Runescape Classic Quests


Difficulty Level: Medium, members only

Note: Must have completed the Plague City quest to begin.

Start: Talk to Elena in the house east of her parents house, and closest to the northern wall of Ardougne.

Elena: She will tell you to talk to Jerico, who you will find in the building north of the chapel on the other side of the river, 2 buildings above the Adventurer’s Supplies shop.

Jerico: He tells you to talk to Omart. You can find Omart directly south of the doors that open into East Ardougne. Before you go to him though, go out to Jerico’s backyard and take a cage of messenger pigeons. Then go back inside and search the cupboard for pigeon feed.

Omart: He tells you about his associate, Kilron, and their plan to get into East Ardougne. But in order to complete it you need to distract the guard tower with the pigeons. The tower is located just north of the entrance to East Ardougne. Use pigeon feed with Guard Tower then release the pigeons and go back and talk to Omart. He will help you over the wall.

Once over the wall: Go to the north-eastern corner of East Ardougne and talk to one of the mourners outside the building. Tell him to have a good meal then go north-west to the side of the Rehison house and pick up the rotten apples. Then go east to the side of the mourner’s house and use the rotten apples with the cooking pot. Go out front and talk to the mourner. He says that they are sick and need a doctor. Go to the building directly south of Bareak’s office and search the cupboard. Take the gown and talk to the nurse.

Wearing Gown: Talk to mourner and go through the door to the mourner’s house. Go upstairs and kill the level 22 mourner. Use the bronze key on the gate and search the crates. Find the distillator and return to Kilron. Go back over the wall and return to Elena.

Elena: She thanks you for the distillator and gives you the vials and plague test. Take the vials to the Chemist, whose house is located west of Rimmington.

Chemist: Say “It’s ok I’m Elena’s friend.” Then give the people outside the vials in this order: Chansy; Liquid Honey. Hops; sulphuric broline. DiVinci; ethenea. Then go to the little fenced-in area in the south-east corner of Varrock.

Guidor’s Wife: Talk to her and then go to the Tailor in the northern building and buy a full priest gowns.

Bar: Then go to the bar and talk to all three people, besides the bartender, to receive all the vials. (Chansy, DiVinci, and Hops) Guidor’s House: Finally go back to Guidor’s house and talk to his wife again. Go into his room and tell him that you are the plague carrier and you’ve come from Elena. He tells you there is no plague.

Elena: Return to Elena and tell her what Guidor told you. She tells you that the king will surely reward you. Go speak to King Lathas.

King Lathas: Talk to him and say “I don’t understand…” and he tells you why the plague is a hoax, and gives you your reward.

Reward: 3 Quest Points, King Lathas amulet, Thieving exp, and permission to use the king’s combat training area. Black Knight’s Fortress

Difficulty: Medium

Needed: Medium Bronze Helmet, Iron Chain Mail, 1 or more cabbages from the monastery cabbage field, and maybe a few higher level friends to distract the lvl 46 black knights.

Start: Talk to Sir Amik Varez, located in the white knights castle in Falador. He tells you that their intelligence tells them that the black knights are planning an attack on the white knights with some “secret weapon.” He asks you to help them find out what it is and destroy it. (Note: Bring your regular armour with you to the black knight’s fortress if you are a weaker player.)

Infiltration: Travel north out of Falador and turn right at the fork right outside the northern entrance. Continue north until the gap in the cliffs right before you reach the monks monastery. Walk through the gap and go north until you see the big building. Go to the east side of the building and, wearing your bronze helmet and iron chain mail, enter the door.

Spying: Then, if you brought it, put on your stronger armour and walk to the end of the room. Push on the “odd looking wall.” Walk up to the grill and “listen” on grill. You will hear a meeting between a witch, a goblin, and a black knight. They are talking about an invisibility potion (secret weapon). Then leave through the “odd looking wall”.

Destruction: Back in the guard’s entrance, try to go through the second door in. The guard, if there currently is one, will tell you that the black knights are currently having a top secret meeting. You go in anyway. Now this is the some-what challenging part. By yourself or with a friend, all the black knights in the room need to be distracted for you to leave the room. When they are, leave through the southern door. Then go up the stairs and walk north to the “odd looking wall.” Push it and walk to the hole in the floor. Right click on a cabbage and click on “use cabbage.” Then use cabbage with hole. You should hear the witch yell that the potion was destroyed.

Exit: To exit just leave through the way you came, teleport, the front door, or get killed.

Claim the reward: Return to Sir Amik to claim your reward.

Reward: 3 Quest points, 2500 gp Cook’s Assistant

Difficulty: Easy

Needed: 1 Bucket, 1 Pot

Start: Talk to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. He asks you to help him make a cake for the duke’s birthday and he needs you to bring him some ingredients. You need eggs, milk, and flour.

Flour: Travel north along the road until you find some wheat fields. Pick some wheat then go to the windmill, which is found right next to the wheat field. Go to the top of the mill and use the grain with the hopper. Then operate the hopper and go to the ground floor and use the pot with the flour.

Eggs: Eggs can be found by crossing either of the bridges leading east from the castle to the other bank and traveling north to the chicken coop.

Milk: Go to the cow pasture which is located east of the castle, over the bridges. Use your bucket on a cow.

Obtain the reward: Go back to the cook and give him your ingredients.

Reward: 1 quest point, 3 cooking levels

Clock Tower

Difficulty: Medium, members only

Needed: Bucket of water or Ice gloves

Start: Talk to Kojo, the monk, in the house directly south of the Ardougne Zoo. He says he needs help fixing the clock tower. To do that you need to retrieve all of the clock’s cogs, which are all found in the cellars below.

Red Cog: To find the red cog go to the cellars and go through the door in front of the red square on the floor. Walk past the lvl 58 Ogres and pick up the red cog. Then walk back past them and return up the ladder. Go to the second floor and place the red cog on the red pole.

