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Friday, March 27, 2020

AWplanet - One of Runescape's First Clones

AWplanet is an Online Multiplayer Science Fiction game. The scene is set on a distant planet far from our own galaxy where modern technology and medieval ways are interwoven. You will be able to create your own unique character and develop it in your own unique way. How your character develops and advances through the game all depends on you!

The game world was created based on a battle science fiction canons. The game is full of things to discover and to develop your skills. Only once you have developed your strength, intelligence and professional skills, will you be able to fight powerful monsters and reveal the mysteries of the ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet.

AWplanet is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). When you first enter the game, you will meet hundreds of other players just like yourself, who came here to entertain themselves, to chat and make new friends, increase their skills or to duel other players.

After two years of game development there are now many experienced players and many new players, so you should find it fairly easy to make friends and group with people to help you complete challenging quests and fulfill personal goals.

Additionally, AWplanet is free and accessible to everyone! You don’t need a powerful computer and high Internet speed to play the game. The game is free of charge, but you may also become a paid member and get extra advantages such as more weapons, armors and access to paid member only areas.

Facts about AWplanet

Small software size and low system requirements

You can start playing the game after only a few minutes of downloading the client, on almost any device (including PDA and mobile phones).

Doesn’t require a fast Internet connection

Your computer and the server are constantly exchanging data to synchronize you client with the AWplanet world, but thanks to our data compression system you will be able to play AWplanet with slow internet connection and low traffic.

A giant, mystifying world to explore

Islands, continents, settlements, dark underground passages and unexplored areas will be at your disposal in the world of AWplanet. It is a really large world full of exciting places to discover!

Fighting System

There is nothing better than hand-to-hand combat with a friend or a sworn enemy. There are all opportunities for realization of your fighting instincts. There is also a wide variety of weapons and armors and each has unique attributes along with a choice of fighting styles. Player VS player battles are allowed only in special zones, but if you are a civilian, no other players can attack you.

AWplanet NPC's

Besides yourself and other players the world of AWplanet is populated with both harmless and dangerous inhabitants. From robot-guards to human shoppers, bankers and other NPC’s (Non Player Characters) that will help you to develop and master the game.

Complex system of character parameters

With such a wide range of available attributes for your character such as physical, intellectual, social and professional characteristics, you are able to create a completely unique character.

Friendly and supportive community

When playing the game, you will easily find someone who is able to help you with tasks or find other players interested in the same things as you, so you are able to complete tasks together.

Character creation and improvement system

When you first create your character you will be able to choose a unique appearance for him/her. Then later in the development of your character you will be able to acquire clothes, armor and weapons to further change your character's appearance.

Full 3D graphics

Thanks to 3D graphics we are able to decrease the size of the client software because it's much smaller in file size than using pixel images and the animations are a lot smoother. Furthermore, this means the world of AWplanet is a lot more pleasant to look at because of the rich detail on the landscapes, buildings, bridges, roads, fields, trees, flowers, rivers and seas. All this helps to make your game play experience greatly improved.

Realistic items system

The world of AWplanet is now even more realistic because of the detailed items system. You can pickup everything and drop everything, you can get information on every item you find, and you are able to use items such as plants and fish in different ways. For example, harvest some grain using a sickle, grind it into flour and mix it with water to create some dough. Next get some chicken meat and put it in the oven together with the dough, which will create a kebab that you can eat to regain health. This is a simple process, but once you achieve higher levels you will be able to use other technologies and create more superior items.


Most characters you will meet belong to the players, the same as well as you. This very characters form the AWplanet community.

Here you can make an acquaintance with players from Ukraine, Estonia, China or Russia, some of them just have started the game and other – have been playing for several years…

To take off possible questions, let us define the difference between the terms “player” and “character”. Player is a person who plays the AWplanet. He or she may create one or several characters; each of them is a virtual personality gradually developing its skills. Therefore in this documentation we apply the term “character” concerning parameters or professional skills, and apply the term “player” concerning game interaction.

Each character has its own set of parameters, which determines its status, combat strength, professional skills, etc. But information about the rank of other character is available to you only (a new rank is given each time when the combat level increases on ten points – to learn about it read the passage the «Combat level and reputation»).

You are free to perform various kinds of co-operations with other players, such as communication, trade, battles. You may enter one of the game-clans or create your own clan. The full list of possible interactions is given in the passage «Interface and controls».

Though the battles between players are permitted, they aren’t welcomed: attacking a player you gain status of killer (PK) and your reputation decreases.

Service characters (NPCs)

Service characters (NPCs)
Service characters (NPCs)
Except the players, a great number of different service characters inhabit the AWplanet world – merchants, bankers, representatives of authority, farmers, all of them would help you to feel at home in AWplanet.

They are controlled by computer, not by a person and never leave the game.

To use their services, click on them with mouse right button and select the menu-item “Talk to” and in the further dialog choose the options that are of interest to you at the moment. Thus, speaking to a banker you’ll get an access to your personal slot and speaking to a merchant you’ll open a trade-window.

Some NPCs need your help, carrying out their task you may get some reward (more detailed information is given in the passage «Quests»).

Monsters and creatures

The AWplanet world is inhabited by different kinds of creatures. Some of them would never attack you, but other are aggressive and eager to kill any player. Here you can meet:
  • The most real aliens, representatives of zartul-race, who have been inhabiting this planet at all times
  • Local creatures unknown to earth dwellers
  • Earth animals, which were brought by colonists and assimilated in new habitat
  • Criminals, who have eluded the earth laws and found asylum in this secluded corner of galaxy
  • Mysterious Black warriors, whose origin is unknown
  • War droids, which disobeyed and now oppose the players.
You can meet monsters in different areas, but many of them live in their favorite habitats. Thus, smugglers settled in docks of cosmoport and zartuls live in their small village. Rats and scorpions occur in dungeons and flying stropterix-pangolins occur in rocky areas. Many monsters attack you if you get around them close enough. Animals as usual are not aggressive, but some of them (e.g. deer) may attack you in response.

You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc...

You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc.

Character development 


Which path will you follow in the world of AWplanet? It depends on the way you choose – rough warrior or peaceful craftsman, treasure seeker or vagrant hermit. On the way to the top you have to do a lot and to learn a lot – different handicrafts, fighting art, money earning, interaction with other players.
All the issues concerning the life and development of your character are covered in detail in this section. Read it if you wish to study this or that subject thoroughly. But if you don’t want to lose your time, turn to section «First steps» – there you will find only the most important information you need for the game.

Character stats


In the game AWplanet your character develops together with you. As in other role-playing games the character has a number of parameters corresponding to different physical, intellectual and spiritual characteristics of a human being. While performing different actions in game the meanings of the character’s parameters change as well.


To make the AWplanet world really plausible we elaborated a detailed scheme of working with items. There are several hundred types of items in the game and they can be used in the most different ways.

Some items are materials that are used for production of the more complex things, other – allow to modify character-parameters, another, such as armour and weapons, extend its combat strength. Besides, in the semi-feudal AWplanet world items as well as gold serve as symbol of prosperity and are used in barter trade.

Item categories

Here is the description of items you’ll have to deal with in the game:
Category ExamplesDescription
Resources and materials Ores, crystals, meat, wheat You can obtain the most different natural resources. They may be sold or used in production of more complex items.
Tools and equipment Pick, fishing net, blacksmith’s press Tools are used to boot the resources, to treat and output the items. The stationary equipment (blast-furnaces, blacksmith’s forges) is used to manufacture the things.
Weapons and armour Helmet, greaves, shield, sword, gun These items extend the defence and fighting damage.
Clothes Cloak, boots, shirt Allows changing the appearance of character.
Food Bread, kebab, cheburek Restore the character’s health
Money Are used in trade. Monetary unit – credits.
Items changing character-parameters Modifiers, drinks, healing potions Allow to change character-parameters temporarily or restore the health-level, vitality, force-energy.
Other items Teleports, books, cups, plates, ammunition There are also a great number of different items.

Cooperation with items

Which items you may use?
An intense practice is a key to your character-development. That who works more would improve his parameters and professional skills sooner!

Restrictions on usage of tools and manufacture of various items are also connected with this. At the beginning you may use simple tools only and to produce (or obtain) the items (or resources) of a least value. But with the development of professional skills this situation will change: you’ll be able to use tools of high-performance and to manufacture costly things.

