Runescape Gold Mining for Members

Gold rocks are scattered all around Runescape world. But what is the best place to mine gold?

Well, there are four places I would recommend. Yes, one of them is very well known Crafting Guild, but it would be only #4 on my list. Take a look.

Number One (Arzinian Gold Mine)
Number Two (Horseshoe)
Number Three (Brimhaven Southwest Mine)
Number Four (Crafting Guild)

Number One (Arzinian Gold Mine)

This mine becomes available after completion of the Between a Rock quest. The quest is not hard, but it requires level 50 Smithing. If you don’t have this level, look for other options below. It is also recommended to have activated Ring of Charos with you when using this mine (You’ll see later why). To get Ring of Charos you should complete the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest which is quite easy (the only big requirement is level 25 Thieving). To activate the ring the Garden of Tranquillity quest needs to be done (also not hard but requires level 25 Farming).

If you have activated Ring of Charos, this mine is THE BEST place to mine and bank gold ore.

Here are the steps that describe how to use it.

1. First of all you need to get to the mine. This is the most complex part, lol. Here is how I usually get in there: take a cart to the Keldagrim city, walk north and take a boat to the ‘mines’. Talk to the ferryman and ask him to get you to another side of the river. Note that you don’t have to pay him if you have Ring of Charos.

2. Walk to Dondakan who is managing cannon in front of the mine. Wear your Gold Helmet and ask him to shoot you into the rock.

3. Mine gold. Usually nobody is there. But even if someone is in, the mine is HUGE. Only in the first room there are 10 rocks. It is over 140 in the whole mine.

4. Leave one slot empty and remove your helmet to get back up.

5. Walk east to the boatman and ask him to take your gold to the bank.
He will ask for 6 gold ores as a payment, but if you have Ring of Charos, you’ll be able to drop the price to 3 ores.

6. Pay and go back to the mine.

That’s it. Very quick trip from the mine to the banking spot (boatman).

Number Two (Horseshoe)

Horseshoe is a little known gold mine on Karamja. It has 10 gold rocks and is not that far away from the boat. However, if you can, move your house to Karamja and access this mine from the house. It is much quicker than boat from Adougne. Another advantage of accessing the mine from your house is that you can choose to teleport to Falador from the mine and smelt gold bars right on the spot BEFORE visiting a bank. Basically, you save a separate trip to furnace by using this way.

Other ways to get to/from this mine are:
1) Cart to Shilo Village in both directions (of course, the Shilo Village Quest is required)
2) You can use Dueling Rings to teleport from the mine to Castle Wars and bank the ore there.
3) You can use Glory Amulet to teleport from the mine to Edgeville and bank the ore there.

Number Three (Brimhaven Southwest Mine)

Similar to Horseshoe mine, but has only 6 rocks. It is closer to the house entrance, so if you are OK with 6 rocks (meaning your mining is low) – go for it.

Number Four (Crafting Guild)

7 rocks, could be crowded. A bit longer walk to the bank.
The best place for F2P players.

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