PVP like a Pro: Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular

How the Assassin/Consular plays and how the mechanics of PvP work.

As a Jedi Consular, you have the choice of 2 advanced classes. The Jedi Sage-who wields a single-bladed lightsaber, or the Jedi Shadow, a class who wields a double-bladed lightsaber. The Sage specializes in healing and DPS, while the Shadow prefers Tanking or DPS. Your choices when applying points to your skill tree will determine whether you have healing, tanking, or DPS abilities, and the more you level up, the more points you will receive.

As a Sith Inquisitor, your 2 choices of advanced class will be; Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer. The Sorcerer is the mirrored class to the Jedi Sage, meaning your roles and abilities will be fairly similar, only the story will be different. The Assassin, therefore, is the mirrored class to the Jedi Shadow, wielding a double-bladed lightsaber and preferring tanking or DPS roles.

Right, so now you have chosen your advanced class you will be at least level 10. It is only from here on that you may participate in a PVP warzone.

PVP plays a large role in SWTOR. Whilst I prefer to play on a PVE server, some of you will focus solely on PVP and will prefer a server that supports this. A PVP server means that practically every character you see can be attacked, and there are few areas in the world that you can’t PVP. On a PVE server this would be the complete opposite, and you can only PVP in select areas or in Warzones; where you compete in a team-based objective game. You may also choose to join a Warzone in a group.

The role of the Inquisitor and Consular in each Warzone

As both the Inquisitor and Consular have the ability to pursue either a tanking, healing or DPS class, they can be very useful when it comes to PVP. As we all know, healing in PVP comes in very handy, though it is far more difficult to do than in a PVE environment, as everyone is frantically running around taking burst damage. Tanking may seem like a dead role for PVP, though this isn’t strictly true.

Not only will you have an array of stuns and silences to use but you will also be extremely durable. Furthermore, they can guard teammates, and are able to taunt other players, decreasing the damage they deal to everyone except for the tank. DPS means you will deal higher amounts of damage to a foe than a healer or Tank would. This, of course, is perfect when it comes to PVP as you will be putting everybody under heavy pressure.

Inquisitors and Consulars are renowned for their ability to CC (crowd control) an opponent, through using various stunning and shocking moves. The usual play style involves using your high mobility and huge combination of CC/escape tools to frustrate enemy DPS who are attempting to focus you, taking opportunities when possible to stop and DPS your heart out.

How to defeat each class as an Inquisitor/Consular

Note: This guide covers DPS Assassins/Shadows and Healing Sages/Sorcerers

Obviously, for each class in SWTOR, you will have more difficulty in taking on a certain class. As the Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin both wield double-bladed lightsabers and have the ability to sneak, they could be compared to the status of “Rogues” and “Thiefs” in other MMOs as they can stun from stealth. Very annoying for your opponent, but very handy for you!

Assassin/Shadow VS Assassin/Shadow
Probably the toughest opponent to try and beat (for any class) is an identical class to your own. You have no idea what the other person has leveled in the skill tree, nor what moves they prefer. Maybe they prefer melee attacks and never stun, or maybe they make best use of their CCs. Who can tell until you come face-to-face? My advice would be to come well prepared. Ready your strongest stun moves, D.O.T. (damage over time), and powerful DPS attacks and try to work out what YOUR best ability rotation is in PVP. The other person may not be as prepared as you this way. Though do remember, it’s PvP so if the rotations not working, switch it up. But like Han Solo, always strike first!

Assassin/Shadow VS Sorcerer /Sage
In order to take out a Sorcerer/Sage as an Assassin/Shadow, you will again need to be prepared. The Sage specializes in healing, so the best moves to have here would be interruptions, as the main healing moves acquired as a Sage are charged abilities. The Sorcerer has the same sorts of moves, being a mirrored class, so as they’re both healing specs, the best way to defeat them is stuns and interruptions. Bear in mind their willpower will be a lot higher than their endurance, so it shouldn’t be too hard to defeat them 1 on 1 if you ensure they never land that predictable heal.

For the Sage/Sorcerer to stand a chance 1 on 1 against a powerful DPS class such as the Assassin/Shadow, they will need to be prepared with Endurance Stims, well placed heals, and will need to land the occasional hard hit in between healing abilities. This will be a harder fight for you than it will for them, so focus on keeping yourself healed up. If you can, always try to last long enough for them to NEED to use their long cooldown CCs, unlocking a minute of pure healing for yourself, something they can’t do.