Purple Cog: Travel down ladder and go through the door in front of the purple square on the floor. Go down the hall and turn left at the fork and retrieve the poison. Go back down the hall and go up the other hall. Use the poison with the feeding trough and get behind the fence, and pull the both of the levers. Once the rats are dead go to the back of the pen and click on the bars. Pick up the cog before going up the ladder. Put the cog on the purple pole on the third floor.

Blue Cog: Go to the ladder next to the purple dye and north of the drunken monk, which it located west of the clock tower. Go down the ladder and go along the path until the dead end, which is also an “odd looking wall”. Push it and turn left immediately and pick up the blue cog. Go back to the clock tower and put the cog on the blue basement on the bottom floor.

Black Cog: Travel down ladder and go through the door in front of the black square on the ground. Follow the path until you find a room infested with spiders. The cog is behind the fires along the back wall. Use your bucket of water on it and pick it up. Take that cog and put it on the black pole on the ground floor.

Claim the reward: Place all cogs on correctly and talk to the monk Kojo.

Reward: 1 Quest point, 500 gp Demon Slayer

Difficulty: Easy

Needed: Bucket of water

Start: Talk to the Gypsy in the Varrock town square. She tells you about the demon, Delrith, and your destiny in defeating him. You need to find the mystical sword, Silverlight (Sir Prysin has it, he is in Varrock castle). To get it you need three keys. And you may want to ask what the magic words are.

Key One: Go to the middle level of the wizard’s tower. Talk to the character there and he needs 25 bones to open the wardrobe. Kill the wizards around and in the tower for bones if you don’t already have them. Get 25 bones them bring them back to the wizard.

Key Two: Use a bucket of water on the kitchen drain in the Varrock castle and then go to the sewers and pick up your key.

Key Three: Find the chief guard in the castle and talk to him. He gives you the key.

Slay the Demon: Take your sword, which you get from talking to Sir Prysin. Go out of the south entrance to Varrock and go east till you see the stone circles. Equip the Silverlight and attack Delrith. When you have the options, select the magic words. For me it was the last option. Kill to receive your reward.

Reward: 3 or more quest points, sword Silverlight Doric’s Quest

Difficulty: Easy

Start: Talk to Doric in the hut north-east of the north entrance to Falador. He asks you for some materials. You need to get him:

  • 6 clay ores
  • 4 copper ores
  • 2 iron ores (All materials can be bought in the dwarven mines for about 50-75 gp.)

Return Materials: Take the materials back to Doric to claim your reward.

Reward: 1 quest point, 180 gp, mining exp, and use of his anvils. Dragon Slayer Quest

Difficulty level: Hard

Start: To start this quest you must have access to Champions Guild and you have to talk with Guildmaster this will lead to many riddles, mazes and final battle with deadly Green Dragon. Talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions Guild and ask about Rune Plate.

Oziach: He is located west of Edgeville(Ghost Town), and gives you the Maze key to Melzar Maze. He also tells about the shield and other two pieces.

  • 3 pieces of map leading to Crandor Isle

Map 1 (combat test) in Melzar Maze: You must collect keys from each enemy you meet, only one drops the key.

Red Key: Rat(lvl 13) That respawns in the South Western most corner, and the door to use is the North Western most one.

Orange Key: Ghost(lvl 25) that respawns South West of the latter, and the door is the one directly North of the spot on the opposite side of the railing to the latter.

Yellow Key: Skeleton(lvl 31) the respawns the most South, and the door is all the way to the South West.

Blue Key: Southern most Zombie(lvl 32), northern most door.

Magenta Key: Melzar the mad(lvl 45) drops this automatically and use it on the north door.

Black Key: Lesser Demon(lvl 79) drops the key automatically and use the door on the north wall then open the chest for your map piece.

Map 2 (game knowledge) and Oricales Puzzle: You are told by the oracle that you need to have in your inventory;

Location: The room with the map is in the dwarf mine off of the route to the scorpions.

Small crustation cage - Lobster pot - Buy from Fishing Store at Port. Bowl that has not seen fire - Unfired bowl - Make from soft clay on potters wheel. Worm string changed to sheet - Sheet of silk - Buy from Silk trader in Al Kharid. Drink of the mage - Wizard mind bomb - Buy from bar in Falador. Map 3 (intelligence test) - Goblin in jail at port drops it, must use magic or ranged to kill it and You need Telekinetic grab to get it.

Protection: Anti Dragon Breath Shield - Oziach Tells you the Duke of Lumbridge Castle has one. Talk to the Duke on the second floor of the castle to receive this. Without this you will get hit for 60 damage a breath, this mean very short fight.

Lady Lumbridge: To repair Lady Lumbridge you will need 3 planks and 12 nails (nails are made by lvl 34 smithers from steel bars[2 nails per bar]). you will need Ned to sail the boat just take him the completed map. Ned is old captain that can be found wandering in Draynor Village selling ropes.

Crandor Isle: exiting the ship you must fight your way to a Stair case and get to the dragon in dungeon under the Isle. MAP of Isle

Arrival: the first enemy you meet is a Skeleton(lvl 31) then King Scorpions(lvl 36) after that is Hobgoblins(lvl 32) and possibly one Lesser Demon(lvl 79) before you reach the stairs. The stairs lead to a cave with more skeletons(lvl 31) and is connected to a hall with the door to the dragon room guarded by Skeletons(lvl 54).

Fight: Dragon is 110 Lv. The Best tactic is the use of food and strength potion, Pray magic and Ranged are not good ideas Due to the breath. For a 60 lv it is hard battle for 90+ it is easy

Escape: Defeating the dragon teleports you outside the room and in the middle of the lvl 54 skeletons. Head South passed the Lesser Demons and push the odd looking wall. You'll enter demon cave on Karamja island near the Red deadly spiders, just leave from Karamja Port. If you brought nails and planks there is still possibility to sail back.