Moreover, complex electronic devices (e.g. teleport) and science intensive professional skills (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology) require sufficiently high level of intellect. To learn more about all these restrictions read the passage «Professional skills» or look at the item-information in the game.

Mind that some items and skills are available to members only. To learn more read the passage «Payment».

You may examine properties of any item by clicking on it with mouse right button and selecting the «Information» option in a brought up menu. There you may learn the following information:
  • skills and parameters required to use an item
  • modes of item usage
  • an effect from wearing and usage
  • weight
  • cost
The cost stated there is equal to the purchasing price in stores. The real market-value when trading with other players may result quite different.
Your inventory
Your inventory
Your inventory 
To take an item click on it with mouse left button and it will appear in your inventory-list. You can view this list by pressing the key F4. The amount of items you can carry is determined by the bulk of bag (24 slots) and your carrying capacity. At that, some small items (e.g. sticks or feathers) can be placed into the same slot.

To dress your character drag an armour or clothes to the slots corresponding to the parts of body or just click on them with mouse left button.

To use an item click on it with mouse right button and select the «Use» option in a brought up menu. To use an item together with another item or equipment (e.g. to roast shrimps in microwave oven) select option «Use with…» and click on another item or equipment.

To use tools (e.g. pick, axe, sickle, fishing net) at first you’ll have to take them in hands, for that, drag them to the slot corresponding to the character’s hands in the window of inventory. Then click on the resource you want to work out. E.g. after taking a pick in hands, click on the tin-deposit.

Item-resource restoration
It is impossible to restore the resource of the most spent things. That’s why the only thing you can do about them is to give to the beginners or throw away. But this doesn’t refer to the cold steel (swords, daggers), automatic weapons and some electronic devices.

Players possessing the high level of «Creation and treatment of items» skill can sharpen cold steels by means of diamond covering, which would not only restore weapon durability but also increase it on 10% (the damage caused would increase too). This operation is to be performed once only. Mind that to use a covered weapon you’ll have to possess a higher combat level, to learn more read the passage «Combat level and reputation».

The resource of automatic weapon may be restored by loading of new ammunition. And some electronic devices (e.g. teleport) may be charged with the help of battery.


Longing to test your spirit and might of muscles? Fight and prove your toughness to the bleak and cruel world of AWplanet. Success in battles depends upon nearly each parameter of your character, therefore combat is the fairest test of your progress in the game.

The AWplanet world offers all kinds of opportunities to bring about your fighting potential. There are wide selection of weapons, the most various armour and choice of different fighting styles. But if you are the beginner – nothing threatens you: free battles are permitted in special combat zones only.

Let us examine which characters need to polish up the martial art most of all.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

5 Underappreciated Game Genres in 2020

While the gaming market is expanding, and especially in the Asian market, gaming is rapidly evolving to lengths we’ve never seen before. Things like advanced AI, virtual reality and graphically intensive handheld devices are now a reality and are likely to only get better.

At the same time, the market is consolidating to appeal to the masses to make money, and certain genres are left on the backburner for large game development companies. While indie developers and modders maintain them, some genres were once popular that are now rare breeds among modern gamers.

Grand Strategy War Games

While many grand strategy games have amazing graphics, epic battles, and deep storylines, it is more intellectually demanding than your average casual game. Even real-time strategy games, the genres more popular distant cousin, has been dwindling in popularity with younger generations.

These games usually take place over a long period and may include multiple wars and civilizations. Instead of focusing on battles or units (like a real-time strategy game), the full picture of war is covered, including politics, diplomacy, economy, and religion.

Famous examples of Grand Strategy War Games are Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and the Total War series.

Hacker Games

While hacker games are certainly not unknown, the genre has become rather obscure aside from a few cult classics. While a hacker game is broadly defined, it usually revolves around cracking into systems and evading government authorities. It shouldn’t be confused with cyberpunk games, although it can still overlap.

Some games can get pretty hands-on with realistic hacking simulations while others have Hollowood-Esque exaggerations to keep it interesting. If you are new to the genre, Deus Ex or Watchdogs are enjoyable games to get into. If you want to go deeper, try more challenging & obscure games like Nethack, Hacknet, or Slacehack 2.

Endless Parkour Games

There are action games that may include parkour, like Assasin’s Creed, but don’t have it as the base element of the game. In a traditional sense, parkour games are more like Mirror’s edge or Jungle Run, which have a seemingly endless chain of parkour stunts from start to finish.

One free indie game that’s trying to revive the traditional endless parkour-style is Run Far, which is still in active development and has a first-person view.

Sandbox MMORPGs

While you may think of Minecraft being the end-all of the Sandbox MMORPG genres, even Oldschool Runescape fits within that definition. This genre has a relatively open world where the player can progress their account in a non-linear way. This allows players to have completely different experiences within the game and can lead to interesting account builds.

World of Warcraft had led the way for more linear progression for an MMORPG, and with the genre becoming popular on mobile, you are seeing fewer sandbox games being produced.

Text-Based Games

As you might already know, text-based don’t use any graphical rendering and force users to read their way through the games’ storyline. They’ve existed since the 1970s when consumer computers lacked the resources to play anything otherwise. Considering how our instant gratification society is loaded with graphically-intense games on the cheap, very few games go back to this primitive form of entertainment.

While some games are pure text, some also utilize clever ASCII graphics to simulate a 2D plane without actually using any image or video files. Many of the are adventure RPGs, you may also find some strategy games in text form

Dwarf Fortress has been leading the genre for several years with its small cult following. Other games to check out are SanctuaryRPG, Racewarkingdoms, Net Hack, and Zork.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Training at lighthouse dagannoths - 2006 RS

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. What should I take?
  4. Tips
  5. FAQ
  6. Credits

I think a lot of people who have finished Horror from the deep quest know that in the Lighthouse basement, you can find monsters called dagannoths. Of course you have been curious and tried training on them. It's really good experience. Although those monsters look weak, they can kill you really fast.


The first thing to train there is to finish Horror from the deep quest.
At least 65 attack, defence, strength.
Good armor.

What should I take?

Dagannoths are monsters that are actually easy to kill with high levels and good outfit for training. They use range based melee attack. Here are some good outfit recommendations:
  • Helmets - Berserker helmet ( 2nd option Rune full helmet ) - Berserker helmet gives some good bonuses, with strength bonus that can help you a lot.
  • Amulets - Fury amulet ( 2nd option Glory amulet ) - It's the best bonus giving amulets, defence and attack bonuses which are really needed.
  • Plate legs/bodies - Torag plate legs and body ( 2nd option Rune plate legs (skirt) and body, Granite legs ) - Torag is the best defence bonuses giving armor, 2nd option is rune, which isn't so weak too. Also you can use granite legs, which have great ranged bonus.
  • Capes - Fire cape ( 2nd options - Obsidian, Legends cape ) - Fire cape is the best cape in the whole game, including strength bonus.
  • Rings - Berserker/Warrior ring ( 2nd options - Ring of wealth/Ring of life ) - Berserker is a good ring with strength bonus, if you want to kill monsters fast. Warrior ring gives attack bonuses, which can be useful with high strength.
  • Boots - Climbing boots ( 2nd option - Rune boots ) - Climbing boots are cheap and better than rune. They also give strength bonus.
  • Weapons - Abyssal whip ( 2nd option - Dragon longsword, Dragon scimitar ) - Abyssal whip is the fastest weapon, it's also pretty strong.
  • Shields - Toktz-Ket-Xil ( 2nd options - Granite shield, Rune defender, Dragon square shield, Rune kite shield ) - Although Rune defender gives better attack bonuses, Toktz-Ket-Xil shield gives more ranged defence bonus which is more useful. Granite shield is very useful, but doesn't give any strength bonus.
  • Gloves - Dark (Barrows ) gloves ( 2nd options - Armored gloves, Gauntlets ) - Dark ( Barrows ) gloves are the best bonus giving gloves.
2nd option are for the people who can't afford the best items to wear.

There are 3 main options how to heal yourself if you get hurt:
  • Use guthan set for healing - See prices from here.
  • Use bones to peaches spell - More information from here.
  • Bring noted food, un-note at shop - Bring noted food and also some cash with you, if you're out of food, go to the 2nd floor of the Lighthouse. Sell your noted food, and buy it back.

