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A Peek At The RSCRevolution Mod Room


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Runescape Classic Legend's Quest Guide

Requirements52 mining, 50 crafting, 50 strength, 50 woodcutting, 42 prayer, 50 agility, 50 smithing, 50 thieving, 45 herblaw, 59 magic (from family crest), 107 quest points, hero's quest, family crest quest, underground pass quest and waterfall quest completed.
Suggested itemsRune pickaxe, 1 soul rune, 1 mind rune, 2 law runes, 33 water runes, 3 earth runes, 1 body rune, 3 cosmic runes, 1 uncharged orb, 1 cut diamond, 1 cut ruby, 1 cut emerald, 1 cut sapphire, 1 cut opal, 1 cut red topaz, 1 cut jade, 2 bars of gold, hammer, lockpick, snake weed, adringall, water filled vial, rune hatchet.
RewardYou can choose a skill to get experience in (the amount is dependent on the current lvl of the skill) 4 times. Also you get access to the Legends Guild, where, among others, you can buy a white cape, and half of the dragon square.

By: Guide by Hvkasteren

Make sure you have finished the shilo village quest, since it has a bank close to the new quest area, and you'll need that if you don't want to walk back to the main land often (it is required to get 107 quest points at the moment, but that could change when new quests are released).

Talk to one of the guards at the legends guild gate. They'll tell you you need to do a quest to gain access, and to talk to sir radimus erckle. He's in the small building inside the gates. He'll tell you that to gain access you need to map the jungle in the south of karamja and get a souvenir from the locals. He'll give you a scroll and a machette.

Go to karamja and head to the small village just inside the jungle. Buy at least 3 papyrus and 1 charcoal there (more are advised, since you can lose them while mapping). Now continue to the far south of the jungle. You'll come across an area closed off by mountains and plants. use the machette on the plants to gain access to the area. Go to the far east or west of the area, and read the scroll. When you get options, choose map. Now start walking to the other side of the area, and after a while read the scroll again and map again. Continue on to the other side of the area, and map the last piece.

Now leave the area again and use the scoll on one of the forresters just outside it. He'll give you a bullroarer. Go back inside the area, and use the bullroarer. Keep using it until Gujuo appears. He'll tell you that to become friends with the natives, you need to gather them around a totem, but unfortunately all totems are corrupted by evil. You'll have to make a new one, and you'll need to make it from a special tree. There is a shaman that can give you seeds for the tree. He can be found in a cave hidden by 3 rocks in a triangle setting at the north side of the area. Search the rocks to find the way down. Inside investigate the flamewall and the guy inside will tell you you need pure water to get through (along with a lot of nonsense). Go back outside, and swing the bullroarer to talk to gujuo again. Ask him everything and he'll give you a sketch of the item needed to hold the pure water. Get 2 gold bars and use them on an anvil (while the scroll is in your inventory) and you'll be able to make a glod bowl. Talk to Gujuo again and he'll help you enchant the bowl. Now go to the small patch of water in the center of the area and use the machette on a piece of reed. Use the reed you get on the water. Go back to the cave. Use the pure water on the wall of fire to go inside it(might need to do that a couple of times to get inside if you do it in the wrong place). Use a weaken spell on the shaman, and he'll tell you to get a book from deaper in the cave.

Search the bookcases until you find the one that lets you crawl through a hole. Use a lockpick on the doors you find inside. When you get through, use your pickaxe on the boulders to get past them. Try to push open the gate that lies behind the boulders. When you get through continue on past the lvl 80 bats, until you come to a wall that you have to jump over. Now you need to use runes on the ancient wall. Use them in this sequence: soul rune, mind rune, earth rune, law rune, law rune. In the cave you enter use a cut diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal, red topaz and jade on the spikes in the lakes. Try them on a spike until it appears above it for a while. When you place the final gem, you'll get a book, the Book of Binding. Go back to the cave. Now you need to use the book on the shaman, but before you do that, make sure you are ready for the fight. Once you use the book on him you'll have to fight a lvl 172 demon that will vanish if you run and will drain most of your prayer (silverlight helps). Once you beat the demon the shaman is freed and will give you a fire pass and the needed seeds. Use holy water on the seeds to germinate them (the bowl will be empty after this). Use the pass on the fire to get out.

Go outside and try to fill the bowl again (same method as before). It'll tell you that the pool has dried up. Use the bullroarer and talk to Gujuo again. He'll tell you to find the source of the water deep into the cave, and tell you you need a potion from snake weed and adringal. He'll tell you where to find them (they are the same places as in the jungle potion quest). Make the potion. Now you need to go back to the place you used the gems. Be sure to take the items needed for a fight before you go, since you'll have to redo stuff if you get out later. Use a charge orb spell on the gate (any charge orb spell will work). Now smash open the barrels, until you get a rope. Drink the potion, and use the rope on the wooden thing at the hole. Climb down. When you get to the new room, don't go down the stairs yet, but try to pick up the wizards hat. A ghost will appear that will tell you that you have prooven your courage, and that you need to prove your strength. You do this by fighting the monsters in the cave.

