PvP Ranks, Titles and Rewards in SWTOR

Valor is to PvP what experience points are to leveling. It is the ultimate resource to any PvP player, displaying their worthiness and heralding them with desired titles. To check your Valor Rank, open the character sheet in-game and look towards the lower left corner, to the side of where your stats are located. You will see two bars, one depicting your social rank, another progression based system that I shall cover in another article. The second displays your Valor Rank.

The Valor system controls what rewards you unlock, titles you obtain and determines what items you can purchase. On the flipside, it is not a currency. The PvP Currency is Warzone commendations. Warzone commendations can be earned in an assortment of ways, from winning Warzones to earning Medals. The combined effort of Valor Ranks and Warzone Commendations allow you to unlock some of the most devastating gear in the game, assisting you to become that indomitable force the opposition live in fear of. Yes, gear isn’t everything, and skill is the most powerful weapon in one’s arsenal, though it definitely does help to be well equipped.


You will come across Valor quickly on your journeys, even killing an enemy player in the open world will reward you with a little, as payment for your help with the cause. Though the most effective approach to earning Valor is undoubtedly through Warzones. At the conclusion of a Warzone, you will be rewarded with an allotment of Valor points and commendations based on your performance. You will also receive 50 Valor points and 5 Warzone commendations for each medal you secured during battle.
You will also earn a ranking dependent on your quantity of medals at the conclusion of the game:
  • Gold – For earning 6 or more medals.
  • Silver – For earning between 3 and 5 medals.
  • Bronze – For earning 1 or 2 medals.
The following is a list of the medals attainable in each Warzone game and how to acquire them:
  • Defender – Obtained by earning 1k Defender Points.
  • Warden – Obtained by earning 3k Defender Points.
  • Assassin – Obtained by defeating an enemy player in one-on-one combat.
  • Shield – Obtained by earning 5k Protection Points.
  • Protector – Obtained by earning 50k Protection Points.
  • Guardian – Obtained by earning 2k Protection Points without dying.
  • Paladin – Obtained by earning 10k Protection Points without dying.
  • Commando – Obtained by defeating 10 enemy players in one game.
  • Soldier – Obtained by defeating 25 enemy players in one game.
  • Medic – Obtained by healing 2.5k in a single heal.
  • Trauma Surgeon – Obtained by healing 5k in a single heal.
  • Demolisher – Obtained by inflicting 2.5k damage in a single attack.
  • Annihilator – Obtained by inflicting 5k damage in a single attack.
  • Quick Draw – Obtained by earning one Killing Blow.
  • Healer – Obtained by dealing 75k Healing in one game.
  • Savior – Obtained by dealing 300k Healing in one game
  • Combatant – Obtained by inflicting 75k damage in one game.
  • Destroyer – Obtained by inflicting 300k damage in one game.
Below are a few tips for gaining a few of the medal listed above:
  • Trauma Surgeon is best achieved by getting the Power increase power-up, using your adrenals/stimulants and repetitively throwing out your largest heals in quick succession, hoping for a critical success.
  • The Protection medals can be achieved relatively easily by tanks using the Guard ability to take a percentage of a teammates incoming damage. A good player to use your ability on is the ball carrier in Huttball.
  • Achieving the top end healing output medals can be difficult, though on Voidstar it is best to position yourself near one of the pillars by the bomb locations. This will allow you access to the main fighting areas and make it easy to break line of sight when ranged attacks are incoming.
  • Defense medals can be accumulated easily by tanks using their taunts, especially their AoE taunt abilities.
Additionally, there are a few shoutouts you can earn during a Warzone, causing your name to be spread across the screen for everyone on your team to appreciate your glory!


Like anything in SWTOR, your efforts will rewarded commendably. The first of the accolades you will be given are titles, unlocked by increasing your Valor Rank.
The following is a list of all of the titles acquired by increasing your Valor Rank:
  • Skirmisher – Awarded once Valor Rank 10 is achieved.
  • Duelist – Awarded once Valor Rank 20 is achieved.
  • Gladiator – Awarded once Valor Rank 30 is achieved.
  • Centurion – Awarded once Valor Rank 40 is achieved.
  • Champion – Awarded once Valor Rank 50 is achieved.
  • Battlemaster – Awarded once Valor Rank 60 is achieved.
  • War Hero – Awarded once Valor Rank 70 is achieved.
  • Conqueror – Awarded once Valor Rank 80 is achieved.
  • Warlord – Awarded once Valor Rank 90 is achieved.
  • Elite Warlord – Awarded once Valor Rank 100 is achieved.