Reward: You can Buy Rune platemail and 2 or more quest points + experience (rumor 20.000 experience) Druidic Ritual

Difficulty level: Easy, Members Only

Start: Talking to Kaqemeex in Druid's Stone circle and ask him for a quest. As you pass Doric gate to members section head north.

Where to find Safnew: Kaqemeex tells you to talk to Safnew. To find Safnew, go south to Taverley and you see him wandering around there. Types of Meat: Safnew will tell you he needs raw meat. These are rat meat, chicken meat, bear meat and cow meat. Then these 4 meats have to be dipped into Cauldron of Thunder

Cauldron of Thunder: To find Cauldron of Thunder, you must go back to Taverley and then travel south and you reach a area of tress. There is a ladder there. Travel along the corridor and you will see 2 monsters named Suits of Armour. Go in the door between them but be careful one of the Suits of Armour will attack you, he is level 29 monster. After you through the door, you will see the Cauldron of Thunder. Use all the four meats with the Cauldron of Thunder.

To finish the Quest: Go back to Safnew. He will take the meat and then tell you to visit Karameex. He is at the Druid Circle. He will teach you about Herblaw.

Reward: 250 experience in herblaw ( you go to 3rd lvl), ability to use herblaw skills, 4 Quest points. Ernest the Chicken

Difficulty level: Medium

Start: Talk with Veronica near the manor gates. She will ask you to find Ernest. Ernest is out of luck! The mad scientist transformed him into a chicken. To help him get back you need to bring scientist some parts of machine, which gremlins hid all around manor. Highlight the text below for a reported solution for the oil can puzzle.

  • Pressure Gauge -

Location: It is located in the fountain in house garden which is guarded by piranhas.

Kill the Piranhas: Go to second floor and get Fish Food.

Poisoned Fish food: Go in manor Kitchen (where witch spawn) and get poison. Use poison on fish food to make Poisoned Fish Food. Use it on Fountain and Search the fountain.

  • Rubber tubing -

Location: Closed in the closet but you need to find a key. Skeleton will not attack.

What you need: You need Shovel which can be found in the exit room.

Go in garden and find a pile of compost, Use shovel on it to get Key of closet

  • Oil Can -

You need to work with 6 switches and 8 doors in the basement, remember that all data is saved individually and if you see someone pass a door that don't mean you can pass a same door too. You will need to use some switches twice.

Door Guide:

Pull A. Pull B. Go NE door. Pull D. Go SW door. Go S door. Pull A. Pull B. Go NW door. Go W door. Go N door. Pull F. Pull E. Go E door. Go E door. Pull C. Go NW door. Go W door. Pull E. Go E door. Go S door. Go S door. Go W door.

Reward: 4 quest points and 300 GP Family Crest

Difficulty level: Medium to Hard, Members Only

Start: Starts in Varrock near East bank. Talk to Dimintheis in a hut nearby there.

What you need: Level 40 Mining, Level 40 Smithing and Level 40 Crafting.

First Son: Is located in Catherby near members fishing spot. He is a Chef and you find him cooking in one of the houses nearby. He will tell you he broke the quest up into 3 parts and each brother kept one part. He will not give you his piece until you helped him with his salad. The Chef tells you he needs 5 different types of Cooked fish. These are :- Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish. After you given the 5 Cooked Fish to him , he will give you his part of the Crest and tells you where his brother is and to talk to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid.

Second Son: Talk to Gem Trader and he will tell you of a man in Scorpion Chasm, wearing a green cape and is standing by a gold rock there. This brother tells you that he needs to have a ruby ring and a ruby necklace, made from the finest gold. He's tells you to visit a dwarf name Boot who knows where to find the finest gold and is found in Dwarven Mine, past the avails. Boot tells you where to find the Finest Gold. The Gold is mined in a small dungeon south of Camelot , keep going south passed the members dungeon ladder, then go through the bear mining area and you come to a ladder that leads to this small dungeon.

The Dungeon: There are levers in this dungeon very much like the Ernest Chicken Quest. First go down the ladder and you will have some Hobgoblins to fight lvl 48 and then go to north cave room . First u pull the lever (down) on the north wall, where you will see a monster named Orge lvl 58(not in the room) then go to the south wall, there is two doors and enter the room, pull that lever (down) then go back to north wall and pull that lever (up) then enter that room and pull the lever (down) exit that room and pull the lever on the wall again (down) then go to the south room and pull that lever up. You will then be able to enter the cage area between the rooms and will come up against a monster named Hell Hound lvl 114. There is 3 gold rocks here. You must spoke to Boot the Dwarf to mine them!

Jewellery: Now yo have the finest gold you can make the ruby Ring and Ruby Necklace, when you done this go back to the Man in scorpion Chasm and he will reward you his piece of Crest. He will also tell you about his younger brother who has the last piece of the Crest.

Last Brother: You will find him in the Golly Boar Inn near the wilderness and has been poison by spiders. How do you cure him :) Give him Cure potion and he will tell you where the last piece of the Crest is and how to kill the Demon named Chronozon lvl 121 that holds the piece of Crest..

How to kill the Demon: Before going to Edgevile Dungeon , make sure you take 4 Death runes, 5 Fire, 4 Water, Air staff and possibly cure and prayer potions. You need these runes for Blast spells, all blast spells must be cast on Chronozon to kill him. You can find him right at the end of the dungeon, past demons lcl 156 and then go past poison spiders lvl 63 and then you finally see Chronozon by the Earth Orblisk. After you kill him he will drop the Crest piece.

Crest: Put the three pieces together and go back to Dimintheis. He will reward you with a pair of Steel Gauntlets. He also tells you to go to one of his sons and they will make the Steel Gauntlets into either : Cooking Gauntlet (first son), burn less food. Crafting Gauntlet (second son), gives more experience on Crafting Gold or Magic Gauntlet (third son), Hit harder with Magic. Think first before making your mind up which one to have. As you will only get one pair of these Steel Gauntlets.