Go down the stairs, and fight one of the monsters at the end (lvl 120). Beat it to get a crystal. Go further in the cave, and fight one of the lvl 125 creatures, and get the crystal from him too. Repeat this with the lvl 130 creature at the end of the cave. Now go to the north of the cave (past the walls) and find a lava furnace. Use all 3 pieces on the furnace, and you'll get a heart shaped crystal. Now look at you're minimap. The walls in this area look like a dragon's head. Go to the eye of the dragon and use the crystal on the rocks there. The crystal will become powered. Now go to the end of the cave and use the powered crystal on the cave mouth. After doing that, go through it and go past the lesser demons.

Try moving one of the boulders near the water. A ghost will appear and ask you to kill the ghost at the top of the stairs. Agree to do that, and you'll get a dark dagger. Go to the other ghost (pick up the hat) and attack him. He'll die instantly. Go back to the boulders. Now prepare for the next big fight. When you try to move a boulder the ghost will appear, and turn into the lvl 172 demon. This time he drains all prayer. Defeat the demon. Once the demon is gone, move all 3 the boulders. Go back outside.

Get some pure water. Now find a patch of fertile soil, and use the seeds on it. A tree will start to grow. It'll ask for pure water a couple of times. When it is big enough, quickly use your hatchet on it. The tree will fall down. Use your hatchet on the fallen tree. Use your hatchet again on the trimmed tree to turn it into a totem. Pick up the totem (it will temporarily drain your strength). Now prepare for the last fight.

You need to replace one of the infected totems with the one you just made. As soon as you try to replace the totem, you'll have to fight the lvl 120, 125 and 130 creatures and the lvl 172 demon in a row. The demon will not drain full prayer this time, but will still take a lot. Once you have defeated all of them, replace the corrupted totem with the new one (you might need to try it a few times. Sometimes it won't replace it). Gujuo will appear and thank you. You'll get a gilded totem pole. Go back to the legends guild, and use the map on Radimus Erckle. Nect use the totem on him, and you'll be allowed to enter the guild. Go into the other building and talk to Radimus again. Congratulations, you have finished the quest.


This Quest is easier in RuneScape than in RuneScape classic, as you will be able to eat and use potions while fighting the Demon. The Quest is basically the same except some of the levels of the enemies are different under the new combat system. The three ghosts you have to fight to get the crystals are now Level 96, 100, and 106. The big black demon is level 187.

Runescape Classic The Quest for The Holy Grail

RequirementsMust have completed Merlin's Crystal Must defeat a lvl-126 Black Knight Titan
Suggested itemsYour armor and a weapon. It might also be wise to bring potions and teleportation runes. A prayer level of thirty-six would eliminate the need for potions or runes.
RewardA heap of prayer xp.

Talk to King Arthur, he will send you to Merlin. It seems the holy grail has entered the RuneScape world. Go talk to Merlin (on 2nd floor, you can't miss him) He will tell you to go talk to Brother Galahad who knows more about the grail. Talk to Brother Galahad (west of Mc'Grubbers wood)

Now go to Entrana Island, and into the church there. Talk to high priest of Entrana. He will tell you he doesn't care about the grail, but somone named "crone" will tell you what to do. Talk to him about all the options, then go to Brother Galahad again and he will give you a cloth. Now go to the top floor of Dranyor Manor and pick up 2 whistles. Now normally you would blow the whistle at each of the 6 monkey heads, but I'll simplify it for you and just tell you where the point of realm crossing is.

It is in Brimhaven Woods, a new area. The place you are looking for is south-east of the large building in Brimhaven. It is a small fenced in area with a candlestick in it. Once you get to the area blow your magic whistle and you will be transported to the Fisher King's realm. To get farther you will need to kill a lvl 146 black knight titan. Search for, and kill him. Then look around and you will see a "fisherman" he has an orange shirt and a white beard, ask him if there is a way into the castle, he tells you about bells. Go back to the castle and you will find a bell, ring it and you will be transported into the castle, talk to the fisher kings, use all options. Then use "you dont look so good" he will tell you his son is missing. Blow the whistle and you will be transported back to Brimhaven.

Now go to Camelot and talk to King Arthur again, he will tell you that if you blow a magic feather it will point to where the Fisher King's son is. You blow it and it points east, to save you searching his son is in goblin villiage (prod sacks til u find him). He will pop out, tell him his father wants to talk to him and give him your other whistle. Now go back to brimhaven to the spot and blow your whistle again. You will again be transported to the Fisher King's realm, however everything is now alive.

