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Runescape Tips

RuneScape Tips

This page simply lists all kinds of tips that has been submitted to RSH by the members. If you'd like to submit tips youserlf, just post them in the topic at RSH forum. No submissions will be accepted trough any other way than on that topic.
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  • Always check the URL to make sure it's! - Mike
  • Jagex will never send you an email! - No W4y Out
  • Trust no-one in the Wilderness - Fender00
  • If someone says they are friends with a moderator, chances are they aren't. - Hawkin
  • It is impossible to get any item by changing your password to that items name. - Joshua 110
  • If some one threatens to ban you ingame unless you give them an item, its a scam. - Joshua 110
  • Runescape doesnt Censor your Password - AtomicBoss
  • Never type your RuneScape password into any website besides - polymorph316
  • Trust no one with any of your valuable items. You'll be suprised at which friends would scam you! - polymorph316


  • Beware of rip-offs. Always know the prices of items before bargin hunting. Paying 1000k for 1 coal isn't a scam. - MonkRX
  • If you are unsure about something, ask in the RuneScape Hall Message Board. - MonkRX
  • When Pking, bring alot of food, so you'll last longer! - Asteroids
  • an excellent way to make large ammounts of money after already having a decent ammount is marketing, buy low, sell high, make lots of money - snopro
  • Be ready to teleport in emergency situations on the Wilderness - Pima
  • There are no cheat codes in runescape. - Joshua 110
  • If you need cut saphires, there is a house in the wilderness that has a large supply. A 5 minute wait, as well as giant lvl 33 spiders may deter some. - Joshua 110
  • only bring 3 items and food into the wilderness - John XVII
  • Turn off Trade/Duel request while Pking. - AtomicBoss
  • A players name that has a silver crown, is a Player Mod - AtomicBoss
  • Use mind runes for training magic, use Chaos runes for Pking - AtomicBoss
  • Stocking Feathers and Rune Essence gets you a quick Penny - AtomicBoss
  • When fishing wait till you are 10 levels above what you want to catch till you try and fish it because it will be much faster. - hoz


  • The cow field just north of the wind mill is the best place to train ranging. - Joshua 110
  • The best way to Runecraft without hiring runners is by using Dragon Ammy to teleport to Al Kharid, bank, and then use Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Fire Rune Altar - bleucheese



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