Merchanting Items to Make Maple Story Mesos

Maple Story mesos, which is the currency in MS, can be pretty hard to come by. Everyone’s always looking for more, and competition is hard. However, one of the fastest ways to make mesos in Maple Story is to take advantaging of merchanting. What is MS merchanting, you ask? Simply put, it’s like playing the stock market: you buy low, and sell high in order to make a profit.

The one trick to scoring lots of MS mesos through this method is that you have to have some startup capital. You’ve got to make an initial investment, after all, so this method may not be terribly useful to new players. That said, newer players can take advantage of this tactic, just on a much smaller scale.

Just like playing the stock market in real life, in order to be successful at merchanting, you need to understand the Maple Story market. Whenever you’re in town, check the prices on various Maple Story items, and see which ones might be going for cheaper than usual. This will be confusing at first, but eventually you know when you’re looking at a good deal that you can turn into profit.

Keep in mind that a lot of players aren’t looking to make selling their MS items into a big thing. They just want some quick Maple Story money, so sometimes a little haggling can up your profits even further. Employ this tactic and pretty soon you’ll be a master of the MS game.

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