Reward: Steel Gauntlets and 1 quest point. Fight Arena Quest

Difficulty level: Medium to Hard, Members Only

Start: Go south of Ardougne Zoo and find Lady Servil.

Lady Servil: Talk to Lady Servil and she tells you that her husband and son have been kidnapped.

How to get Khazard armour: Head due west from Lady Servil and search the cupboards in the houses there. There you will find Khazard helmet and Khazard chainmail.

Guard: Put on Khazard armour and walk down the walkway and through the door. Talk to the guard inside and he will tell you that he likes to drink. Go to the pub near by and talk to the barman and get Kheli Brew. Go back to the guard and give him this. He will give you the key needed to complete the quest.

Jeremy: Go to his cell and free him. He goes to help his father in the fight arena.

Arena: Go to fight arena and help Jeremy and his father. There you will have to fight a Orge. Once you defeated the ogre you will be locked up in a cell. Speak to Hengrad and you be returned to the fight arena. Then you will have to fight a Gaint Scorpion. Once you defeated that, you will have to fight the Bouncer (hound). Defeat the bouncer and General Khazard will appear and attack you. (You have two choices here. Either run and you still complete the quest or stay and defeat him.

Claiming your reward: Go back to Lady Servil and she will thank you for saving her husband and son.

Reward: 2 Quest Point, 1000 gps, combat exp and thieving exp. Fishing Contest

Difficulty level: Easy, Members Only

Start: Wolf Mountain and talk to the Dwarf standing by some steps that lead underground.

What you need: A spade, 1 garlic, fishing rod and some red worms.

Dwarf: He will tell you about a fishing contest and gives you a application to enter the contest. The fishing contest is held just north of Ardougne.

Worms: To find the worms you will need to have a spade. Go to the woods west of seer village and find the red vines. Use spade on red vine and you will get red worms. Collect about 20 of these worms.

Contest: Go back to the fishing contest area, which is south of the woods. Pay 5 gp to enter the completion. Go to where the the fishing spot is next to the pipes. You are then told that space is already taken.

Garlic: Use the Garlic on the pipes and then take that fishing spot over. Start fishing and you will catch the biggest fish and win the trophy.

Trophy: Take the trophy back to the Dwarf and he will reward you.

Reward: Short cut underground the mountain, 1 quest point and some fishing exp. Goblin Diplomacy

Difficulty level: Medium

Start: In Port Sarim, go to the pub and talk to the bartender. He will mention the goblin war, and the colour of their armour.

First: Go to the goblin village in northwestern Asgarnia and talk to General Wartface & General Bentnose. They will inform you that they are looking for a new look for their armour. You will then need to obtain 3 sets of goblin armour, which are a random drop item attained from killing goblins.

You will need: You will now need to dye the sets of goblin armour to change their colour. Talk to Aggie the witch at Draynor Village, she will inform you of the ingredients needed to make dyes.

Aggie will have told you the ingredients to make red, yellow, and blue dyes, and that she charges 5gp to make each dye. Collect the following items to bring to Aggie so that she can make the dyes: Red - 3 redberries, Yellow - 2 onions, Blue - 2 woad leaves.

Redberries can be found south of Varrock or in Food Shop, onions can be found behind the farmhouse that is south of the windmill in Misthalin, or in the garden that is north of Rimmington in Falador, woad leaves are obtained by talking to Wyson the gardener at the Park in Falador (be sure to offer him 20gp to get 2 leaves and you have to ask the Aggie about woad leaves; if you don't Wyson the gardener will not talk to you.).

Bring all the ingredients needed to make red, yellow, and blue dyes, as well as the 5gp fee to make each of the dyes (15gp total), and talk to Aggie. She will make all the dyes for you. Combine the yellow & red dyes to create an orange dye. Then use the orange dye on one of the sets of goblin armour, and use the blue dye on another set of goblin armour. You should now have one orange set of goblin armour, one dark blue set of goblin armour, and one light blue set of goblin armour (original colour).

Return to the goblin village and talk to General Wartface & General Bentnose. You will give them the orange set of goblin armour (which they don't want), you will give them the dark blue set of goblin armour (which they don't want), and finally you will give them the light blue set of goblin armour (which they are quite satisfied having the original colour armour).

Reward: 1 gold bar, 5 quest points, crafting skill (+2[level 2-4])

Grand Tree

Difficulty level: Hard, Members Only

Start: Gnome stronghold (west of Ardougne and training arena)

What you need: 25 agility, High Combat, you must be able to kill black demon, and you must have completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest.

First talk to king in the big tree, he gives you tree sample and translation book. Go see the guy just east of yanille on island.

Talk to king again and then to glough, you need to talk to the king and glough a few times more, then you will be locked in a cell. Talk to the other prisoner.

When the king lets you out, I believe you take glider to Brimhaven jungle, an ogre attacks you and there’s a lot more jungle spiders than before. Walk the where the banana trees are in jungle potion quest, and try to open the gate, you will need to tell the password, which is ka-lu-min.

Look around on the pier, for the head worker, talk to him and he will take you into the hut. The questions he will answer will require these answers… Worm chrunchie (maybe something else) She’s not with us anymore (if he asks bout wife) Anita (girlfriends name) He will give u an invoice.

Go back and talk to the king, then go to glough house, talk to him, go back to the king. Go up and talk to the prisoner. Then go to girlfriends house (west of swamp) and get a key. Go to glough house and open the chest. You will get translation book and another invoice type thing. Go back to the king, he will not believe you and I think this is where he gives you pebble (they spell open).

Go to glough house, go up into the watch tower, and use the pebbles with the stone. They stones have to go in right places or they crumble (I had alot of problems with this) ho - far left ni - centre left ::: - Centre righte ha - far right The push the stone down.

This is the part where you must have full prayer, food or even pots. When you drop down, glough will be there. He will start talking to you about world domination, then…Black demon attacks!!!

