Runescape Anti Scamming Guide

Isn’t it really frustrating when you feel like you have been ripped off? This is the sort of feeling you get when you have been scammed. Scamming is by some way or another to take your money or items by deceiving them. In this guide I will explain how to avoid common and less common scams and how to recognise a scam even if it is not in this guide.

Note: This guide has been written to make people aware of the sort of scams that are out there


Common Scams

Jagex Blocks Your Password

The scammer will say something like “Jagex block your password look *******” The password is not being blocked but they scammer is just pressing the star key. All the scammer has do then is log into your account when you log off and frantically try and change the password

Item Duplication

A scammer will say he knows how to duplicate items and you should follow him if you want to know how. He will then say something like “Drop the item that you want to duplicate on the floor and press Ctrl+Alt+F4+W to duplicate the item” This will close the window and the scammer picks up your item and is well on his way before you can log back on again.

Free Armour Trimming

The scammer will say “Trimming armour for free”, you then trade him your armour, at this point he will log out and you will never see your armour again. Remember NO ONE CAN TRIM ARMOUR; trimmed armour is a treasure trail reward only.

I Died

Someone will say that they died and they need money or armour or weapons or sometimes all of these. This is a scam because a lot of the time the person hasn’t died they are lying so you take pity on them.

The Zeros Trick

Someone be offering to buy an item for well over its value for example “buying rune legs 80k” Once you trade you will be so excited that you will not notice they have only offered 8K, you will just see 8 and some zeros and accept. Before you realise the scammer will have logged out long ago.

The Item Switch

This is usually done with rune long swords because they are hard to tell apart in note form from mith long swords. The scammer will say something along the lines of “selling rune long 10k” they will then trade and when you and put a noted rune long, you offer your money they will accept. It will get to the final trade screen and they will decline saying “oops didn’t mean to do that” they will re trade but this time they will offer a mith long hoping you will not notice, you will then quickly accept only to find out you have just paid 10k for a mith long. Before you can complain, the scammer will have logged or teleported.

Less Common Scams

Buying Armour Somewhere

The Scammer will shout your name and say that someone is buying your armour in for example a dungeon. Once you enter the dungeon, high-levelled monsters will attack you, sadly you will die and the scammers will take everything you had on you and leave. This is a rare scam because you would have to be a very high level to stop the monsters from attacking you. Most high-levelled players have never scammed or don’t want to scam because losing their account would be a big risk.

Poison Trick

You will be told that something like tribesmen give you better exp than whatever you are training on. You will start training on tribesmen in the middle of nowhere and will quickly become poisoned. With no bank nearby, you are left to die from poison and all the scammer has to do is pick up all of your expensive combat items. If you are caught out by this just log out you will die anyway. But wait a few a hours then go back on and die alone, that way the at least the scammer doesn’t get all your stuff.

Double Scammers

One scammer will be selling a worthless item for a lot of money for example “selling mine cart ticket 100K” while this is happening another person outside will be saying “buying mine cart ticket 2.5 mill” if you buy the mine cart ticket off the scammer for 100k and head off to sell the ticket for that 2.5 mill, you will be taken by surprise as you realise that the guy who was buying the ticket for 2.5 mill has disappeared without trace, as has the guy who sold you the ticket.

How To Spot A Scam

The scams in this guide, in some form or another, are the scams you are most likely so encounter in Runescape. But, scammers are always thinking of new ways to take your money. If you think you smell something fishy just remember these points so you don’t go wrong.

Is It Too Much Of A Good Deal?

Is someone giving you a deal that is just too good to be true?

Do You Know Enough About The Item Your Trading?

Don’t be told an item is worth a lot. Do your research first.

What Level Is The Player You Are Trading With?

Don’t be prejudice towards new players, but you need to think why such low level players might have items of worth.

Can You Trust The Player?

Is someone suddenly being your best friend? It may be a act of kindness, but is there a superior motive?

Now you know what scams you are likely to encounter and what to look out for in scams, I hope that you steer clear of dishonest players and wish you happy playing.

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