Nature Rune Crafting

Crafting nature runes takes a lot of time. In this guide I will tell you how to make nature runes fast and cheap. To craft nature runes you need at least 44 runecrafting.

To use this guide you need to take:
10k gold + 3 times more gold then essence
Take noted essence
Tiara or talisman

High hitpoints
44 runecrafting

Getting there

Go to Karamja and follow the map to the shop. You can get on Karamja by taking a boat in Ardounge or at Port Sarim.

The crafting

1. Go to the shop and walk to the southeast of it to the nature altar.

Watch out for the spiders and other monsters in the area because you can die by them if you don't watch your hitpoints. When you reach low hitpoints buy some breads at the shop.

2. When you are at the nature altar go in and make your runes head back to the shop.

3. At the shop sell 10 essence and buy them back do this until you have full inventory 25 with tiara or 24 with talisman. The cheapest way is first selling 25 (or 24) and buying them back then but then people can steel your essence easy.

Crafting with runners

Crafting with runners goes fast.

People would run the essence for you and you buy them or give them natures.
Crafting with runners can cost much if you buy the essence but when you give them natures you can get good exp.


When you are a runner you should just use the same way as the crafters do but you sell your essence to people or trade them for natures.

Go to popular forums and search for a nature crafting event go there and run natures also you might have a friend where you can run for.

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