old monkey madness guide


Difficulty: difficult

Start: Talk to the King Narode Share in The Grand Tree.
What you should be able to: You must be able to beat one at level 195. Have high agility / Agility level and at least level 43 in Prayer. You must have completed the Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree quests.
What You'll Need: Armor / Armor and Weapon / Weapons, Prayer / Prayer and Anti-Poison / Antipoison Potions, Plenty of Food, Teleportions, a Gold Bar and a Roll of Yarn / Ball of Wool.

First, talk to King Narode Shareen as you find in the big tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. He says that he has sent the 10th Squad to destroy Glough's shipyard in Karamja, but they have not returned. Say you want to help / help and he eventually gives you a generous seal / Gnome Royal Seal. Go all the way to the top of the tree and take the gnome slider to Karamja (It's called Gandius on the pilot's map).

Go north and into the shipyard / shipyard. Talk to G.L.O. Caranock, who tells us that the fleet never reached. Fly back to the big tree (It's called Ta Quir Priw on the pilot's card) and talk to the king. Go upstairs and talk to Daero at the bar. He'll take you to the hangar. Talk to him again in the hangar.

He says you have to wait for 'reinitialization' to finish before gnome gliders will fly. You must make a puzzle before you can move on. Search the boxes nearby to find a Spare Controls that shows what the puzzle should look like when it's done.

Tap the Reinitialization Panel south of Daero and the puzzle will appear as you need to do. Hint: Start with the top and work your way down. If you can't fix it, head to Glough, which is in his house just north of the Gnome Agility Course and give him 200,000gp. Then head back to Daero's bar in the big tree. He'll show you the way to the hangar again. Touch the Reinitialization Panel and the puzzle is added.

The room now starts to shake and all the gliders unfold. Talk to Daero, take everything you need and then talk to Waydar. Say you are ready to leave / to go and you will land on Crash Island in Karamja.

Now talk to Lumdo who first refuses to help / refuses to help. Talk to Waydar, he'll convince him to take you to Ape Atoll.

Meanwhile, you see Foreman and G.L.O. Caranock talking together ....

Here is the map of Ape Atoll:

Go northwest through the jungle and follow the canyon up the pass. You will at one point be hit by a lot of arrows and then wake up in a prison.

There are two big gorillas guarding you. Don't go too close to the door while nearby, they may hit you through the bars. When both gorillas are gone, you need to pick / lock the lock and position yourself slightly to the west of the cell, as shown in the picture. As the gorilla enters the other gorilla, hurry to run out of the door behind him and hide in the tall grass to the north.

Watch out for the little scorpions, they can hit by 13 and poison you. In the tall grass, the monkeys can't see you. Go east until you find Karam. Talk to him. Now go towards the temple and on the other side and then go southeast until you reach a building. Here you will find Garkor. Talk to him.

Now we must have collected some things. Head to the Depot to the west and enter the back door facing south. Search the boxes in the southeast corner until you find a secret entrance. Once down the cave, search the crates in the northwest corner until you find a M'Amulet shape / Mold. It may take some time. Then go up again. Once back up, walk along the eastern wall. Now search the box near the trapdoor / trap door until you find Magical Monkey Dentures. Be careful not to be attacked by the monkeys.

Now you have to teleport out of Ape Atoll to fill up your backpack with some different things. Remember you must bring a Gold Bar, a Roll of Yarn / Ball of Wool, Food and Potions. If you can't teleport yourself out, then you can run past the cemetery / graveyard and up the ladder. Now jump off the cliff. Below you will find Lumdo.

Now that you have all the stuff, head back to Crash Island and enter the dungeon located in the southern jungle. It is a very long cave filled with Zombies and Skeletons, traps / traps and falling stones. (hide under the rocks when the screen shakes). At the end of the cave you will find Zooknook. Give him the gold bar, the teeth / dentures and the mold / mold.

He blesses / Enchanter the gold bar that you will get again. You can now either go back through the cave and out or teleport away.

You are now off to the Ape Atoll Temple. Walk through the trapdoor / trap door in the temple. Once you have come down, use the / use gold bar on walls with fire. Then you get an M'Speak Amulet. Now you need to use your yarn roll on it and then you have to put on the amulet.

Now go up to the monkey bay in the northwestern part of town. You can enter the Hiding zone in the picture from the north side. When his aunt / aunt has left the farm, talk to the baby. Say you're his uncle.

You now have to pick a bunch of bananas for the baby. You may want to give him a little at a time if you don't have that much room in your backpack. But watch out for your aunt, if she sees you, you will be arrested and imprisoned. Save yourself in the hiding zone in the picture every time she gets out of the building and only go out again when she's out of the yard.

At some point, the little baby gives you a Monkey Talisman.

You now have to go to the island of Karamja and kill a little monkey to get the bones. Then bring bones and talisman to Zooknook in Dongeon on Crash Island. Give both things to him and you will now be able to transform into a monkey.

The advantage of being a monkey:

 There is nothing that will attack you anymore when you are at Ape Atoll

From now on, you should always be a monkey when you are at Ape Atoll. Go back to Garkor and talk to him. Then talk to the Elder Guard and he says you should be allowed to come in by Kruk. Talk to Kruk, who you find near where you landed.

Kruk will take you to the monkey Awowogei, and he wants you to bring a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo. Therefore, go to the Ardougne Zoo with your Talisman and M'Speak Amulet. Turn into a monkey and talk to the monkey passes / monkey minders outside. You will now be put in a cage. Talk to a monkey and it will crawl down your backpack.

Now go GO / WALK (don't teleport yourself) to the Grand Tree and fly back to Awowogei. Talk to him. Go back to Garkor and talk to him, he'll give you the 10th Squad Sigil. Do not do this until you are ready to fight the demon.

When you're ready to fight the demon, who is at level 195, take on Sigil. But before you do, be sure you have all the food and potions you need. Here is a little strategy to combat it:

            Use Protect From Magic as it can easily hit by 30.

             Don't let it hit you with a melee attack.

                    Gnomes can beat it by 1 and the demon can't beat them again.

                    Use Mage or shoot from a distance.

                                                             You can leave the arena and shoot it from a ledge.


When it's dead talk to Garkor, and then Zooknook. He will teleport you to the west coast of Ape Atoll. Talk to the king and you will be rewarded.


    3 cut diamonds


    20,000 Attack, Defense, Strength & Hits exp. (Talk to Daero for extra / additional 15,000 exp in Strength & Hits or Attack & Defense).

    The ability to transform into different kinds of monkeys. Kill Zombies, Temple or Archer monkeys and take their bones and a talisman (1,000gp from the Magic store / Shop) to Zooknook.

    Possibility to use Marim shops / shops and steal from Ape Atoll stalls / Stalls.

    The ability to talk to monkeys.

    Ability to buy and carry a Dragon Scimitar - 100,000-150,000gp in Scimitar store / Shop.

    3 Quest Points

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