Sorcerer/Sage VS Sorcerer/Sage
Healer VS Healer can be tricky. Prepare yourself by bringing lots of Endurance/Willpower Stims to either be more defensive or offensive than your opponent. Taking on an identical class to your own is always hard, as they may have decided to go for a more DPS/Healing route than you, so be on your guard, learn your best ability rotations, keep the healing up, and go go go!

Assassin/Shadow VS Sniper/Gunslinger
Whilst Gunslingers/Snipers are both very capable when it comes to DPS, with the moves you possess you can still defeat them! I know for a fact that Gunslingers have powerful moves, but they take a long time to charge up-same with the Sniper. If you can interrupt their moves before they use them, you stand a high chance of winning! The one thing I’d say to be wary of is, as I said, charged attacks. Apart from them they’re DPS attacks aren’t overly powerful, so find a way to stop them in their tracks! Your speed burst and vanishing abilities will be extremely useful here.

Sage/Sorcerer VS Sniper/Gunslinger
Like I said, these classes possess a large number of charged shots. Keep your healing going, and they will probably use all their energy, allowing you to swoop in and start using DPS abilities. If you have a move that can stun, once again, use it to interrupt their charged shots, and you should defeat them with little difficulty.

Assassin/Shadow VS Operative/Scoundrel
Here, you shouldn’t find many problems, as the Operative/Scoundrel are a healing class, and much like their opposite classes of Gunslinger/Sniper, they use a lot of charged shots, though beware, as a lot of them are quick-fired attacks. I know from playing as a Scoundrel that they are over-powered healers, and in a 1 on 1 standoff, they can be very efficient. Fear not though, as the healing moves are mainly charged, meaning you can interrupt, stun, and defeat them fairly easily.

Sage/Sorcerer VS Operative/Scoundrel
Healer VS Healer is always going to be a tedious battle, but as the Sage and Sorcerer possess moves allowing for stunning and CC, you should be able to hold your own. Be careful if you’re getting close enough to use melee attacks though, as they possess a skill in their trees allowing them to do a lot of melee damage by punching and kicking you. Try to stay as ranged as possible to avoid being kicked to death!

Assassin/Shadow VS Juggernaut/Guardian
Being a tanking class, the Juggernaut/Guardian may be harder to defeat due to their high endurance, but they will in turn find it more difficult to beat you, as you will have more devastating abilities. These are melee classes; so again, it might serve you well to keep them at bay using stun moves and attacking them from a distance. Letting them get close is more problematic, as this is when they’re in their prime.

Sage/Sorcerer VS Juggernaut/Guardian
A juggernaut/Guardian doesn’t possess highly devastating moves, but does have a lot of endurance, while the Sage/Sorcerer is capable of healing themselves, but doesn’t have high endurance. My suggestion here would be keep a bulk of Endurance Stims on you, use any barrier moves you can like “Force Shield” and just try to whittle their life away. When this starts to fail, heal yourself up, and repeat.

Assassin/Shadow VS Marauder/Sentinel
DPS VS DPS! Another scenario similar to that of the Sniper/Gunslinger. Keep Medpacs within reach, use any CCs you can, and try to outwit the other person by learning your Character’s best rotation of abilities. As the Marauder/Sentinel are strong at melee range, I’d suggest stunning and pounding, then either vanishing or sprinting into a more defensive position, keep them at arms reach until your stuns come back up and repeat.

Sage/Sorcerer VS Marauder/Sentinel
These classes will not have a lot of Endurance as they’re melee DPS, so it gives you a good advantage. Keep the healing up, while throwing in the odd DPS move to slowly defeat your foes. Similar to the Assassin/Shadow situation, keep them at bay with stun and long range DPS attacks where possible. Though be certain to keep your health topped up because one quick burst when your at half health could obliterate you.

Assassin/Shadow VS Vanguard/Powertech
Again, the Vanguard/Powertech is a tanking class, meaning whilst being more awkward to defeat, yet they won’t defeat you fast. They have a lot of ranged attacks, and only a few melees, so be careful. Keep your endurance boosted with stims. Use your most powerful moves to break through that tough armor, and use stuns to interrupt their kiting where possible.

