khazard Armour: Go west until you see some houses outside the arena. Find the one with the Khazard cupboard and search it. You will get Khazard Chainmail and Khazard medium helmet.

Put on the Khazard armour and head towards the arena. Use the south entrance (the one with the walkway with fences at each side), and talk to the guard by the cells. After you have spoken with the guard, exit the arena and find the pub, which is near the house with the khazard armour. Talk to the barman and ask for a…

Runescape Classic Dwarf Cannon Quest Guide

LengthShortDifficultyEasyRequirementsN/ASuggested itemsTeleportation runes to both Camelot and Falador are recommended, but not necessary.RewardOne quest point and the ability to buy the dwarf cannon (more information on this at the bottom of the guide)
Start point: Coal Trucks West of McGrubbs Wood (you will have to cross the logs), speak to the Dwarf Commander 

When you talk to the dwarven commander, who can be found near a small house, he asks for your help in defending his mines. Say you will help. He will give you railing replacements, to replace damaged parts that the goblins have caused. Now, to the south, you will find railings, connecting the gates, head past the gates. You will have to find the broken railings to replace them. Failing to replace them, which rarely happens, results in losing about four health. One of these replacements is right to the east of the very eastern gate. The second is west of the eastern-most gate, and is against a wooden support log.


Runescape Classi Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

LengthMediumDifficultyEasyRequirementsAlthough it's not a requirement, it's recommended that you have a decent combat level (around level thirty).Suggested itemsBear, rat, chicken, and cow meat. Also, bring your fighting equipment.RewardAbility to use herblaw skill, four quest points, and three herblaw levels.
First talk to Kaqwemeex in the stone circle north of Tavelry. He wants to purify the stone circle and the druid Sanfew can tell you how. Talk to Sanfew in a small house in Northern Tavelry. He asks of you that you put the meat of four animals in a special cauldron. Get four types of raw meat: Bear, Rat, Chicken, and Cow.

Then take them to the huge members dungeon south of Tavelry. Along the first hallway you will see a door with two suits of armor outside it, try to open the door and the suits will attack you, kill them and you can go into the room with the cauldron. If you cannot kill these suits of armor then you can take the alternate, longer route. Use eac…

RuneScape Experience Chart

RuneScape Experience Chart This is the experience chart that is used by all skills of RuneScape. All skills are limited to 99 levels, so there is no point putting requirements for higher levels. The 'Experience' colum means the total amount of experience required. The 'EXP Growth' colum means how much experience you need after the previous level. Thanks to Phil's RuneScape cooking guide for the experience calculation formula.
LevelExperienceEXP Growth10+0283+833174+914276+1025388+1126512+1247650+1388801+1519969+168101,154+185111,358+204121,584+226131,833+249142,107+274152,411+304162,746+335173,115+369183,523+408193,973+450204,470+497215,018+548225,624+606236,291+667247,028+737257,842+814268,740+898279,730+9902810,824+1,0942912,031+1,2073013,363+1,3323114,833+1,4703216,456+1,6233318,247+1,7913420,224+1,9773522,406+2,1823624,815+2,4093727,473+2,6583830,408+2,9353933,648+3,2404037,224+3,5764141,171+3,9474245,529+4,3584350,339+4,8104455,649+5,3104561,512+5,8634667…

Runescape Classic Digsite Quest Guide

LengthMedium-LongDifficultyModerate-HardRequirementsLevel 10 Herblaw, level 10 agility.Suggested itemsGloves and boots. A cup of tea, a pestle and mortar, A vial. Sleeping bag, possibly a weapon, and a tinderbox.Reward2 quest points, some mining XP, herblaw XP, two bars of gold.
Go out the EAST gate of Varrock, there is a fence in front of you. Follow it SOUTH until you reach a gate. Go through the gate and head EAST until you see some buildings. These buildings are the Education Center. Go inside and speak to the Expert to get a general idea of what you're doing. Then look for the Examiner and talk to her to start the quest.

The Examiner
The Examiner will tell you that in order to dig in the digsite, you must pass the appropriate Earth Sciences tests. In order to take the test you need a stamped letter from the Curator of the Varrock Museum. He can be found either in the Varrock museum or the northern most end of the digsite (the digsite is north of the education c…

Runescape Classic Clock Tower Quest Guide

LengthShortDifficultyModerateRequirementsN/ASuggested itemsYour weapon and armor. Possibly some teleportation runes if you level is low.RewardREWARD
Brother Kojo needs your help to fix his clock tower. To do this you must retrive 4 colored cogs and placeing them in there proper place. After starting the quest go down the ladder near by. Each time you retive a cog you must place it before getting another. It seems that each cog goes on a random level but always on the matching pole. Going down the ladder leads you to a room with a rug with four colors on it. Each one represents a cog.