Undoubtedly the most desired bounty from PvP is PvP specific gear. Upon first inspection you will find an abundance of a stat rarely seen in the world of PvE: Expertise. Expertise is the PvP stat, found primarily on PvP specific gear. This stat brings a magnitude of benefits, all ascending the power of your character; it will increase your damage, damage mitigation and healing output, all by an equal amount. Everything you need while fighting the immovable Sith Empire or the unstoppable Galactic Republic.
PvP gear can be purchased in the Combat Training sector of your faction’s fleet using [Warzone Commendations] and [Mercenary Commendations]. Warzone commendations are gathered from the completion of Warzones and Mercenary commendations are picked up in Open World PvP. Additionally, one of these vendors will trade 10 Warzone commendations for 30 Mercenary commendations and 10 Mercenary commendations for 30 warzone commendations; something worth remembering when, like everyone else, you find yourself with a lot more Warzone commendations than Mercenary.
There is a total of four PvP vendors to interact with, the first offering to sell PvP gear for lower level characters, the second offering to sell Centurion PvP gear, the third offering to sell Champion PvP gear and the last offering to sell Battlemaster PvP gear.
  • Centurion – Tier 1 PvP gear, a good starting set that will provide an advantage over most PvE gear.
  • Champion – Tier 2 PvP gear, a reliable set with more impressive stats than the Centurion gear.
  • Battlemaster – The epitome of PvP gear in SWTOR, providing the player with the most enhanced PvP stats available.
Finally, PvP gear also provides a forceful set bonus, given when either two or four pieces are equipped. Though it is worth noting that your gear does not have to be of the same tier in order to wield the set bonus.
At the Bounty Board in the Combat Training sector of your fleet, you can accept PvP daily and weekly (must be level 50 for weekly) missions for Warzones and Ilum. For those unknowing, Ilum is a level 50 planet designed to encourage Open World PvP.
Centurion level gear is procured using [Centurion Commendations], looted from [Champion Gear Bags]. These bags are purchased from the PvP vendors at the price of 200 Warzone commendations and 200 Mercenary commendations each and require level 50 to open. Upon opening your Champion Gear Bag you may loot either: three Centurion commendation and a copious amount of credits or one Centurion commendation, an amount of credits and a [Champion Commendation]. Also it is possible to gain Champion Gear Bags upon completion of those weekly and daily PvP missions.
Champion level gear is bought using [Champion Commendations]. Champion commendations can be gathered from their rare appearance in Champion Gear Bags, although, they are typically acquired from [Battlemaster Gear Bags], available exclusively as rewards from those weekly and daily PvP missions. Also, Battlemaster Gear Bags can only be opened by someone of level 50 and Valor Rank 60. Following the pattern, upon opening your Battlemaster Gear Bag you will loot either: three Champion commendations and a liberal amount of credits or one Champion commendation, an amount of credits and one very precious and revered, [Battlemaster Commendation].
Battlemaster level gear is procured using [Battlemaster Commendations], available only from those Battlemaster Gear Bags mentioned previously.
It should be noted, that you will not be collecting the full set of Battlemaster gear immediately. Expect a lot of hard work to achieve both Valor Rank 60 and to work through the three tiers of PvP gear. Though it will definitely be fun, exhilarating and those few ultimate adversaries will definitely put your ability to the test.

Battlemaster Gear

The legendary Battlemaster set of PvP gear is only obtained by the most elite warlords, though the benefits it brings are definitely fit for the king of PvP:
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Belt]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Body Armor]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Boots]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Cannon]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Enhancer]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Gauntlets]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Helmet]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Legplates]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Power Generator]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's Relay]
[Battlemaster Combat Medic's System]
[Battlemaster Combat Tech's Body Armor]
[Battlemaster Combat Tech's Boots]
[Battlemaster Combat Tech's Gauntlets]
[Battlemaster Combat Tech's Helmet]
[Battlemaster Combat Tech's Leggings]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Adaptor]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Belt]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Boots]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Cannon]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Chestguard]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Enhancer]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Gauntlets]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Helmet]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Offhand Blaster]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Power Generator]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Rifle]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's System]
[Battlemaster Eliminator's Vambraces]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Armguards]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Belt]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Boots]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Device]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Implant]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Jacket]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Knife]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Leggings]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Offhand Blaster]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Package]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Rifle]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Shotgun]
[Battlemaster Enforcer's Sniper Rifle]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Belt]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Boots]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Enhancer]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Knife]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Leggings]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Relay]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Rifle]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Shotgun]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's Suit]
[Battlemaster Field Medic's System]
[Battlemaster Field Tech's Boots]
[Battlemaster Field Tech's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Field Tech's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Field Tech's Jacket]
[Battlemaster Field Tech's Legging]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Boots]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Focus]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Implant]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Lower Robe]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Relay]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Sash]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's System]
[Battlemaster Force-Master's Vestments]
[Battlemaster Force-Mystic's Boots]
[Battlemaster Force-Mystic's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Force-Mystic's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Force-Mystic's Lower Robe]
[Battlemaster Force-Mystic's Robe]
[Battlemaster Relic of Boundless Ages]
[Battlemaster Relic of Forbidden Secrets]
[Battlemaster Relic of Imperiling Serenity]
[Battlemaster Relic of the Primeval Fatesealer]
[Battlemaster Relic of the Shrouded Crusader]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Boots]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Chip]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Double-bladed Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Double-bladed Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Electrostaff]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Handwraps]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Implant]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Legwraps]

[Battlemaster Stalker's Power Generator]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Robe]
[Battlemaster Stalker's Waistwrap]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Belt]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Blaster]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Body Armor]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Boots]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Gauntlets]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Helmet]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Implant]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Legplates]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Module]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Package]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Rifle]
[Battlemaster Supercommando's Shield Generator]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Boots]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Double-bladed Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Double-bladed Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Handwraps]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Implant]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Legwraps]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Module]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Motivator]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Robe]
[Battlemaster Survivor's Shield Generator]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Armguards]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Belt]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Boots]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Chestguard]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Greaves]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Handgear]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster Vindicator's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Armguards]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Belt]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Body Armor]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Boots]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Gloves]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Greaves]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Headgear]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Implant]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Lightsaber]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Module]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Package]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Shield Generator]
[Battlemaster War Leader's Vibrosword]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Boots]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Bracers]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Device]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Gloves]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Headgear]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Implant]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Leggings]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Offhand Saber]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Offhand Saber]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Package]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Power Generator]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Vest]
[Battlemaster Weaponmaster's Waistcord]
[Battlemaster's Guard]
[Battlemaster's Striker]

I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield and if you have any other SWTOR tips or questions, please leave a comment below.

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