Choosing Maple Story Characters

Like most other MMOs, there are a wide variety of MS characters to choose from. The type of character you choose will be integral to the way you play the game, so you should choose the character you want carefully – remember you’ll be playing that character for over one hundred levels.

Each character class in MS branches out into a new character class at certain levels. When you start the game, you start out as a beginner. Once you’ve trained in the sort of skills you want to use, you become one of five different types of Maple Story characters: a swordman, a magician, an archer, a rogue, or a pirate. From there, each of these classes branches out into different territory.

For example, the swordman, can become either a fighter, page, or spearman at level 30, while the Maple Story magician can branch out in to different types of magic spells. Once you choose your first branch, you’re basically locked into that mode of progression for the rest of the game.

Once you reach level 70, and then again when you reach level 120, you’ll change jobs again and become a more advanced version of your class. For example, if a Swordman chose to become a page at level 30, he’ll become a White Knight at level 70. Once he finally hits level 120, he’ll become a Paladin, the final level of advancement for the class. Once at that level, he’ll be able to do battle with the toughest Maple Story monsters and come out on top.

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