To get experience a lot faster you can use (super) attack, (super) defence and (super) strength potions. This will help you hitting higher, more often and help you defending more. Good idea is to take about 10-20 sets of potions as note. But also you'll need cash to un-note them at Lighthouses second floor shop. To get ranged experience too while training there, take a cannon. The Lighthouse basement is multiattack zone and it will help you a lot.


Q: How can I get there?
A: There are two options, as shown on the map: ( On the blue line, you'll need to use agility )

IPB Image

Guide to Bank Organization

This is just how I suggest to organize it. I don't really do it this way, twist it around to how you like the guide and customize it to yourself. For free players just remove the members items from your organization guide :P

I. Introduction, Why organize?
II. How to Organise
III. Alternative methods of organization
IV. Categories of items
V. Random tips
VI. Sample organized bank
VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Credits
IX. Updates

I. Introduction (for your amusement)

So you're sitting in Varrok and you see someone paying 1k each for up to 2,000 cabbage. You happen to know you have 3k cabbage in your bank and quickly open it. Uh oh! Where is it!? You know you have that cabbage in here somewhere, better find it quick, 2 mil is at stake! Maybe its in with your food? Wait...your food is all over the place, you have your sardines sitting at the bottom, your anchovies around the top and you run across your pking food (shrimp) somewhere in the middle. Your cabbage isn't by any of those. You spend 2 minutes hunting around and finally find it wedged between your bronze medium helm and your raw chicken. You withdraw 2k cabbage and [choose ending]

Ending one: He has already bought them from someone else

Ending two: He logged out

Ending three: He tellied and has private chat off. You only have 14 magic and cannot teleport but you have already been training it up for when you pk so decided to run over to barbarian village and kill some barbarians with magic so you can telly around looking for him. You accidentally attack Gunthor the Brave (Level-29) after attacking a level 7 barbarian. The barbarian hits 3, gunthor hits 7. You run, the barbarian throws his axe at you, hits you for 2 more. An evil chicken, swarm, and by some twist of fate a river troll simultaneously appear. The troll hits you for 5, the swarm kills you with a 1, and the chicken proceeds to say "PMG ur so surved!!11eleventyone11!1!shiftone1!!1!11" and breakdances in your face as you die, then invents a slap emote and uses it on you. You lose your 46 mind runes you spent your entire rs career earning and ironically, your cabbage which you forgot to bank. I give you cookies for actually reading this ending.

II. How to organize
You do not have to keep the categories in the same order but you should have these general categories.

1. Money
2. Rares/Holiday items
3. Random junk items you collect or tools
4. Runes (ectophial goes next to laws if you want for tellying)
5. Fishing gear and Food
6. Herbs
7. Potions
8. Make a list of your favorite skills (noncombat) and put items in order of most used to least used skills (exclude magic, fletching, range, herblore, and fishing
9. Miscellaneous
10. Quest items
11. Bones (optional, I personally bury them or leave them on the ground)
12. Jewelry
14. Carpentry items excluding tools [6/12/06 update]
13. Random event/useless clothing (not rares) such as mime gear and prince outfit
14. Slayer gear
15. Robes, staffs, and other mage gear
16. Fletching materials, bows, arrows

17. Melee gear (trimmed/decorative first)

III. Alternative methods of organization
  • Alphabetacal order :P
  • Least used to most used
  • Think of your own way, "this is a guide, not a bible" -ben goten78. This is mainly to give you some concepts that you can adopt to your own liking

IV. Categories of skills items [only a few skills, most should be self explanitory]

Crafting: Moulds, brown apron, needle, thread, hides, leather, gems, balls of string (usually followed by mining items)

Mining/smithing: Ores, bars, Essence only if you don't use it yourself (otherwise goes before runes)

Farming: Seeds, anything you farmed (excluding herbs), scarecrow, farming tools, sacks, baskets, anything you use to pay for farmers to watch your crops, pineapples (supercompost, 15 will fill a bin), roots (you get them after cutting down a tree and then digging it up)

Herblore: Vials, un ids, identified herbs, second ingrediants, pestle and mortar, potions, beer

V. Random tips
  • Put beer with your potions, even if they help a skill like dwarven stout put it ahead or after potions
  • Arrange items within the category from weakest to strongest
  • Use 'placeholders', If you withdraw all your money leave 1 gp in there to hold its place. If you use plan to use all your arrows leave 1 in your bank so when you get more you don't have to reorganise your bank as much
  • If you can buy more than one of an item so you can use the spare set as a placeholder (Gives you something to do with your extra money free players)
  • If you need a guide on items to discard use Myst's guide to bank organisation located here (this game is not the same topic as mine, despite the same title, Myst's guide is just how to free up space)
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Use the insert button to put in an item with out screwing up the order of everything else
  • If you need more bank space some people make new accounts just to hold extra items or rares incase their main gets hacked then usually the bank/safe account won't be unless they log on it alot

Oldschool Kalphite Queen Guide - For 2006 Servers

Hey guys I wrote a Kq guide because I think that other people need to know this. It is great fun and you can make alot of money if you try hard enough.

Before you start

Ok first off, all of you should know that you have to be a decent level.

I reccomned AT LEAST:

50 prayer
95 combat
60 agility
A computer with no lag
A good friend (As this is nearly impossible to do solo)

What to buy

Alright...If you have these skills you cant go into this without some preperation.

Before you start Kq you should buy this, or somthing close to it. I understand that all people cant afford this.


Full verac - 6.4 mil
Sharks - 900 each
Super sets - 8k each
Prayer pots - 6.5k each
Dueling rings - 2.5k each
Laws - 300 each
Airs - 20 each

Getting ready

When fighting the Queen, you should have the following on, and be carrying this

IPB ImageIPB Image

Exchange the ring of wealth for a dueling ring, and the mace is not nececesary, but it helps Also add climbing boots or gaunts isntead of desert boots.

And dmace can be swapped for dds, I have used both and i think mace works better

Things to Avoid

-Rune boots - Expensive if lost
-Obby cape - Expensive if lost
-Lobsters/Cake - Are you stupid?
-A shield for dds - Waste of space
-Fury ammy - Protects over helm
-Berserker/Warrior/Stone rings - Expensive if lost

Fighting The Queen

First off teleport to alkarhid duel arena and walk to about 3/4 of the way to the pass, then run the rest of the way.

Once you have your stuff, run to the lair so you dont sizzle.

IPB Image

Once at the the lair, Walk uitil you reach the guardians, pot then rope the tunnel and run down.

IPB Image

Put on the following prayers while at the rope in the liar.

Protect form magic
Protect Item
Ultimate strength
Incredible reflexes

Run at her, special 4 times with the mace/dds, take off Incredible reflexes and Ultimate strength, pull out your flail and beat here until she dies.

After she is dead, pick up the loot, then tele to camelot. If you do not have dueling ring, grab one form bank then go recharge prayer and tele to the duel arena

IPB Image

Congratulations you just finished your first kq load!

Tips/Other ways to Profit

-Try teleing to Lumby instead of Camelot
-While Killing KQ have it EXACTLY inbetween you and your freind so it can only hit one of you at a time

-Pick up Potato Cactus each load (easily sellable for 2k each)
-Plant a Cactus in the patch By Duel Arena and pick the spines each load
-If you and your friend cant finish the queen do two the next load
-While waiting for the queen to spawn turn on your prayer and open the attack guide(prayer doesnt go down)
- Kq with someone you trust you dont wanna lose a you? cry.gif
-Expirment! Try your own ideas and post them here

I made a vid so some of you can see how i do it.


What can Kq drop?

Dragon medium helmet, Rune Warhammers, Dragon chainbody, Lava battlestaff, Mithril arrows (500), Iron arrows, Dragon longsword, Amulet of power, Air runes, Coins (1-3000), Herbs, Gems, Adamantite spear, Rune axe, Law Runes, Rune chainmail, 20 Wine of Zamorak (note), Nature runes (75), Dragon mace, Dragon spear, Blood runes (19), Death runes (30), Fire runes (600), Half of a key, Shield left half, gems, rune kite, rune arrows(100), lobster (7) and oyster pearls (40), Nothing, Dragon 2H sword

Dont you need Range or mage to kill second form?

No, veracs hits thorugh prayer

How rare is D chain?

I heard 1 in 150.