Once you have defeated this easy target, look for the king. He will tell you one stone is missing. It’s to the south of the kings area, search the roots, there’s a giant rat nearby. When that’s done, talk to the king, and he will give you your reward.

Rewards: Agility Exp, access to a underground mine, use of gnome glider and teleport tree, and about 20k attack experience. Hazeel Cult

Difficulty level: Medium, Members Only

Start: In Ardougne and find house connected to place.

Ceril: Speak to him and he will ask you to help him retrieve his suit of armour that some thieves stole. He also tells you about a cave down south that they hide in.

Choices: You have two choices to complete this quest. The good side where you don't help Clivet and the Bad side where you do help him.

Bad Side: This is where you agree to help the thieves. Clivet tells you if you want to enter the gang, you must kill a family member of the Cerillians. Clivet gives you a bottle of poison.

Murder: Go back to the house and pour the poison into the pot of soup. Then go upstairs and speak to the family members to find out the scruffy, the dog , is dead.

Sewer: Go back to Clivet and he gives you a snake shield which, when used with sever valves, directs you to the base.

Combination: Valve 1 = right, valve 2 = left, valve 3 = right, valve 4 = right and valve 5 = left.

Base: When you done the sewer valves, go back to the cave and ride the raft. Talk to Alomone who tells you about hazeel. He tells you about a scroll that is in Cerillian's house.

Key: Go to the house and go downstairs to find the cook. Look in the crate to find key.

Scroll: Go to first floor and search the bookcase to be taken to another floor. Use the key on the chest and get the scroll. Go back to Alomone and give him the scroll. He will reward you.

Good Side: Go back to the house and talk to Ceril again and then go to sewer valves and put the combination in.

Base: take the raft to base and talk to Alomone. He will tell you about the butler that's on his side and then he attacks you. Kill Alomone and he will drop the armour.

The butler: Go back to the house and give Cervil his armour and then you tell him about his butler but he doesn't believe you. When you transported to where the butler is. Search the cupboard and you will find a scroll. Talk to Cervil again and he rewards you.

Reward: 2 quests points and 2000 gps Hero Quest

Difficulty level: Very Hard, Members Only

Start: You can start this quest ONLY if you finished all other quests. It start in Hero Guild North of Taverley

What you need: Level 50 Mining, Level 25 Herblaw, Level 53 Fishing and Level 53 Cooking. You must also be a member of Black Arm gang or Phoenix gang. If you are a member of Black Arm gang, then you will need a friend that belongs to Phoenix gang to help you. The same if you in Phoenix gang, you will need help of a friend in Black Arm gang. This quest can't be completed without help of a friend in the other gang.

Start: First go North from Traverley, go past the Druid's Circle and you will come to the Hero's Guild. Outside the Hero's guild, speak to Achetties about joining the guild. Achetties will tell you to get three items. These are Firebird's feather, Cooked Lava Eel and the Master Thieves Armband.

The Firebird Feather: You need first to get the Ice Glove. Take a pickaxe and go to White Wolf Mountain. There you will find a rockslide. Use pickaxe on rockslide to get pass. Keep going up the mountain and you will come to ladders. It is a maze. Combination of maze ladders is, down left ladder and back up next ladder, then down left ladder past Ice giants and then up next ladder, then there's only one ladder to go down and you there with the Ice Queen. She is Level 103 and will auto attack. Kill her and she will drop the Ice Gloves. Then to escape the maze go up the ladder. Next go to bank and put all armour and weapons into the bank but keep the Ice Gloves as you will need these. Then go to Port Sarim and catch a boat to Entrana. There you will find the Firdbird. Kill it and will drop the firebird's feather. Make sure you are wearing the Ice gloves, without these you wont be able to pick the feather up!.

The Master Thieves Armband: You need help of a friend. If you in Phoenix gang then you need a friend in Black Arm gang to help you or if you in Phoenix gang you will need help of a friend in Black Arm gang.

For Black Arm Gang Member: Go to Varrock and speak to Katrine about the Master Thieves Armband. She will tell you that you have to steal Scar Face Pete's Candlesticks. Scar Face Pete live in Brimhaven on Karamja. Katrine also gives you an I.D. paper. This you use for Scar Face Pete's mansion. Before going to Scar Face Pete's Mansion. You need to get Black Large helm, Black Plate (male) and Black Plate Legs and wear them when you get to the Mansion. When you try to enter Scar Face Pete's Mansion you will be stopped by Garv. You must show him the ID papers and then he will let you in and gives you a key. This key you MUST give to your Phoenix friend that's helping you with this quest. The Phoenix member will range the Guard named Grip in the room with cupboard and Grip will drop some keys. Grab the keys and go to Treasure room , where you will find the Candlesticks. Give one Candlestick to your Phoenix friend. Go back to Varrock and talk to Katrine again, she will give you the Master Thieves Armband.

For Phoenix Gang Member: Go to Varrock and speak to Straven about the Master Thieves Armband. He tells you to steal Scar face Pete's Candlesticks and the Phoenix gang have an associates in Brimhaven on Karamja. There names are Charlie the Cook and Alfonse the Waiter in the pub called Shrimp and Parrot. Straven also gives you a secret password, the password is (Gherkin)

Make sure first that you have a key from your Black Arm Gang Friend!! You will need a bow and arrows before going to the Shrimp and Parrot pub. When you at Shrimp and Parrot pub, talk to Alfonse the Waiter and Charlie the Cook. Don't forget to give password. Charlie the Cook will tell you about a secret panel. You must go through this panel to where there is some Guard Dogs, these are lvl 46 and auto attack. Get pass these and into mansion. Use key (from your Black Arm Gang friend) on the door. You will see holes in the wall into the room with cupboard. Arm with Bow, shoot through the holes at Grip and kill him. He will drop the keys for your Black Arm gang friend. Your black Arm gang friend will get the Candlesticks and trade you one of them. Go back to Varrock and talk to Straven and he will give you the Master Thieves Armband.

