OSRS Nature Rune Crafting

From 2004 and onwards, Nature Runes have been the go-to method of runecrafting for profit. Nowadays, there are certainly better alternatives in terms of efficiency, but Nature Runes are still favored by gold farmers and newbie accounts alike due to how stable the profit is.

There are three ways of crafting runes you should know about:

  • Crafting Nature Runes via Shilo Village banking
  • Crafting Nature Runes via Fairy ring teleports
  • Crafting Nature Runes via the Abyss

Crafting Nature Runes via Shilo Village banking

This method of Rune Crafting has the easiest requirements, especially for ironmen. The downside is that it can be quite slow compared to using teleports.

Simply start at Village bank, either naked or with any weight-reducing equipment you have, along with a Nature Tiara equipped.

If you don’t have a nature Tiara, simply use a regular silver tiara with your Nature Talisman while inside the altar.

The run to the Nature Altar is just north of the city, and you probably will see a trail of bots you can follow.

You must leave Shilo village through the gate to the south, run to the west, then North, and find yourself in the middle of the jungle where the altar is.

Crafting Nature Runes via Fairy ring teleports

This is probably the most practical way to craft Nature Runes on a low-defence account, or on a hardcore ironman. You will not encounter mobs while journeying to the altar, and it’s relatively straightforward. You only need access to the Dramen Staff, plus partial completement of Fairy Tale part I.

The recommended banking spot is Edgeville if you have plenty of charge Glory amulets to use. This is due to the Fairy Ring that’s visible from the bank.

You can also use home teleports to go to your house (or a public house party on world 330) to recharge your run energy and teleport to Edgeville. If you have an equippable teleport like the Drakan’s amulet, you can also do your banking at the Theatre of Blood and use the fairy rings in a Player Owned House.

Crafting Nature Runes via the Abyss

This is the fastest way of runecrafting, it just comes with some risks and annoyances.

First of all, you will be forced to run into the wilderness while skulled (since using the abyss gives you a skull), so you have a chance at losing some items.

You will then have to go through the Abyss itself, which has multiple aggressive monsters attacking you at once. This is why low-defence accounts have such a hard time here.

If you have a mid-to-high level account, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can simply bring black dragon hide, a cheap pickaxe, and a charged amulet of glory to teleport of Edgeville for banking.

Simply fill up your rune pouches with rune essence, along with the rest of your inventory, and run up to the mage to teleport into the Abyss. Once inside, you will need to find the rocky outcrop where you can click “mine”.

Mining should only take a few seconds on most accounts. Once in the center, find the entrance to the Nature Altar (which is also marked on the map in RuneLite) and enter to craft your runes.

Teleport to Edgeville using your glory amulet, drink a stamina, and refill your inventory.

This is quite repetitive, but it is the fastest and most profitable method of making nature runes. With double nature runecrafting unlocked at higher levels, you can expect over 1M in profit per hour.

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