How to Modify Items in SWTOR

BioWare recently adapted how items work in SWTOR, creating the distinctive Orange item set. This set of items are like all of the others you find scattered throughout the galaxy, with the exception that they are fully customizable.

First let me explain how the rarity system works for items in SWTOR. Each item you find will have a certain distinct colour, illustrated by a coloured rim around its icon and a coloured name.

Grey – Example: [Vibroblade Parts] – Vendor trash items with no in-game importance other than earning you credits.

White – Example: [Exceptional Medpac] – Common items of some use.
Green – Example: [Ascendant Consular's Lightsaber] – Uncommon items that increase your stats by a mediocre amount.

Blue – Example: [Blastmaster 99] – Rare items that increase your stats by a strong amount.

Purple – Example: [Scorekeeper] – Epic or Ultra-Rare items that increase you stats significantly and occasionally provide additional bonuses also.
Yellow – Mission specific items that are held within your Mission Inventory.
Orange – Example: [Ultratech Eliminator's Gauntlets] – Custom items that contain varying stats and can be modified for additional power.

Customizable items are nothing new to the gaming world, however BioWare have certainly innovated on this concept providing its players with an easy, yet pleasurably effective, system to modify these items.

To modify an item, simply Ctrl + Right Click on the item to open up the modification pane. From here, you can add your item modifications by easily dragging and dropping them into their respective slots. Removing modifications works similarly, by dragging and dropping them out of the item modification pane and into your inventory, though you will be charged a small fee for this process. Furthermore, you can always just overwrite the current modification by replacing it with the new one; this will destroy the existing modification but will save you the fee. Finally, once you have attached your modifications to the item, hit the APPLY button in the lower right corner of the pane to confirm your changes; failing to do this will result in no changes occurring.

The following item modifications are available in SWTOR depending on the item type being customized:

Augment – Example: [Advanced Skill Augment 25] – Augment slots are found on critically crafted, Exceptional items and Augments themselves are discovered by trained Slicers.

Mod – Example: [Advanced Agile Mod 25] – Mod slots are found on the majority of custom items and Mods themselves are crafted by Cybertechnicians.

Enhancement – Example: [Advanced Acute Enhancement 25] – Enhancement slots are again found on the majority of custom items and Enhancments themselves are crafted by trained Artificiers.

Crystal – Example: [Advanced Magenta Intrepidity Crystal] – Crystal slots are only found on weapons and the crystals themselves are again crafted by Artificiers. Like many of the other customizations available, Crystals increase the stats of an item being modified, though they also provide another bonus, they change the colour of your Blaster bolts or Lightsaber blade!

Armoring – Example: [Advanced Beguiling Armoring 25] – Armoring slots are found on wearable armor items and the Armoring itself is crafted by Cybertechnicians. It is also worth noting that Armoring can occasionally contain Expertise stats, useful for PvP orientated players.

Barrel – Example: [Advanced Beguiling Barrel 25] – Barrel slots are found on Blaster weaponry and the Barrels themselves are crafted by skilled Armstechnicians.

Hilt – Example: [Advanced Force Wielder Hilt 25] – Hilt slots are found on Lightsaber weaponry and the Hilts themselves are crafted yet again by Artificiers.

There you have it, everything you need to know to get started tweaking your gear. If you’d like to share your opinion, please feel welcome to leave a comment below.

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