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Runescape Classic is Dead

As of August 06, 2018, Jagex has officially closed their Runescape Classic Servers & all of the player accounts along with it. Since bots make up the player base and the lack of Jagex's ability to fix crticial bugs (see the crystal chest bug), it is no surprise that there isn't much reason to keep the game open.

The Crystal Chest Bug:

Bots Were Plentiful:

What Now?

The only way to enjoy Runescape Classic once again is to play on a private server. Here are some of he most popular ones available:

  • RSCEmulation - The longest running classic server. Available for PC or Android.
  • RSCRevolution - Likely the most populated RSC private server. The development team incorporates regular updates, including RS2 content like slayer or clue scrolls. Available for PC or Android.
  • RSCVanilla - Private Server yet to be released
  • Open RSC - Open Source RSC development project and private server

Reconnect With Old Players

Private Server Reddit:
RSC Preservation Project:


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