How to get Cooked Eel: Go to Port Sarim and talk to Gerrant in the Fishing Shop. He will tell you that you how to make a Oily Rod. You need Blamish Snail Slime, water, vial and Harralander Herb. Fill vial with water, add Blamish Snail Slime and Harralander Herb. Use Potion on Fishing Rod NOT Fly Fishing Rod. Now you have a Oily Rod. To Find the Eel, you need to go to Members dungeon. Find the Black Knights area where there is a jail. Kill the Jail guard and get the key he drops. Open the jail door and talk to the man inside. He will give you a Dusty Key for freeing him. Now you can open the door where the Red Lessor Demons are. Open the door and go past the Blue Dragons, Level 50 and level 105. Then you come to a lava pool, this is where you fish for Lava Eel. Now go back to a range or make a fire and cook the Lava Eel.

Finishing the Quest: Go back to Hero's Guild and talk Achetties and give her the 3 items. Firebird Feather,Cooked Lava Eel and Master Thieves Armband..

Reward: 1 Quest Point. Access to the Hero's Guild which includes an alter, fountain to charge your Dragonstone ammy, blue dragon, underground mine, and a dragon battle salesman. Holy Grail

Difficulty level: Medium, Members Only

Start: Talk to King Arthur at Camelot.

What you need: Excalibur sword from the Merlin's Crystal quest. You must done this quest before trying to complete the Holy Grail quest. If you have not got the excalibur anymore , then you can get one by talking to the lady of the lake again.

King Arthur: Will tell you to talk to Merlin . Merlin will tell you to talk to the High Priest on Entrana or Sir Galahad who is living in a two story house on the outside west edge of McGrubor's wood.

Entrana: First deposit any armour and weapons before going to Entrana. When you go there , go to the church and talk to High Priest.

Sir Galahad: Go to his house and talk to him, he will give you a napkin.

Whistle: After you get the napkin , go to Draynor Manor. Go to third floor and retrieve two magic whistles.

Black Knight Titan: Take Excalibur, whistles, food, armour and cure potion with you. Go to Brimhaven, carry on west till you find poison scorpions. Now head north and you should see a square plot of stone. Stand on this and blow a whistle. You are now teleported to way the Holy Grail is. To go further, you must kill the Black Knight Titan lvl 146. You must use Excalibur to kill him.

Castle: To get into the castle you must first talk to the Head Fisherman. Go back to the castle and find the bell. Ring the bell and you teleported into the castle.

The King: Talk to the king there and he will tell you about his son. Once you finished talking to the king , blow your whistle again and this will teleport you back to the square Plot.

Golden Feather: Go back to King Arthur and talk to him. He will give you the golden feather.

Son: He is found in Goblin Village. Find the sacks and prod them. Give him a whistle.

Claiming your reward: Go back to the castle where the Holy Grail is and speak to the King again. Go upstairs and take the Holy Grail and then back to Camelot to speak to King Arthur again.

Reward: 3 quest points and some prayer exp. Imp Catcher

Difficulty level: Easy

Start: Talk with Wizard Mizgog on the 3rd floor of the Wizard's Tower.

Hints: Go slaughter innocent imps until you find all four beads; black, red, white and yellow, or go find people who will sell or give you the beads.

Finish: Return to the Wizard Mizgog for your reward.

Reward: Amulet of Accuracy (+4 to Weapon Aim), 1 quest point, Magic skill (+3[level 5-8, 12-15]) Jungle Potion

Difficulty level: Easy. (Members Only)

Start: South west Brimhaven. Enter the Jungle and find Trufitus who tells you he needs herbs to make a potion.

Snake weed: Search the vines on the floor south west of village. Identify it and take it back to Truitus.

Ardrigal herb: Go south east from village to the docks. Search the palm tree and pick up herb. Return to Truitus.

Sito foil herb: Found south of village past the chickens and search the rocks around the fires. Identify the herb and return to Truitus.

Volencia moss: South east of village search the rocks. Return to Truitus.

Rogues purse: North east of village there's some cliffs. Go down into dungeon using the ladder which is found between the cliffs. Watch out for lvl 58 Jogres which auto. attack. Search the cavern walls in the east part of dungeon.

Finish: Go back to Truitus and he will reward you.

Reward: 1 quest point and Herblaw exp. Lost city

Difficulty level: Medium - Hard, Members Only

What you need: Level 31 Crafting, level 36 Woodcutting able to kill a level 95 monster a Greater Demons..

Start: Lost city starts between Lumbridge castle and Spider house. Talk to adventurers.

The Leprechaun: The adventurers about a Leprechaun that's hiding in one of the trees.

Go woodcutting there and talk to the Leprechaun, he tells you about the Lost City and how to get there.

How to get Dramen Staff: You also need a Dramen Wood Branch. You can only get these from Entrana but before going there, do not take anything that is classed as armour or weapons. Bank them instead. You can take runes and amulets with you.

To get to Entrana, you must go to Post Sarim and catch a boat to Entrana(no weapons or armour).

Walk north untill you see two monks and a ladder.

Go down ladder and kill some zombies untill one drops a bronze axe which will help you to fight the Greater Demons and then finally the Tree Spirit Level 95.

Kill the Tree Spirit and then chop the branch off the tree located in the middle of the room.

After you got the branch you can either teleport out or go back to the Greater Demons, and use the ladder. This leads to the Wilderness!

How to make the Dramen Staff: Making the Dramen Staff is easy, just use a knife on the branch.

Lost City: Go back to Lumbridge with your Dramen Staff and look for the Hut in the Swamp. Go through the door and the quest is finished!