Here is my log of 181 kills

Le Kq drop log de spaz
1. Laws - 20
2. Rune warhammer
3. Natures - 75
4. Natures - 75
5. Fires - 600
6. Rune chain
7. Natures - 75
8. zammy wine - 20
9. Rune axe
10. Rune chain
11. Power ammy
12. Bloods - 19
13. Rune chain
14. Fire runes - 600
15. Power ammy
16. Bloods - 19
17. Fire runes - 600
18. Bloods - 19
19, Bloods - 19
20. Fire runes - 600
21. Bloods - 19
22. Zammy wine - 20
23. Power ammy
24. Natures - 75
25. Death rune - 30
26. Zammy wine - 20
27. Half key (loop)
28. Rune Chain
29. Rune warhammer'
30. Natures - 75
31. Rune chain
32. Rune chain
33. Bloods rune - 19
34. Addy spear
35. Addy Javs - 20
36. Zammy wine -20
37. Natures - 75
38. Zammy wine - 20
39. Rune chain
40. Zammy wine - 20
41. Lava staff
42. Rune arrows - 100
43. Power ammy
44. Addy Spear
45. Natures - 75
46. Bloods - 19
47. Bloods - 19
48. Rune chain
49. Rune arrows - 100
50. Bloods - 19
51. Bloods - 19
52. Death rune - 30
53. Rune chain
54. Zammy wine - 20
55. Power ammy
56. Bloods - 19
57. Natures - 75
58. Emrald
59. Bloods - 19
60. Nothing? - wtf?
61. Natures - 75
62. Death rune - 30
63. Laws - 20
64. Bloods - 19
65. Bloods - 19
66. Addy spear
67. Laws - 20
68. Zammy wine - 20
69. Death rune - 30
70. zammy wine - 20
71. Rune Warhammer
72. Zammy wine - 20
73. Power ammy
74. Bloods - 19
75. Nothing
76. Rune arrows - 100
77. Mithril arrow - 500
78. Mithril Arrow - 500
79. Lobbies - 7
80. Bloods - 19
81. Rune chain
82. Mith arrows - 500
83. Bloods rune - 19
84. Addy spear
85. Bloods - 19
86. Fires - 600
87. Fires - 600
88. Addy spear
89. Rune chain
90. Rune warhammer
91. Zammy wine - 20
92. Addy Spear
93. Rune chain
94. Rune chain
95. Mith arrows - 500
96. Blooods - 19
97. Mith arrows - 500
98. Addy spear
99. Bloods - 19
100. Rune chain
101. Power ammy
102. Lobster - 7
103. Bloods - 19
104. Power ammy
105. Mtih arrows - 500
106. Bloods - 19
107. Power ammy
108. Rune kite
109. Nats - 75
110. Fires - 600
111. Nats - 75
112. Bloods - 19
113. Mith arrows - 500
114. Rune chain
115. Mith arrows - 500
116. Mith arrows - 500
117. Bloods - 15
118. Rune chain
119. Fires - 600
120. Zammy wine - 20
121. Power ammy
122. Rune chain
123. Lobsters - 7
124. Rune chain
125. Laws - 20
126. Rune axe
127. zammy wine - 20
128. Rune chian
129. Nothing
130. Fires - 600
131. Bloods - 19
132. Rune axe
133. Power ammy
134. Fires - 600
135. Zammy wine - 20
136. Bloods - 19
137. Addy spear
138. Fires - 600
139. Nats - 75
140. Emrald
141. Emrald
142. Nats - 75
143. Rune chain
144. Nats - 75
145. Bloods - 19
146. Bloods - 19
147. zammy wines - 20
148. Nothing
149. Rune chain
150. Laws - 20
151. Rune chain
152. Mith arrows - 500
153. Bloods - 19
154. Power ammy
155. Fires - 600
156. Natures - 75
157. Laws - 20
158. Bloods - 19
159. Nats - 75
160. Power ammy
161. Nats - 75
162. Fires - 600
163. Coins - 3k
164. Laws - 20
165. Nats - 75
166. Nats - 75
167. Nats - 75
168. Nats - 75
169. Bloods - 19
170. Deaths - 30
171. Lobsters - 7
172. Laws - 20
173. Bloods - 19
174. Zammy wine - 20
175. Nothing
176. Addy spear
177. Nats - 75
178. Rune chain
179. Bloods - 19
180. Rune chain
181. Fire runes - 600
182. Bloods - 19
183. Fire runes - 600
184. Bloods - 19
185. Fires - 600
186. Mith arrows - 500
187. Rune warhammer
188. Addy spear
189. Addy spear
190. Addy spear
191. Rune chain
192. Addy spear
193. Bloods - 19
194. Zammy wines - 20
195. Fires - 600
196. Mtih arrows - 500
197. Rune chain
198. Bloods - 19
199. Bloods - 19
200. Fires - 600
201. Addy spear
IPB Image
IPB Image

Rags To Riches in Runescape

~ Table of Contents~

1- Introductions

2- Little but effective

3- Getting your first 300k

4- 300k-1m

5- 1m-5m

6- 5m-10m

8- 10m+

9- The Secrets to Phat Merchanting

10- A Big Secret

11- Skills

12- Unid Merchanting

13- You Be The Boss

14- Pking

15- Pot Merching

16- Conclusion

~ Little but Effective ~

In this section of the guide I will post little but effective ways to help you earn the big money. Or if you’re bored of the big methods you can try these out to keep your cash flow coming in.

~ Snapegrass ~

I personally think snapegrass is a very good way to earn that quick buck. Go to Waterbirth Island. Now pick the snape grass and then run to seers and bank it. Snape grass is in pretty high demand because of prayer pots, witch are in high demand because of pkers. {Lets all bow our heads and take a moment of silence for the pkers that help us make money}. You can sell snape grass for an amazing 350-500 ea. To maximize profits find a good ol newb and tell him you will pay him 200 ea for every hundred snap grass he collects you. This way if you get say 800 snape grass an hour and he gets about 500 snape grass an hour that’s 420k an hour selling the snape grass at 400 ea! Imagine having 2 or 3 newbs working for you. Can you say super rich 3 times fast? Try it. Superichesuperrichsuperich. Good job.

~ White Berries ~

Another Little but Effective way to earn the big cash is white berries. What you want to do is bring a bad weapon with you and pull the leaver in Ardy, to get to 55 wild. Now go west (correct me if im wrong) until you see the white berries. You can get 900 ea for these. Once you get a full inventory bank them in ardy. Once again you can get a newb friend to help you get them. This time pay him 400 ea. He will think your God. If you each get 600 ea an hour you will make upwards of 800k an hour. Nice work that’s your new whip in 2.6 hours!

~ Red Spider Eggs ~

These can be found in edgy duegeon. Go north past the thieves then you will see them. They sell for 500 ea. It takes 5 minutes a trip. 28x500= 14k a trip 14kx12= 168k+ a hour. May not be the best but its pretty easy.

~ Chocolate Dust ~

To get chocolate bars you can go to narhada or if you did rfr you can get them in the chest. Im pretty sure the bars sell for 12 gp ea. Once you get your desired amount of bars use a pestle and motar to turn them into dust. Chocolate dust sells for 250-400 gp ea. Ill warn you now, its not the easiest to sell.

~ Getting Your First 300k ~

So, to start out merchanting you need 300k minium. To get this you can do a few things.

~ Nature/Law Run ~

This is pretty simple. To Nat run you find a crafter who will pay 7-10k per run or of course double nats. Then you bring your ess to him and he will trade you 24 more ess plus the money. Note that somtimes you ahve to bring your own essence. You run to the general store unnote the ess and go again. Assuming your making 8k a run or double nats, witch is 14k a run, and it takes 2 minutes a run, this will only take 74 minutes. That’s 300k an hour within it self! If you do double nats its close to 400k. To law run bring the ess to entranta, to a law running world, and trade the people your ess for laws. Laws go for 300-350 ea so your making 200-250k for every 1k laws you do.
Overall rating- 9/10

~ Flax ~

Go south of seers village until you see a flax field. It is right near party petes. Pick that blue stuff,(flax) then when you get a full inventory bank it. Now, a lot of people are going to tell you to spin it so you can get 150-180 ea for a bow string. But you can pick about 2 inventories of flax in the time you can spin one inventory of bowstrings. So you can make more money not spinning it. Get 3k flax and then your ready.
Overall rating- 5/10

~ Eyes of Newts ~

The port sarim mage shops sells eyes of newts for 3 gp ea. Last time I checked 1k eye of newts can go for about 250k. that’s a 247k profit every 1k eye of newts you get. Do this one or two times and you will be all set. This is pretty good money but can get boring at times.
Overall rating- 6/10

~ 300k-1m ~

So, you have 300k. Congratulations. I hope your not tired yet, because your journey to hundred of mills had just begun! Now time for your first milion.

