What Happened to Runescape Haven

Well, I don’t know what the hell you all want me to say.

I’ve done this at least once before, and so I feel anything I say to you on this shell of a website will lose its power. But that’s fine.

Power. RuneScape is about power now. It used to be about logging into an online game to escape the insanity of the world around us, but over time it grew. It grew from a small Java-based project that two brothers and a friend in England decided to play with.

And how it grew! I remember very brightly the early days of RuneScape, from my first half hour of playing how a player named “Anuvax” verbally abused me at the Goblin hut outside of Lumbridge about my choice of RuneScape name. I remember searching high and low for a bucket to fix the well with. I remember the update that saw the birth of Karamja and the Fishing skill. I remember when Good and Evil prayer became one. The Monastery. The Wilderness. Bluerose13x’s climb to Smithing power. The original RuneScape forums. Members. Quests.

I wish I could say Jagex has been kind to me, and to be sure a few of their staff members are good people. But as time wore on, I began to be subjected to abuse by them. First, I was prevented from sending in abuse reports because I was supposedly “abusing” the system. I had to go through a protracted series of Customer Support queries and a large thread in the Rants forum before someone from the upper echelons decided it was worth looking into. Finally, I got the decision reversed and an apology in my Message Centre saying it should have happened and that I was a “valued member” of the RuinedScape community.

Okay, fine, mistakes happen. I got over it and continued my patronage to Jagex.

Then one night, in November, I got asked by Mod Hitesh to become a Forum Moderator on the Jagex boards. I accepted the invite, only to be told a few days later that he was “unable to convert” my account. Right. Further prodding revealed that too many people hated me to make me a moderator. So Mod Hitesh, fuck you.

Then in February or so I made a thread in Rants about how people who get hacked shouldn’t bitch and whine to Jagex and should instead take proactive measures to secure their systems and recover their account and keep it recovered permanently. The topic had people screaming for it to be stickied, and it suddenly vanished from public view. Deleted? Nuh uh. Moved to the “Admin” forum, which is a forum that common scum such as you and I are not allowed to know about. So I asked if the thread could be stickied; they said they were looking into it and would get back to me about several of the points I raised over the past months to them. Uh huh.

Next, I get my account stolen via keylogger because, silly me, I opened an e-mail and tried to get the headers to Mod Hulme so he could go after the morons behind it trying to steal accounts. You see, this is what I would spend a great deal of my time doing. While you folks were out there PKing, going on clan trips, playing RuneScape etc., I would be sitting here trying to report scam websites and e-mails to Jagex Customer Support so that we could all have a cleaner gaming environment. Well, I paid for my vigilance. I lost my account for roughly 18 hours and of course the kid in Kaunas, Lithuania who did it gets away with it because, typically, Jagex won’t do sweet fuck all about it.

And then, today I get a message in my inbox titled “Your RuneScape Account”. (These messages are NEVER good, kids). It says that I was muted for harrassing other players and that I needed to consider what I say to other players.

I have a lot more I can say, but there’s no point. This was the last straw. Me being muted for abuse is like accusing the Pope of robbing a convenience store, but hey, if it amuses the witless fucks at Jagex to do this to their players then what do I know?

The site is hereby closed. Permanently. The Black Hole Experience? It imploded unto itself. So much for a fansite of loyal players who stood vigilant against cheaters and hackers.

The end of an era.

  • Mike O’Hara, known within the community that is now RuinedScape as “Shadowdancer” February 2001 - March 29, 2005

P.S. No, you can’t have my account or my items, so fuck off.

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