Black Cog
Following the path from the black door in the "rug room" you find the cog near some ever burning fires. From being close to the flames has heated it too hot to carry. This problem can be solved by one of two ways. If you have your ice gloves from the hero quest they can be used to pick up the cog. If you haven't done the hero quest you may just use a bucket full of wat…

The Lore of RuneScape

This writing is a record of the ancient times. Much is questionable guesswork but the records are far less than complete. As more is discovered this document will expand and change. The First Age Creation of RuneScape. Giants briefly are dominate species (according to ancient records), but are soon supplanted by Elves, Gnomes, Men, and Dwarves. First clashes between Zamorak and Saradomin.
The Second Age The race of Elves wiped out or driven off by Dark Forces from the West. Baxtorian makes his waterfall refuge and hides the treasures of the elves. Whatever remaining Elves there were vanished completely. The only remaining sources of information on the Elves are magically defended and preserved locations like the Baxtorian Waterfall and the tomb of Glarial. This is also the first mention of the Rune Stones, powerful stones capable of many wonders.
The Third Age The White Knights of Falador launch the Dawn Ascension, they drive the Black Knights back into their stronghold…

Runescape Classic Magic Guide

Magic Guide Basic Magic In RuneScape, Magic is driven by the use of Magical Runes. Which are stackable, stone tablets. They bear a symbol indicating what kind of Rune they are. Casting a magic spell requires you be carrying the runes it requires and have the Magic level necesary to cast it.
Magic Interface The Magic Interface is very simple. When your mouse moves over the spellbook in the menu bar, a small window pops up. By defualt, this will be set to 'Spells'. The other option is 'Prayers'. On the window there is a list of all the Spells in RuneScape. First the list states what level is required to cast the spell followed by the name of the spell. Black spells are ones you can't cast yet, White spells mean you have a high enough level to cast the spell, but not enough Runes, a Green spell is ready to be cast.
Below the Spell-list, there is an area which has a brief description of the spell and images of what Runes you need to cast the spell. Eac…

Runescape Classic Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide Description Fishing is one of the best money-makers in RuneScape, and also provides a good source of food if you have a high-enough fishing level, this is one of the most commonly used skills for people who sell food to Player-Killers and for people who train on high level monsters since fish heals alot.
Information Chart The chart below gives information about the fishing stuff, such as exp gained, the item and bait you need, the place, and the name of the item that you are fishing.
ItemLevel NeededExperienceTool/BaitPlaceShrimp110NetAny SeaSardine520Fishing Rod + BaitAny SeaHerring1030Fishing Rod + BaitAny SeaAnchovies1540NetAny SeaTrout2050Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiverPike2560Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiverSalmon3070Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiverTuna3580HarpoonCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guildLobster4090Lobster CageCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guildSwordfish50100HarpoonCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guildBoots (M)11Big NetCatherby Fishing guildGloves (…

Runescape Tips

RuneScape Tips This page simply lists all kinds of tips that has been submitted to RSH by the members. If you'd like to submit tips youserlf, just post them in the topic at RSH forum. No submissions will be accepted trough any other way than on that topic.
Submit Tip (Registeration required)
Sort by Category | Sort by Author SecurityAlways check the URL to make sure it's! - MikeJagex will never send you an email! - No W4y OutTrust no-one in the Wilderness - Fender00If someone says they are friends with a moderator, chances are they aren't. - HawkinIt is impossible to get any item by changing your password to that items name. - Joshua 110If some one threatens to ban you ingame unless you give them an item, its a scam. - Joshua 110Runescape doesnt Censor your Password - AtomicBossNever type your RuneScape password into any website besides - polymorph316Trust no one with any of your valuable items. You'll be suprised at which frien…

A Short Introduction Of Runescape Combat Skills

You will find 8 combat levels. I will make a brief overview of each combat skill. Attack: This skill influences how accurate your character is utilizing a weapon. The attack skill enables a character to wield greater weapons. It will be the primary skill of a character. Runescape players have to level up attack skill immediately.

Strength: strength signifies the sum of damage your character can deliver with a weapon. Boosting your strength skill can raise the sum of damage you give. Quite a few weapons demand players to own a certain level strength to use. Defense: This skill raises your ability to dodge/block assaults. With this skill, you’ll be able to decrease damage from your foes. Metal armors demand players to have a high defence RS power level to wear.

Constitution: Constitution level is in the past called hit points of HP. Constitution level displays what amount of life points your character has got. The life points decide how much damage your character can take …

The Available Ways For You To Make Runescape Gold

Runescape is really a massively multi-player online role-playing game; it offers a fantasy world with ghosts, goblins as well as dragons. Players can combine runes with items and have it drive a high alchemy spell to make RS funds, which is the main virtual currency hanging around. And gold button can help you create Runescape gold in the game. And it can provide in many ways to finish the quests, educate skills and make RS money.

You could make Runescape gold by merchanting. You need to decide the type that you would perform, such as investing, flipping and price adjustment. You should predict the future price and buy the lower price items. On the base of future revisions and the change on the item, you can determine the price of an item. Once the price improves, you can sell items for a high price to produce RS money.

Crafting lets have the abilities to make items. And after that the players can get crafting experience by making precious metal buttons. Have a right …


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