~ Water Filled Vials~

Ok, so your probably thinking I am crazy. Your thinking Oliver I am going to make 700k off water filled vials??!?! Are you high?!?!? The answer to both questions is yes. nahhh about the second one, but the first one is yes you can. Go to East Ardy general store. Buy the water filled vials for 12 ea. With 300k you can get 25k water filled vials. I aint that crazy. im only asking you to get 5k of them. 5k water filled vials is 60k. You can sell for 200-250 ea. You’re making 1.1m profit in only about 5 hours. You can do these all the way to 10m but if I were you, I would stop here.
Overall rating- 8/10

~ Water Runes/Fire Runes ~

If you do this right, you can double your money every time. Go to the port sarim rune shop and buy the water runes or fires until they hit 15 ea. Then switch worlds and do it again. You can get about 25k-30k water runes/fires. (this does not take as long as you think ). Then go on the forums and sell these baby’s for 20 ea. if you got 25k you can sell for 500k. Keep repeating this as much as you want or until 1m.
Overall rating- 9/10

~ Bronze Arrows ~

Believe it or not i made 11m off of these. What you want to do is go to the arrow shop in varrock,catherby,or east ardy where you got the vials, and buy them out, then switch worlds. They cost a max of 6ea so you can get 50k arrows. Now sell these on forums for 20 ea. Exactly 1m
Overall rating- 10/10

~ Cooked Lobsters ~

Go to the fourms and buy these for 190-200 gp ea. Now make your way to edgeville in a busy f2p pking world. Sell them for 230-250 ea. Pretty nice profit if I dont say so myself.
Overall rating 6/10

~ Nature Runes ~

You can buy these in Ali’s crate/mage wildy bank for 225 ea. For ali's crate theres a guide on runehq. Sell them on the fourms for 330-350 ea. Almost 100 gp profit per nat! I haven’t tried this yet but trust me it sound fail-proof.
Overall rating-8/10

~ 1m - 5m ~

Yay you have your first mill. DO NOT SPEND IT. Give yourself a pat on the back, eat some milk and cookies and come back totally refreshed because your about to make 5m.

You can do any of the methods I had above. Only this time you can do it in bulk. For example, you can buy 166k bronze arrows. You can sell these for 3.3m. even if you only do 100k that’s still 2m. Or u can do about 110k water runes. Now if your bored of these listen to these methods.

~ Pure Essence ~

This is one of my favorite methods. Go to a crowded p2p world in varrock east and buy pure ess for 90 ea. You can get 11k. Then go and sell it for 105-115 ea. I use to make 1m an hour doing this.
Overall rating- 7/10

~ Cooked Lobsters ~

This time you can buy 5k lobbies at 190 ea. Sell them for 250 ea and make 300k profit a flip.
Overall rating7/10

~ Oak Logs ~

Go to varrock west bank in world 1. buy all the oaks you can for 25 ea. ( with 1m 40k oaks ). Now sell the oaks for 40 ea. 600k profit every mill you spend. These aren’t the easiet thing to buy, but make a nice profit if you can pull it off.
Overall Rating- 8/10

~ Willow Logs ~

Not as much profit as oak, but easier to buy. Go to a f2p world with 1k+ people in it. Buy willows for 30 gp ea. Then go to the fourms and sell them for 40 ea. Not as much profit, but I bet you can buy off to flips of willows before you can do 1 flip of oaks.
Overall rating- 9/10

~ Oaks to Planks ~

Do the amount of money you have divided by 290. (1m is 3.4k) It costs 40 gp each oak log and 250 ea to make them into oak planks. Now put all your money in your invo and withdraw 27 oaks. Go make them into planks a little south of varrocks lumber yard. Now you can sell oak planks for 500 ea making a 210 profit a plank. This is really nice money.
Overall Rating-10/10

With 1m you can start pot merching or unid merching, so look at the end of my guide for a pot and unid merchanting section.


Congratulations you finally have 5m. You should be proud of yourself, but you’re not done yet.

With 5m you can buy up to about 500k water runes. if you went that far you can sell them for 10m but you really only need about 200k of them, sell those for 4m making a 2.2m profit.

With 5m you can also go to the forums and buy bronze arrows for 15 ea. Buy 300k of them. Sell for 20 ea. 1.5m a flip!

~ Mage Arena ~

Go to the mage arena in 55 wild. then withdraw your 5m from the bank. World hop all the deaths and nats. You should at least be making 2-3m profit every 5m u spend.
Overall rating- 8/10

~ Barrows ~

Which sets to buy/sell:

The best sets to buy are ahrim, torag,dharok, verac, and guthans try to avoid karils unless its the bow.

: How to buy the pieces:

2 Options:

1. Go to fally park world 2 and find the barrows set you wish to merchant. Sorry i have no accurate prices atm. And buy the sets or pieces for 100k-200k under priced and sell for 100k-200k more on the forums or in fally.

2. Make a thread on the forums entitling the fact that your buying all barrows parts, put every piece 100k under priced and then when you have a few items go to world 2 and sell and repeat.

if you don’t feel comfortable with barrows ill tell you what i personally did. i bought bronze arrows for 15 ea and sold for 20. by now u can flip 500k minimum every time. that’s a 2.5m profit a flip. aint to bad if i don’t say so myself

~ Ranger Set ~

go to fally park world 2 and but a ranger set for 4.7m. now go to the fourms and sell it for 4.8-5m. a nice and easy profit with little to no effort.

You can also look at the end of my guide to pot and unid merch.

~ 10m+ ~

By now you can do a few things. You can stick with barrows, or you could stick with buying bronze arrows in bulk. You can also go back to pure ess. go to a crowded p2p world varrock east. with 10m you can flip 111k pure ess buying at 90 ea. if you sell it for 110 ea u make 1.1m a flip if u sell at 115 ea you make 1.6m a flip. you can also flip 10k unids. by now id'in that much wouldn’t b worth it so u can sell for about 1.4k ea. 4m profit a flip. if your bored of all of these, try my little but effective methods.

~ Furys ~

Go to the fourms and buy 66k chaos runes for 120 gp ea. ( 7.92m ). Now sell them to the toukull place. When you done selling them you should be able to buy 2 onyx’s from the shop. Now find a trusted free crafter to make them into fury’s. . Now sell these fury’s for 4.8-5m ea. This method can literally make millions a day.

~ The secrets to phat merchanting~( and all other rares )

Now if u notice phats and most other rares drop when a update comes that takes money out of the game. 9 take barrows or construction for example ). this is your time to pounce. Buy it when its few mill down. then wait until prices go back to normal and always try to sell it at night ( when there worth the most ). remember always try to make the flip as quick as possible. never invest unless you wont b playing for a little while. i don’t suggest doing this with half wines, pumpkins, or disk of returning.
~ A big secret ~

you need 5m+ to do this. ok when an update comes after its done everything in all shops restocks to full capacity. as soon as the updates over go straight to varrock rune shop, pc rune shop, port sarim, mage arena, or mage guild. ( i suggest mage arena or guild ). buy all the runes that you no can sell easily. then world hop. keep on doing this. if you spend 5m you should make about 2-10m.

~ Skills ~

skills can also make you pretty good money, sometimes even more then merchanting itself.

~ woodcutting ~

Once you get woodcutting to 75 you can cut magic’s and yews. it takes me about 20 minutes each load of magic’s and 10 minutes each load of yews. if you cut magic’s thats about 60k an hour. You can also cut willows or maples witch go really dang quick at 75 wc. Willows sell for 40 ea and maples sell for 100 ea. not to bad, but its guaranteed money unlike merchanting. The best place to get willows is near Draynor bank, maples is south of rellaka, you will see a huge stash of them, yews is in seers or behind varrock if your f2p, and for magic’s go to the mage training arena and there’s 2 magic’s on either side, you can also go south of seers.