Reward: 3 Quest Points, access to the Lost City using the Dramen Staff (Bank, eggs, cows, tins, general store, cert merchants, etc.) Merlin crystal

Difficulty level: Easy - Medium, Members Only

Start: Go in Camelot Castle which is just north after you pass white wolf mountain. Talk to King Arthur and ask for a quest. He will tell you about Merlin being trapped inside a crystal. He will also tell you to talk to the other guards there.

Knight Lancelot: Talk to him to find out nothing then talk to the other knights and they will tell you about the Sorceress. The Sorceress is the person responsible for placing Merlin into the Crystal. You also are told how to stow a boat to get in Keep Lefaye through the back way.

The boat: You need to go to Catherby west fishing spot and south of the bank, where the Merchant is. First to get on the Merchants boat, you will need a friend to distract him. Once he is talking to your mate click on the boat to board it.

Find the Sorceress: Once at Keep Lefaye, fight your way up to the top of the stairs. Attack a Level 58 enemy and the Sorceress will appear. She will ask you to save her son's life and then you tell Sorceress that you will if she tells you how to free Merlin from the Crystal. She will tell you how to do it and then you can use ladder in that room to get out.

Excalibur (The Knight's Sword): To find the Excalibur go and see the Lady of the Lake near Taverley. You will need to prove that you are worthy of wielding the Excalibur. She will tell you to go to Jewellery Shop in Port Sarim.

Jewellery Shop: To get into the jewellery shop you must first get a loaf of bread and give it to the bugger outside the shop. Once inside the shop, go upstairs. There you will see the lady of the lake. Talk to her to recieve the excalibur.

Bat Bones: The Sorceress should have told you that you need Bat bones and a Black Candle. Bat are easy to kill and can be found flying around outside Keep Lefraye. Just kill them to get the bones that are required.

Black Candle: You will need a bucket which can be bought from the Merchant in Catherby. Look around the houses in Catherby to find the repellent spray which you will need this to get the wax. Go to beehives just west of you and use the repellent spray on yourself and then use the bucket on the hives to recieve the wax. Go to the candle maker in Catherby to recieve the black candle. Make sure you light the candle using a tenderbox which can be bought at the local Merchant.

Magic Words: You will need to go to the altar which is in wilderness Level 12 north of Varrock. There you will find the secret magic words by exploring the alter.

The Demon: Once you have the black candle and the bat bones you can go back to Camelot Castle. Just north east you will see a pentagram symbol structure. Drop the bat bones in the middle of the room and a Demon will appear. Now you must say the right magic words which you found at the altar. This will bound him and you will instruct the Demon to enable Merlin to be released.

Releasing Merlin from Crystal: After you have Bound the Demon you can now go to the crystal to release Merlin. Use Excalibur on the crystal. It will then break and out pops Merlin. He will then thank you.

Claiming you Reward: Speak to King Arthur and he will Knight you and give you 6 Quests points!.

Reward: 6 quest points and Excalibur Sword. Monk's Friend

Difficulty level: Easy, Members Only

Start: South of the zoo in Ardougne, talk to a monk named Omad.

Omad: Omad will tell you that he can't sleep because of a androe's sons crying because his blanket was stolen by thieves.

Blanket: Go west of that building to find a ladder surrounded by rocks and climb down. The blanket is there waiting for you but guarded by a master thief (lvl 34) kill him and take the blanket. Bring it back to omad

Omad now wants you to find his brother cedric who has all the wine for a party.

Brother Cedric: Bring water in a bucket and logs then head west again. When you find him he will be quite drunk and asks for water. Give it to him then give him logs to repair his cart.

Go back to brother Omad to claim your reward.

Reward: Random runes, 1 quest point and about 5k woodcutting exp. Pirate's Treasure

Difficulty level: Medium

Start: Talk to Redbeard Frank at the Port Siram bar, next to the Battle Axe Shop. In order to begin the quest you need to ask him if he knows where any treasure is.

Go to where the ship in Karamja, and retrieve a ticket from captain tobias or the sailor. Take the boat to the island which will cost you 30gp.

Getting rum from isle: When you get to the island go to the first shop on the left and buy a Karamja rum which will also cost you 30gp.

Luthas the Banana farmer: He will be located in the first shop on the right. Ask him for a job and then go pick bananas for him using the banana trees just east of his hut. When you have 10-12 bananas go to the crate located outside of Luthas' house and hide the rum in the crate.

Fill the craate: Then, use the bananas on the crate until the crate is full. Now talk to Luthas again to get your 30gp payment. After that, ask him where the bananas are going.

Board the ship: Talk with the customs officer and let her search you, if you have placed the rum in the crate she will let you to board the ship which will take you back to Port Sarim.

Notice: If you try to take the rum on the boat back to Port Sarim. The customs officials will confiscate the rum and you will have to buy a new one.

What you need to recover the Rum Bottle: A white apron, which can be found in the cloth shop in Varrock.

The Food store in Port Sarim: Put on your apron and try to open the back door. Wyndin will tell you that you can't go back there and then ask him for a job. Once you get the job you will be allowed back into the back of the store. Search the crate and you will find your bottle of rum.

Chest location: Take the rum back to Redbeard Frank in the Port Sarim bar and he will tell you to retrieve the treasure from a chest at the Blue Moon Inn which he will give you a key to.

Blue Moon Inn: Once in Varrock go to the second floor of the Blue Moon Inn to find the chest. Use the key on the chest to recieve a note. The note says to dig behind the bench that is furthest south in the park located in Falador.

What is needed to dig for treasure: A spade which you can either buy at a general store or pick up for free at Draynor Manor near the exit.

Go back to the park in Falador and use your spade on the flowers behind the bench. Watch out Wyson the gardener. He does not like you digging up his flowers and will attack you. If he attacks, kill him and then use your spade on the flowers and you will get the treasure.

Reward: 450gp, 2 quest point, 1 cut emerald, 1 gold ring Plague City

Difficulty level: Medium, Members Only

Start: North of Palace in Ardougne.

