Treasure Trails Early Guide

There are many different clues, but there are some categories that most fall into.

Speak to – These ones will usually tell you to go speak to a specific NPC. (Picture)
Search – These will tell you to go to a certain place and tell you specifically where to go. (Picture)
Riddle – Much like the search scroll, but much more vague about where to go. (Picture)
Map – These clues give you a map which you must Identify and go to the spot indicated by the x. Comparing it to the world map will help. (Picture)
Challenge – Challenge scrolls require you to perform some sort of task for an NPC, such as counting something or a math problem.
Coordinates – So annoying that it gets its own section. The Watch and Sextant will help you greatly in this. Make sure you bring a spade. (Picture)

First I’d like to say to the people who will obviously ask, just because you can’t seem to get one from an NPC doesn’t mean they don’t drop them. Also the odds of getting clues from different NPCs seems to vary.

From what I’ve seen the rewards for trails seem to fall into certain categories. The reward classes are only to indicate the best types of items you can get depending on what NPC you got your clue from. Now I’m not sure how exactly the new amours work into this, but here goes.

All rewards can include Food, Coins, Runes, Staffs/Battlestaffs, and Special Items.

Class 1 (Goblin, Man/Woman, Mugger, Warrior, Barbarians) - Black Amour/Weapons, Studded Leather, and Willow Bows.

Class 2 (Guards, Jogres, Paladins)- Adam Amour/Weapons, Green Dragon Leather, and Yew Bows.

Class 3 (Dragons, Black Demons)- Rune Amour/Weapons, Black Dragon Leather, and Magic Bows.

Here is a list of all the confirmed clue dropping monsters, but not all have been fitted into a clue class. Goblin, Man/Woman, Mugger, Warrior, Guard, Barbarian, Paladin, Tribesman, Jogres, Greater Demons, Black Demons, Green Dragons, Blue Dragons, Red Dragons, Black Dragons, The King Black Dragon.

For the coordinate clues you are simply giving a set of coordinates. Here are some of the items you must have in your inventory.

1) Watch 2) Sextant 3) Navigation Chart 4) Spade

Also you should have a rope in the bank or your inventory, since one of the clues requires you to get on one of the islands used to get into the waterfall.

To obtain the sextant, watch and navigation chart you first need to have a coordinate style clue. When you get one of them go to the observatory and talk to Professor Gronigen . He well tell you to get a watch from Brother Kojo in the Clocktower, and the Sextant can be gotten from Murphy at Port Khazard. Then go back to the professor to get your navigation chart. Now your ready to find that next clue. Here is a simple little map showing these places.

To use the sextant you must have the Watch and Navigation chart with you, and must be above ground. If you do click ‘View Sextant’ It will take you to this screen.

Step 1: First use arrows labeled A and B to get the horizon line to line up in the center of the circle. Step 2: Click “Get Location” to check to see if its at the right spot. If it isn’t it will say you need to line up the horizon. Step 3: Then do the same thing with the sun except using arrows labeled C and D. If done correctly it will display a set of coordinates in your message box.

These coordinates are where you are currently standing. By comparing them to the coordinates in your clue you can figure out where you need to go. Also don’t forget your spade.

Note: Minutes are used to divide up degrees, and there are 60 minutes in a degree. It does not refer to time, the watch is used so that your character can compare the results from the sextant to your chart properly, it does that automatically.

Note: The new trimmed armours stats are no different than normal armour.

1: Black Armor (t) 2: Black Armor (g) 3: Addy Armor (t) 4: Addy Armor (g) 5: Rune Armor (t) 6: Rune Armor (g) 7: Zamorak Rune Armor 8: Sardomin Rune Armor 9: Guthix Rune Armor 10: Berets 11: Headbands 12: Ranger Boots (Attack bonus: -10 magic, +8 Ranged; Defense bonus: +2 stab, +3 slash, +4 crush, +2 magic) 13: Wizard’s Boots (+5 Magic) 14: Highwayman Mask 15: Cavalier Hat 16: Robin Hood Hat (Attack bonus: +10 magic, +8 ranged; Defense bonus: +4 stab, +6 slash, +8 crush, +4 magic, +4 ranged) 17: Pirate Hat

(t) – Trim is a lighter color than the main armour color (g) – Gold trim.

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