~ fletching ~

ill put it plain and simple. Your not going to profit in fletching until lvl 75 when you can do yew longs. what you do is you buy yews for 250 ea and bowstrings for 150 ea. then u make them into yew longs ( s ). you can sell these for 550k making 150k a flip. you can make even more with mage longs. never alch your bows unless your planning to cut your own logs. you will end up losing cash. Ok I lied again. You can profit a little below 75. what you do is you can buy regular logs for 30 ea ( hire a bunch of f2pers to cut em ). Each regular log gives 15 arrows shafts. These sell for 150 ea. That’s 120 profit a log. This may not seem like a lot but if u hire enough workers you can get about 3k a hour. That’s 360k a hour!

~ fishing ~

fishing is good at lvl 68 and beyond, but could be profitable under that. Reason being you can go into the fishing guild. this is good because its a nicer environment but the stove and bank is right there. i don’t really recommend catching sharks because they take so long. stick with raw lobbies witch you can get about 250 ea for. not that bad considering once you hit 68 they come in pretty quick. Swordies can sell for 250-300 ea.

If you really really want to, you can do sharks. Sell them cooked in edgeville world 18 for 900-1k ea.

~ Crafting ~
Crafting is very downplayed. Not a lot of people think of crafting as a good way to make cash. For awhile I didn’t even think it was. But I was wrong. First off to get to lvl 10 crafting so get about 300 cowhides. This is jus a rough estimate. Now go get them all tanned into soft leather. Everytime you can a new lvl craft a new thing that you could, from the soft leather. Soon enough you should be lvl 10 crafting. At lvl 10 you can spin bowstrings. Buy your flax for 90-100 ea and spin it. Sell the bowstrings for 180-200 ea. You can also craft full dragon hide sets. I have no clue how much hides you need for a set but green d hide sell for about 1.5k ea, blue d hide is like 1.8k ea, red is around 2.5k ea and I think black is 4k ea. A green full set sells for 25k, blue sells for 40-60k, red sells for 65-70k and black sells for a solid 50-60k. you can also make rings with crafting. The most profitable ring to make is ring of recoil. At edge world 18 these sell for 2k ea! Another way to make cash with crafting is something I like to call battlestaving. You buy battlestafs for zaf* for about 7k ea. World hop a lot of them. Now go make glass orbs for as many battle staffs as you have. ( 50 battle staffs= 50 orbs ). Now go to enchant the orb. I suggest water orbs, go way way way back in travlery dungeon past the black demons and fire obelisk. Then go up to that small island to change the orb. Alch the battle staffs for 9.3k ea.

~ Combat ~
Once you get into the higher combat lvls combat is really good for money. You can fight a few things here. Green and Blue drags are awesome. Last time I checked green hides can go for 1.5k each and drag bones are another 2.5k ea. That’s a minimum of 4k a drop. Then you can get clue scrolls or pretty good drop for alching. They also frequently drop coins. Im pretty sure blue hides go for about 2k ea.

correct me if I am wrong. That’s 4k a drop every blue dragon you kill. Remember dragons have good mage defense so use melee or range. If your using melees don’t forget your anti fire shield and range anti fire pots. You can also go to the tazz***. These drop obby items and tokull. If you get lucky here and get a good drop then your in the big money.

~ Mining ~

Personally, i think mining is really broing but you can still make money from it, therefor its in this guide. Once you get to 45-50 mining you can one hit iron ore, therefore this is where the money starts rollng, you can sell iron ore for 100 ea. at 65 i reccamend mining coal. if you get alot of coal you can sell it for 200-250 ea. and finally, if you have the patience for 85 mining you can mine rune. what you do is mine the 2 rocks in the heros guild. Then world hop. the rock respawn is about 20 mins. you can make upwards of 300k doing this

~ Herb Merchanting ~
(All pics taken from runehq)

In this part of the guide ill tell you the secrets to organizing your bank, buy and sell unids, and how to prevent scams. O yea I forgot, of course ill also tell you, how to make millions. First off though I suggest you at least start with 1m.

First thing is first. Collect about 500-1k unid herbs from monster drops. I suggest chaos druids, or you can buy 11 stack herbs for 1k ea. Try to have atleast 20 unids in each stack before you continue. Now order your herbs from least to greatest like so.

now one by one take out each unid herb. DON’T MESS UP THE ORDER. Now bring these to narada and get them ided for 250 gp ea. Now put them back in your bank in the same order you took them out. NEVER remove the last unid from the stacks or else it will stink up the order. Now that your unids are in order and you no witch unid is witch you can finally start to merchant.

Only buy unids in notes. This makes it so you can buy a lot at one time. Buy them for 1k-1.3k ea depending on how even there stacks are and how many they have. Never buy one stack 500, one stack 600, and the other stacks 30 or 40. always use a calculator because if you add with your head, theres to much room for error.

Now you can have few options. Here are the most popular. You can but 11 stack unids and then when you have a lot sell them for 1.5k-1.7k ea. You can buy unids above ranarr, one unid at a time, or unids above harra. When your buying one unids at a time, unids above harra, or unids above ranarr withdraw one of each unids your buying in note form. Then fill the rest of your inventory with junk, like essence, like so.

this way if the kid is trying to jipp you and puts in unids that your not buying it will say you don’t have enough invo space. Now you can sell your unids, or get the better ones, ranarr and above, id’ed in Narda and sell them separately identified.

I've been doing herblore merchanting for quite awhile. It's not the market it used to be. There's lotsa scamming and price gouging (yes, I'm guilty of the later). Still, I've been able to raise my herblore skill by buying unids, id'ing what I can, making easy to sell potions, then selling everything. I'm now 69 herblore which means I don't have to sell unid herbs if I don't want to.

You decide for yourself how to approach the merchanting. You determine the price you will pay and you will sell. The buyer will decide if he'll do business with you. Being called a noob or a moron cause you have your own price should be irrelevant. However, be firm but reasonable. Adapt to the selling, buying and the market. Above all have fun.

~ You Be The Boss ~

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but weren’t sure what to do? Well now im here to tell you step by step what to do.

First you’re going to want to decide on a business name. Don’t put something like yournamehere co. everyone uses that. Your going to want to do something that people will remember. The more creative your name is the more people are going to remember you.

Now you have to choose something you want your business to be based on. I recommend logs or ores as these are the easiest. You can also give runes a shot if you want to. Whatever you do remember to always study the market price and get a good price range.

When your going to hire workers make sure they are loyal and they can meet a certain quota every week. For example, if your making a log business and they are cutting willows logs, make sure they get a certain number of logs every week.

When your paying your workers pay them 20-50 gp below market price. You may be saying holy crap Oliver I wont be making any profit. Well your wrong there for 2 reasons. First off, if your paying to low, no one will want to work for you. Second you should be starting with atleast 5m so you can buy in bulk. For example if your buying willows for 30 gp ea you can buy 166k willows off your workers. When you sell them you’ll make a 1.6m profit.

Just remember stick to your prices and hire the right workers, and you can make a ton of money off running a good business.

~ Pking ~
( quests list and equipment list for ohnoyouvbeenpked guide )

Pking is a good money maker and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Im going to tell you step by step how to develop a range pure.

For the range pure there are a few pros and cons.

Pros- Fun to pk with. They are pretty cheap only costing you 2-3m. they are also pretty easy to handle.

Cons- they are pretty damn boring to train.

Now that the new prayers are out, you will have to make a decision. Do you want more k0 power or higher hp. If you want more k0 power get 44/52 prayer. If you want the most hp keep 1 prayer. A basic ranger has 75+ range, 65+ hp, 45 mage, 1-52 prayer. If I were you I wouldn’t pk until 55+ combat or else you wont get jack crap. If your serious about it go until 75+ range.

Of course your going to need to do some quest. I will list them here.

1.) Waterfall Quest: Probably one of the easy quests and quick 30 atk and str to start with. Even though your not a melee, you may change your mind some point.

2.) Dwarf Cannon: This is a MUST. You need this or it is impossible now to beat Desert Treasure if you want to be an Ancients Ranger. You need a cannon to defeat every boss now because Jagex has changed it so a friend cannot block a boss for you.

3.) Death Plateau: This is another attack booster without doing much trainning like waterfall.

4.) Priest in Peril: This is if you want to start an ancients ranger or just get prayer. This can also be beneficial, as you have access to Experiments (Level 25, 100 HP).