Edmond: Talk to Edmond and he will tell you about his daughter, Elena, who went to west Ardougne.

Gasmask: Once Inside Edmonds house, talk to Alrena. She will ask you to get Dwellberries for the Gasmask.

Dwellberries: Go to Mcgrubor's forest, west of seer's village and find the loose panels located on the fence. Push them to enter. Watch out for guard dogs. Go back to house and she will give you the Gasmask.

What you need to get into Plague City: You will need rope, at least 4 buckets of water, spade and the picture of Edmond's daughter which can be found in their house.

Digging in: Use 4 buckets of water on the hard soil located behind their house. Use your spade on the soil and then you will fall down into some sewers. Search for a pipe that is covered with a grill and use your rope on it. Then ask Edmond to help you pull the rope and go through the pipe to enter Plague City(wear the mask).

The Rehison family: Speak to Jethink as you come out of manhole and he will direct you to the Rehinison's house. Once there ask them about their daughter and they will direct you to a house without any windows located to the south.

Plague house: Try to enter and you will be stopped. You will need to go find Bareak's office which is located west of the manhole. Tell the receptionist that it's important and she will let you in.

Cure the Hangover: Bareak will have a hangover and you will need to get a cure. You need a bucket of milk, ground chocolate, which can be made using a chocolate bar (Found in Cooking Guild in Varrock) with a pestle & morter (Found in Herblaw shop in Taverly), and some snape grass which can be found west of the Crafting Guild (South of Falador). Add all the ingredients together and give the cure to Bareak. He will give you the pass you need to enter the plague house.

Plague house: Once inside the house, go to the basement and you find Elena. Find the key, which is hidden in a barrel. Go back to Edmond and he will reward you for saving his daughter.

Reward: 4 quest point and magic scroll (learn Arougne teleport lvl 51 magic required) Prince Ali Rescue

Difficulty level: Hard

Start: Go to Al Kharid and talk to the king in the palace. He will then send you to his manager, Osman.

Talk with Osman, and he tells you that someone has kidnapped the Prince and he wants you to rescue him. If you ask him, he will tell you all the ingredients for the quest:

Rope: Buy from Ned in Draynor Village, or give him 4 balls of wool which you will need for Lady Keli.

Wig: Give Ned 3 or 4 balls of wool and he will make a wig.

Yellow Dye: For this, you need two onions which you can find in the farm near the Windmill.

What you need for Prince's makeup: Red Berries, which can be found in the woods south of varrock, water in a bucket, which can be retrieved from a fountain, a pot of flour which can be made using our cooking guide, and ashes, which you can make by lighting a fire and letting it burn out.

Pink Skirt: Can be bought in Varrock at the clothing store.

Three Beers: You can buy at any bar and these will be used to get the bodyguard drunk.

Clay: For making a key to the jail. Use water with it to make the clay soft.

Bronze Bar: For making a key for the jail.

Next, travel just south-east of Draynor Bank. There you will find a Jail which is where the Prince is locked up. Just north-west of the jail, you will find a daughter of Osman who is a spy. Talk to her and she will tell you how to use the tools you've collected.

Draynor Village: Around the village just north of Draynor Bank, you will find a witch who will make you a yellow dye and makeup using the items you retrieved earlyer. Also in this village you will find Ned the Seaman, who will make you the rope and the wig.

Daughter of Osman: Talk to her and she will tell you about the key that you will need to open the jail and rescue the prince.

Lady Keli: Once in the jail house talk to her and ask her if you can see the key. You will automatically take an imprint.

King of Osman: Travel to Al Kharid which is where you will find him and give him the print of the key. He will tell you that you need to go back to Leela (his daughter) who will give you a Bronze Key for the Jail.

Talk one more time with Leela. She will then tells you that the guard needs 3 beers.

The prince will need to disguise himself in the wig, skirt and make-up so give the items to him.

Next, go into the jail and talk to Lady Keli's bodyguard and give him 3 beers.

Lastly, use the rope on Lady Keli and go into the Jail with the key. Talk with the Prince and go talk to the King located in Al Kharid for your reward.

Reward: 700gp, 3 quest points Romeo & Juliet

Difficulty level: Easy

Talk to Romeo, Juliet or Priest (Father Lawrence). Cadava berries needed to make potion are found in forest just south of Varrock.

Reward: 5 quest points Scorpion Catcher

Difficulty level: Medium to Hard, Members Only

Start: Go the the top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower which is located south of Seer's Village.

Thormac the Sorcerer: Talk to him and he will tell you his scorpions have escaped and he will then give you a cage to catch them. He advises you to talk to the Seer at Seer's Village, to find where the first scorpion is located.

First Scorpion: The Seer will give you a clue where to find the first scorpion which will be located in the members dungeon between Black Demons and Poison spiders. Search for a strange looking wall. Push the wall and then catch the scorpion with your cage.

Dusty Key: Kill the Jailer in the members dungeon to retrieve jail keys then use the keys on the adventurers cage to enter. Talk with the adventurer and he will give you the dusty key.

Second Scorpion: Go back to see the seer and he will tell you that the second scorpian is located on the second floor of the Barbarian Outpost which is located just south-east of the Sorcerer's Towers. Talk to the Guard there and he will tell you that you have to prove yourself as a Barbarian and he will then give you a Barcrawl Certificate that will have to be signed by all the bars listed on it. Once you have retrieved all sigs, go back to see the Guard and he will let you into the Outpost which is where the second scorpian is located. Catch it with your cage.

Third Scorpion: Go back to see the Seer once more and he will give you your last clue. The scorpion is in a room with brown clothes. You will find the third scorpion on the second floor of the Monks Monastery located just north-west of Barbarian Village. Once you catch the last Scorpion and travel back to Thormac the Sorcerer. Give him the Scorpions and he will reward you with 1 quest point.

Reward: 1 Quest Point and Thormac the Sorcerer will now enchant your Battlestaffs for you(40,000 gp).

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