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Runescape Classi Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

RequirementsAlthough it's not a requirement, it's recommended that you have a decent combat level (around level thirty).
Suggested itemsBear, rat, chicken, and cow meat. Also, bring your fighting equipment.
RewardAbility to use herblaw skill, four quest points, and three herblaw levels.

First talk to Kaqwemeex in the stone circle north of Tavelry. He wants to purify the stone circle and the druid Sanfew can tell you how. Talk to Sanfew in a small house in Northern Tavelry. He asks of you that you put the meat of four animals in a special cauldron. Get four types of raw meat: Bear, Rat, Chicken, and Cow.

Then take them to the huge members dungeon south of Tavelry. Along the first hallway you will see a door with two suits of armor outside it, try to open the door and the suits will attack you, kill them and you can go into the room with the cauldron. If you cannot kill these suits of armor then you can take the alternate, longer route. Use each of the meats with the cauldron and return to Sanfew. He thanks you and takes the meat. He also tells you to talk to Kaqwemeex again. Go talk to Kaqwemeex for your reward.


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