5.) Desert Treasure: Complete all the required quests and this can give you access to Ancient Magicks. Pking with this list of magic is quite effective, as you can bind players in place and also do damage at the same time. This can also be a great final blow when pking another pure or player. If you are ancienting, I highly suggest getting 70+ magic. Ice Burst and Ice Barrage are the most common spells used.

6.)Biohazard: This quest is optional, if you want to power train on ogres to avoid pest control that's fine. This technique involves less activity, in case if you want surf the forums or read a book while trainning.

7.) Recipe for Diaster: This is not a required quest to be a good ranger. Most just get this out of the way incase they want to train melee and still be ranged based, or just get melee.

8.) Rolving Elves: This quest is optional incase if you want the crystal bow. In that case, you must train your agility at least to 52 (use agility pots if not 56). Crystal bows are quite fun and useful in Pest Control.

For training you’re going to need 50k+ arrows or knifes. (200k+ if you’re planning to power range). An ammy of glory or a fury, Coif or robin, and if you want robin boots and obby cape.

1-15 range- to start off I suggest training on the cows near alkarid.

15-40 range- Next place to train is the dwarf mine near Falador. Bring food and arrows. Attack scorpions (level 14) until maybe 30 range. Then you can beat King Scorpions (level 32) in there as well. There are many rocks to hide behind from and they cant hit very high.

40-60 range- Now you should train on rock crabs. Bring a lot of lobsters tely runes and plenty of iron knifes or arrows.

60-70 range- I suggest training on ogres in lathas training ground. Depending on how many arrows you have you can power range them or pick up your arrows.

70+ range- you can finally go to PC. Take bronze or iron arrows. When your picking up it takes about 1.5k iron arrows to grow a lvl. Next thing is always try to find a fresh world and don’t use 78. About every 300 point you sue on range you 100 on hp. This way your hp isn’t super low. If you don’t do this, your asking to get k0’ed.

Finally your ready to pk. You’ve been itching to ever since you started your pure now you finally could. When your pking on a normal ranger ( no ancients ) your going to want to bring Coif
Leather Body
Black Dragonhide Chaps
Black Dragonhide Vambs
Magic Shortbow
50 x Rune Arrows or 100 x Rune Arrows if you don't want to pick up.
Amulet of Power or Amulet of Glory
Ring of Recoil

In your inventory bring 1 range pot , 1 anti poison, 2 rings of recoil, 24 sharks, and if you have prayer 1 or 2 prayer pots.

When your fighting basically watch your and your opponents hp. Special when they have half to a lil lower then half hp. If they are daggering you eat once then special, since they don’t eat when there daggering. That should bring in a nice k0.

For your ancient ranger this is what you should wear.

Ghostly Hood/Gnome Hat/Canifis Hat
Amulet of Power/Glory
Ghostly Robe Top
Ghostly Robe Bottom/Black Dragonhide Chaps (if your more range)
Ghostly Boots
Magic Shortbow
Ghostly Gloves
Ghostly Cape/God Cape
50 x Rune Arrows or 100 if you don't want to pick up.
Ring of Recoil

In your inventory have 1 range pot, an anti, a ring or recoil, 22 sharks, if your using ice burst have 50 deaths, 100 water, and 100 chaos. If your using ice barrage have 50 bloods, 100 deaths, and 150 waters. Both of these runes are good for 25 casts.

When your pking first find a pure. Then burst or barrage him, then start ranging the crap out of him. Then special like you would on a regular ranger then burst or barrage and hope you hit to finish him. If he doesn’t die eat and get ready for another round until you get your special back.

~ Pot Merching ~

The find art of pot merchanting. Potions are some of my favorite thing to merch mainly because the prices are fairly stable except for prayer pots. Start with 1m+ and a ton of patience, and you will pretty much guaranteed to get rich off this. Also remember to always use 3 dose pots as they are easier to work with.

Before we start lets go over the places to buy and sell pots. To buy pots you can use the forums or this part of fally world 2.


to sell pots always use edgeville world 18. now on to the marching part.


I suggest buying 333 range pots for 3k ea. In edgy range pots can easily be sold for 4-5k ea. They aren’t the easiest sell and this will probably take u 1-2 days but they yield a very good profit.

You can also use super strengths witch are pretty easy to merch. On the forums you will find people selling them 3.5k-4k ea. In edgy world 18 sell them for 5k ea.

A good tip is find someone who’s training their herblore and will be making a lot of the pots your buying. I was lucky enough to find hawl gunn ranked number one in herblore. They can be permitant sellers and will give you a fairly cheap price since they are selling in bulk.


At around 5m you should expand you’re your stockpile to include super sets and other pots but remember to always keep ranges and sup strengths on hand. This way if your selling range pots and you see someone buying 50 super sets you can go to them to make that little extra profit. Now I will tell you the secret to buying cheap super sets. Buy super strengths for 3.5k-4k ea. Buy super attacks for 1k each and super defenses for 2k ea. This will cost you about 7k a set. You can sell super sets in world 18 for 10k each making an amazing 3k profit a set. If you stick with it super sets and make you an amazing amount of moola.


this is where the money is going to start to flow and where you’ll be making the serious cash. The trick is to keep a wide of variety of pots in your stock pile and to buy pots in bulk as cheap as possible. Remember to always carry a lot of super sets and prayer pots as these are the most sought after pots, but always keep range and mage so you can always be making sales, and you’re not a sitting duck. If your selling on the forums to get more buyers try and give a bulk discount. For example say selling 1k super set 9k ea or 500+ 8.5k ea. ( since you have so much bulk you don’t have to sell at top price, and you’ll still make a good profit.

~ Conclusion ~

The guide has finally come to a finish, but your money making journey is not over. Keep on buying and selling what works for you and keep on going. When you get enough money invest in a few phats and rares. Trust me stick with this guide and you will have that phat set you’ve always wanted and more.

Pure Ranging Handbook

Well, well, well... If you've decided to make a pure ranger you have come to the right place. In this little guide i will tell you how to get the levels fast. F2P and P2P. Now the first thing you want to do is pick a cool name. I like Teh Needler because Needler sounds like shooting needles at something. No, I didn't get my name from Halo. Ok I’m going to cover the needs in a list. Here they are:
  • A good RS id
  • All of your basic leather items.
  • Studded Legs
  • All of the F2P bows
  • About 15k Arrows
  • and last but not least patience.
See you want to go ahead and locate all of your materials before, that way you can train and go about leveling faster. Once you have all of this, go to the next section.

ID Idea's

Someone tipped me off on including a few idea's on making an ID. Here are a few choices and tricks you can do to make an account.

So you want to start off with a base name. I chose the word Needler because it is unique. Here are some different ways you could do the ID.

The Needler
The Needler
Teh Needler
Teh Needler
0 Needler 0
o Needler o
0 Needler o
o Needler 0
Ze Needler
Ze Needler
Tha Needler
Tha Needler
I Needler I
Xx Needler Xx

I do not suggest doing an ID like this: o0 0o o0 0o0 o0. In some cases a few of my friends had to choose a new ID name because it was confusing to other players. Don’t do this because it is very annoying for everyone. If someone is a Noob and wants to look you up then that’s their problem. Keep RuneScape o0o0o0o0 free. 

Ranging Levels 1-20

Ok so you’re all set and have everything you need. Grab about 350-500 arrows (preferable iron or steel) and head down to the cows. The best place to find cows are south of Falador and north of Lumbridge. Well you might need to bring a couple pieces of food if you’re scared but if you know how to range then you don’t need it. Remember to always train on rapid too because that is the fastest ranged style and the source for the best exp. Defensive ranged style is a big NO! I can’t emphasize this enough. It halves your ranged exp and gives it to defense. Cows are about 32 exp each and Cow Calves are about 24 exp each. I suggest only killing cows because we are on a schedule here. You need 4470 exp for 20 Ranged.


So about 140 cows will get you to 20 Ranged. Believe it or not, but I suggest a crowded world because from what I’ve heard the re-spawn rate is faster but there are less people training. Here are some important things you need to know from this section:
  • Lumbridge or Falador
  • 4470 exp
  • 140 cows
  • 350-500 arrows
  • Rapid style
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE- Well if you are a little short on cash and you cant afford to buy all of those arrows I have a solution for you here. Now this will slow your training down a little bit but it provides some pretty good cash. Cowhides! Yes, cowhides... Cowhides sell for 100 gp ea that’s 16 or 17 bronze arrows according to my math if you buy for 6gp ea. I didn’t need to do this but you can if it is necessary.

