Abyssal Runecrafting

Pickaxe (bronze will do), Ammy of glory and Monk robes (you can get them at the Monastery just west of Edgville)
Zamorack Mage mini quest
Suggested combat:
lower than 75 and higher than 110

Start point: Edgville

I suggest reading all steps first before doing this.

Getting there
You shouldn’t bring anything on except a pickaxe of bronze and a glory, if anything, monk robes, first, throw on your mage protection, and steel skin, then run your way up the edge near the Zamorack mage, letting yourself get hit by the skeletons, since its non multi, no pkers can get you, then put run on and run to mage using the right click option, letting yourself usually in without getting hurt (much).

The only threat is the skeletons, abbysal leeches and the guardians. Seeing that the guardians used a ranged attack. They are VERY aggresive when you first enter, being dangerous if you lag while being teleported. The leeches hit very fast and constant ones and twos like you said, making them very dangerous. Also Pkers are a big treat if you don’t do it right.

What to bring
I suggest in your invintory to bring all pouches (that you can use - pouches explained later) -remember to fill them- and a full loud of rune ess.
To wear, i suggest full monk robes, bronze pickaxe, and DEFINITLY a glory charged(make sure before each load that it is charged)

Abbysal Area
Go inside, then find one of the abyssal areas, for example, the agility one, or the mining one, then keep attempting to get in by clicking it, or using the object needed on the contraption, then either talk to the guy in the middle to fix a pouch, or enter a rift to an altar.

Then make your runes, remember to empty your pouches. When you have made your runes, tele to edgeville (with glory), go to bank and insert your runes, take out a loud of ess, insert them into your pouches and grab enough food to heal yourself (any kind of food). bring out the rest of the essence you need and do the same as you did the first time.

Small Pouch

Carries 3 Essence
Needs Runecrafting lvl - 1

Medium Pouch

Carries 6 Essence
Needs Runecrafting lvl - 25

Large Pouch

Carries 9 Essence
Needs Runecrafting lvl - 50

Giant Pouch

Carries 12 Essence
Needs Runecrafting lvl - 75

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