Sorcerer/Sage VS Vanguard/Powertech
Keeping your healing up is a crucial point to winning a 1 on 1 battle against a Tank. You will both have ranged attacks, so again, try to stun your opponents where possible, making sure to keep Endurance high by using Stims. Mastering your most powerful moves, and having the highest ranked abilities you can will really help here, so be prepared!

Assassin/Shadow VS Commando/Mercenary
You will easily be able to take down these opponents if you make good use of your stun and CC moves, though beware, as they are a ranged class, and have the odd ability to stun for a few seconds. Keep your wits about you and stay close to them. Watch out for their cheeky healing moves too, they can be rather unexpected.

Sorcerer/Sage VS Commando/Mercenary
Commandos possess the ability to heal, making this one an awkward situation. Keep your cool and your distance, by using stunning abilities, and moves like “Force Wave” which can prove invaluable in a game like “Huttball”, where you want to keep people away! Again, be sure to stock up on Endurance Stims to boost your stats up a little bit, and remember “use the force”…

The best PvP gear/weapons for an Inquisitor/Consular and how to obtain it

Regardless of which allegiance you choose, PVP gear is relatively similar. To obtain the best gear, you need to dedicate a lot of your time to Warzones or PVP areas such as “Outlaw’s Den” on Tattooine or from PVPing on Ilum. The best gear you can attain is the “Battlemaster” gear. You will have to be at Valor rank 60-65 roughly before you have enough PVP commendations to do this. Start by saving 1000 Warzone commendations, and 1000 Mercenary commendations. Completing Warzones, will reward you with Warzone Commendations. These commendations can be traded for Mercenary Commendations which are needed in order to get Centurion and Champion gear. Once you have 1000 Mercenary commendations you can buy 1 Battlemaster commendation. Now you can see how long this will take to gain! You might also prefer to get Centurion or Champion gear, if you’d rather do this, you can then mix your gear when you can buy Battlemaster gear. This will mean you have the best, most epic PVP gear at all times.

Also, 1 Champion commendation can be purchased with 120 Warzone commendations.

Alternatively, you can buy Champion gear bags. How does this work? For each 200 Warzone Commendations and 200 Mercenary Commendations, you will be able to buy Champion Gear Bags that contain 15 Centurion Commendations, 7 Champion Commendations and have chances to drop a direct trade item. You may choose the item that fits you better: tank / DPS / healer. Also, you can buy the Champion Gear Bags before you are level 50, but you can’t open them until you reach level 50. The cap limit for Warzone Commendations is 1000.

Each class has its own unique sets of PVP gear. Starting at level 20 you can buy the first set of PVP gear for about 1,200 Warzone Commendations in all. At level 40 you can buy another set of PVP gear for about the same price. The level 20 and 40 sets can be purchased from the PVP vendors in your factions Fleet Station; it isn’t hard at all to find these vendors as there are about a dozen of them located in the same area, the Combat Training area.

The best consumables for PvP as an Inquisitor/Consular

Whilst anything you can use in PVE can be used in PVP, my favorite PVP consumable would have to be stims over food or adrenals, as they act like a consumable buff, increasing your Willpower, Endurance, Cunning, Aim, or Strength for 60 minutes.
Adrenals are short term potions which provide a large boost to one of your secondary stats for 15s (ie. power, surge, crit, et al).

Some useful tips and tricks specific to an Inquisitor/Consular

  1. Skill rotations for PVP and PVE are a bit different. This should be a no-brainer, but it’s not. Upon entering my first ever warzone in SWTOR on my Smuggler class I soon realized this. After running out of energy regularly and not doing as much damage as I’d hoped, I learned my current skill rotation set up for PVE really sucks for PVP, so consider revising it. But always remember, PvP is not scripted, so neither should you be. The rotation is just a baseline.

  2. Hotkey as much as you can. There is absolutely no chance of you defeating a skilled adversary who is moving with his mouse and tapping keybinded attacks simultaneously if you are either turning slowly with the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys or are stopping to click an attack.

  3. Willpower, Endurance, Power, and Critical are your friends. Buff early, buff often. Relics and adrenals are best used right before Force Potency to maximize damage.

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