Ranging Levels 20-40

Well after killing all of those cows and getting your studded legs and willow short bow. You have two choices: Barbarian Village or Varrock Sewers. Now personally I got to about 24 ranged and got bored at Barbarian Village. So I went down to the Varrock sewers. I heard that skeletons and zombies were good exp for the lower levels, so I wanted to check them out. I went down there and found out that they were really fast exp. I trained here until 40 ranged. To get 40 Ranged you need 37224 exp. These skeletons are about 96 exp each. So here is the math for how many skeletons you will need to kill:


IPB Image

We will just call this about 345 skeletons. The beautiful thing about this area is that there is an iron fence that you can shoot through so we rangers don’t get our armor dirty. This time I suggest a world with around 1200-1400 people because this place is pretty famous. Important things to know:
  • Bring 500-600 arrows
  • Arrows - Iron or better
  • Bring about half inv. of food
  • Stand behind fence
  • Rapid Style
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE- There aren't really any effective moneymaking techniques here. I suggest you pick up the runes and coins that they drop if you are desperate. They drop chaos fairly often and in about an hour I got 30 or so of them.

Ranging Levels 40-50

Well this was a little difficult to train because nothing really gives very fast exp. I know Skeletons are more exp but not necessarily the best to train on. I headed down to the Edgeville guards. These Guards are good to train on because there are four of them and they re-spawn fairly quickly. This area is famous because of the Iron Gate in the little jail house next to it. You can close the gate and just ranged the guards until 50 ranged. To get 50 ranged you will need 101333 exp. Assuming you have around 37200 exp we will do the math.

101333-37200=64133 exp.
64133/88=728.7840909 or 729

You will need to kill around 730 guards to get 50 ranged. This sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I suggest killing around 150-200 and go PK’ing. There are not many key terms to this section but here they are:
  • Bring iron or better arrows
  • 15+ Trout or better
  • Range behind the gate
  • Pk every now and then to ward off boredom
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-The guards drop coins fairly often but you wont make much off of them. One of the only ways possible to make any money is to collect the bones that they drop and bank them. You will collect anywhere from 700-750 in my guide. If you sell them 10-15 a piece you might make a little cash.

This is where I got a membership...

Ranging Levels 50-60

This is super easy to train! Bad news though.... feels like forever! Well Im going to say the members version first. Once you have legally bought your own membership ph34r.gif... Head up to Rellekka. We are finally at the rock crabs. These crabby little things give 200 exp ea. Isn’t it wonderful? Well you have around 101k exp and for 60 ranged you need 273k exp. So 172k exp for 60 ranged. Once again, here is the math:


So go ahead and kill about 865 crabs. It helps if you have a mage bow and blue dragon hide. I do not ever suggest using a cannon. You don’t want to have 70 ranged and 40 hit points... Once again not a whole lot of special information you should know. Here’s a list of some stuff:
  • Don’t get tricked into attacking cave crawlers (they are poison)
  • Bring about 1.5k arrows every time you leave for them
  • Bring 10-15 lobbies. (They hit a 1 often with 1 defense)
  • Bring Camelot teleport if you have 45+ mage.
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-Not really any good ways to make money here. They drop level one clues which are kind of a waste of time and they drop half keys rarely.

For you F2P'ers head back down to the Varrock sewers. You can range Moss Giants for some pretty good exp here. I’m not going in to much detail here because as soon as i got 50 ranged i got members. Collect the big bones they drop and sell for 300-350 gp ea. This provides good cash if you have a lot of them.

Ranging Levels 60-70

Alright... This is where the training gets tough. You're so close to your goal. Only 10 levels off from being able to "0wnz0rz t3h p33ps 1n t3h w1ldy!" Ok enough small talk. This will require a lot of your time and i do not suggest going anywhere except for the bank to get food in this next step. Go start the waterfall quest and get Glarials Amulet. You can finish the quest and it will get you to like 30 attack and strength if I am not mistaken. Here is a guide on the quest. Bring 24 lobsters or sharks and at least 1000 steel or better arrows. Iron knives work well here also. Grab your rope and best ranged gear. (I do not suggest bringing a Robin or rangers unless you aren't scared of losing them.) Go to the waterfall and climb on the raft. Use your rope with the rock. Then, use your rope with the dead tree. I do not think it is required to wear the amulet but I always do because I am paranoid ph34r.gif. Go into the dungeon and RUN north because there are lvl 57 Shadow Spiders there. There are two spots to range here. The entrance wall and the table. You can across the table after a few minutes and they become un-aggressive. I will need to take a picture of the other spot because it is difficult to explain. You can range the closest spawn to the doors. He will get stuck along the wall and you will be perfectly safe. Here's the math for this section:


Also here is a good way to range without being hit:
IPB Image

Fire giants are round 444 exp I think and you will need to kill about 1045 of them. ALWAYS pick up the fire runes. Don’t be surprised if you go to bank and you have 5k of them. 5k of fire runes is 100k gp. Important factors:
  • 24 Lobbies or Shark
  • 1000+ Steel or better arrows
  • Glarials Amulet
  • 60+ Ranged
  • And a Rope
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-This is one of the best places in the world for money in my opinion. These guys drop uncut dragon stones, rune scimitars, rune kite shields, dragon medium helmets, dragon left halves, uncut gems, TONS of fire runes, herbs, coins, rune arrows, and rune javelins. (All I can remember off the top of my head. XD.gif )

Ranging Levels 70+

I suggest staying at the fire giants for a very long time. We are talking to about 85-90 ranged. You cant beat the money and exp. They aren’t in a multi zone so people can’t use those annoying cannons on your giants or team up on your giant. If you are having trouble getting giants because higher levels are taking them there's a little trick I have found. I bring 200 air runes and 200 mind runes sometimes. Just Wind Strike them and you can right click them.

For free to players (F2P'ers) I suggest going either to moss giants or lesser demons. I prefer lessers because they are more exp and you can get a Rune Med drop every now and then. You can go to the Volcano on karamja. There is a spawn of about 6 lesser's there I think.

Ranging Levels 80+

Now some people may get bored at fire giant and want to train somewhere else. I've come up with two solutions which can both be found in the same area. Go down to taverly dungeon and get to the blue dragons (dont forget your dusty key) and go until you see a tunnel. In that tunnel there are: hellhounds, black demons, and black dragons. (Im not really sure how strong black dragons are.) I havn't really been here but most of my freinds with 90+ ranged say that they are all great for exp.

Becoming The Best Ranger You Can Be

The long awaited new section of the guide is finally here!! Once you have gotten 70 ranged, a whole new window of ranged equipment becoomes available. I will list in this section how to obtain and effectively use these items. (This section of the guide will also include pking tips...)

Pure Section

Okay, now many of you pure rangers get to 70 ranged and think, "I wasted all my time on this skill." But that isn't true. You have "unlocked" two very powerful bows, one in which requires a quest to obtian, and the other you can just buy.

You have the choice between: Karils Crossbow, Magic Shortbow, or the almighty Crystal Bow.

You have had the magic shortbow since lvl 50. It is very powerful and inexpensive, but some people like to spice it up a little and use sopmething a little more powerful.

Karil's Crossbow (also referred to as an x-bow) can hit a max of about 18 at 70 ranged. They may have changed it by now but that what it hit in my pure ranging day. This bow is slower than a magic shortbow, but nontheless more powerful. May I also include that this weapon has its own set of ammo known as Bolt Racks. Bolt Racks sell for about 300 gp ea and they are a one shot only ordeal, in other words you shoot them once like a spell and you cant pick them up.

The Crystal Bow is the most powerful bow in the game. At 91 ranged you can hit 21's fairly often, and it DOESN'T REQUIRE AMMO!! Bad news.. It has weapon stamina like the barrows armor. At 10/10 i tihnk its a +100 ranged bonus (not sure on this), and when it reaches 0/10 you must go get it recharged for 900k. But dont wory. It drops in price to recharge every time you recharge it. Eventually it drops to 180k a charge. It does not go below 180k a charge though. A fully charged crystal bow has 2500 shots.

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