How to Use Runescape Special Text

How to Use Runescape Special Text
1. Intro
Special texts are effects and colours you can add to a text in runescape. However a text can’t be given any special effects in private chat, but they’re very useful for selling stuff. You have different kind of effects and different kinds of colours you can add to a text. Under here you can see the effects and colours and how to make them.


Colour of the textHow to make the colourExample Picture
Cyan textcyan: (what you want to write)
Green textgreen: (what you want to write)
Purple textpurple: (what you want to write)
White textwhite: (what you want to write)
Red textred: (what you want to write)
Red and yellow flashing textflash1: (what you want to write)
Blue and cyan flashing textflash2: (what you want to write)
Green and cyan flashing textflash3: (what you want to write)
Red, yellow, green and cyan glowing textglow1: (what you want to write)none
Red, purple and blue glowing textglow2: (what you want to write)none
White, green and cyan glowing textglow3: (what you want to write)none

What kind of effectHow to make the effectExample Picture
Up and down waving effectwave: (what you want to write)
From right to left waving effectwave2: (what you want to write)
Shaking effectshake: (what you want to write)
Scrolling effectscroll: (what you want to write)
Text sliding from above effectslide: (what you want to write)none

2. Combinations
You can also add an effect and a colour to a text. Then you always first have to add the effect and then the colour. And between the effect and the colour there always has to be a : else it won’t work. Under here I will show you how to make combinations.

Good combinations:

cyan:shake: hello this works good

red:wave2: hello this is fun to do!!

Bad combinations:

This didn’t work as you can see I did cyanshake: but I had to do cyan:shake:.

This didn’t work as well as you can see. I managed to get the text wave2 but I wanted it in red so I had to do red:wave2: and not wave2:red:.

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