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Runescape Classic Clock Tower Quest Guide

Suggested itemsYour weapon and armor. Possibly some teleportation runes if you level is low.

Brother Kojo needs your help to fix his clock tower. To do this you must retrive 4 colored cogs and placeing them in there proper place. After starting the quest go down the ladder near by. Each time you retive a cog you must place it before getting another. It seems that each cog goes on a random level but always on the matching pole. Going down the ladder leads you to a room with a rug with four colors on it. Each one represents a cog.

Black Cog

Following the path from the black door in the "rug room" you find the cog near some ever burning fires. From being close to the flames has heated it too hot to carry. This problem can be solved by one of two ways. If you have your ice gloves from the hero quest they can be used to pick up the cog. If you haven't done the hero quest you may just use a bucket full of water on it to cool it so it can be picked up.

Red Cog

Getting the red cog you must battle though a area infested with ogres (level 5 [8)] you may not telegrab the cogs. So you can not get it from the area that you go to for the monk friend quest.

Blue Cog

The blue cog is in the "jail" area. This can only be reached from the ladders just north of Brother Kojo. Each one leads to a different "cell". There is 3 rows arranged as follows:

As you notice there isn't one leading to the cell with the blue cog in it, but if you climb down the left one on the northern most row from the western site (you will be facing right if your going the right way) you will end up in the cell with the cog. There is a second way to get this cog. Going west you will see a ladder out on it's own. Going down this will lead you down a rather long path that leads to a "odd looking wall" push on this and your in the cell with the blue cog.

Purple Cog

Perhaps the most annoying of all 4 of the cogs was this one. This cog is in a rat's cage that is normally full of aggressive rats. While they are not strong they are annoying and be prepared to take a while to get though the cage. Going down the path you will find little branch off that leads to a dead end with a bottle of rat poison in it. Take the rat poison and go back and follow the path to the leavers. Use the poison on the food trough and go to the first lever you pasted getting to the trough. Push this ladder and it will tell you about the rats eating the poison and dying. go back into the area where the rats spawn. The search the rat cage (the fence that is between the rat spawn point and the cog) if done right you will squeeze though and get the cog. Just climb the ladder to get out of there.


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