Runescape Classic Hero's Quest Guide

RequirementsYou need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it. You must also defeat the Ice Queen (who is over level 100).
Suggested itemsPossibly prayer items for Ice Queen. Food, of course. Anti-dragonbreath shield would be good to have.
RewardAccess to hero guild, 1 quest point, 0-1 herblaw levels, 0-1 fishing levels, and 0-1 cooking levels. The hero guild has a fountain where you can charge your dragon stone amulet, buy a dragon battle axe, and mine at various rocks in the basement.  

You need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it.

To start this quest talk to the lady outside the hero's guild and tell her you are a hero, she will tell you to prove yourself u must get her 3 items: A fire feather, a master thief's armband, and a fire eel (there is no order u have to follow in getting them).

I'll start with the Master thieves armband. Phoenix member: Talk to Straven about the master thieves armband, he tells you to get it you must steal Pete's candlestick from the black arm gang, he also tells you of an associate in Brimhaven where Pete's house is, and the password: gherkin.Grab a bow and some arrows and head to Karamja, get the key from your black arm friend (explained in black arm part) and talk to the bartender, be sure to mention the password, and go into the kitchen, the cook will tell you of a secret panel, push it and go through the yard into the other building and use the key on the door to the small room. Now range gherkin and go get the candlestick from your friend.Then talk to Straven again and get your armbandBlack Arm: talk to your leader and she will tell you that to get your armband you will have to steal scar face Pete's armband, she will also give you I. D. papers.

Now grab full black (large, plate, and legs) and head to Brimhaven. Go into Scarface Pete's mansion where you will be stopped, show your I.D. papers and you will be allowed to pass and given a key, give this to your Phoenix gang friend. Now have your friend range the guard named Grip, he will drop some keys, use these keys to get into the treasure room where you will find the candlesticks. Give one to your friend and take one back to your leader to get the armband.

Now for the fire feather, to pick up the feather u must get ice gloves from the ice queen. (bring a pickaxe when getting this) Go to the wolf mountain and normally where you would go south to Catherby go north and walk along between the cliffs until you see the rock slide, use your pickaxe with it to get through. now go around north past the ice warriors until u get to 3 ladders, take the one farthest north, walk through the dungeon past the ice warriors and up the ladder. You will be now on top of another plateau with ice giants, and 3 more ladders, again take the ladder that is farthest north, then go through the dungeon until u get to a ladder up. Go down the only ladder on the plateau you find yourself on. You will now be in the ice queen's throne room (ice queen is level 103. Once you kill the ice queen she will drop the ice gloves, take these to Entrana and kill the firebird (in the north forest area) it will drop a fire feather, pick it up (you **MUST** be wearing the ice gloves to be able to pick up the feather).

Now for the cooked eel. Talk to the owner of the fish shop in port Sarim and ask about the fire eel, he will give you some snail slime to put in a potion.Put some harralandar in a filled vial and add the slime to the vial to make the oil you need (this takes 25 herblaw) then use the oil with a REGULAR FISHING ROD to make an oily fishing rod. Now grab an anti-dragon shield (you can get from duke of Lumbridge even if u did drag. quest), your oily fishing rod, and some fishing bait and head to the huge members dungeon south of Tavelry. Make your way through the dungeon until you get to the lava-pits.

Go north past the bridge to the black knight area, kill a jailor to get jail keys and use them to get into the jail cell with the man in it, talk to the man and he will give you a dusty key. Now head back up to the lava pits, over both bridges past the demons and use the dusty key on the door to the blue dragon room. Go past the blue dragons until you get where the black demons respawn. Near here you will find a fishing area, fish with your oily fishing rod until you get an eel (more than one would be good, but i have a feeling you cant burn them). Now go back to the surface and cook the eel.

Finally once you have all 3 ingredients: armband, feather, cooked eel. Talk again to the girl outside the hero guild to get your reward.

Runescape Classic Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

RequirementsLevel 5 Fishing
Suggested items1 raw sardine, 100 gp, 1 bucket of milk, 1 doogle leaf.
RewardA kitten that you can nurse, 1 quest point, chocolate cake, meat and potato stew.

By: Guide by Hvkasteren
Talk to gertrude in the house just south of Juliets. She'll tell you that her cat is missing, and she can't search for it because she needs to look after her children. She'll tell you that Shilop or Wilough have seen the cat last. Talk to either of them and they'll tell you that the cat followed them to the mill east of the Jolly boar inn if you pay them 100 gp.

You'll need to find a gap in the fence to get in. Look for a hole on the east of the buildings on the minimap. Find the ladder going up. If you go up twice you''ll find the cat. If you try to pick up the cat it'll tell you that it's thirsty. Give it a bucket of milk. If you try to pick it up again it'll tell you it's hungry. Use a doogle leaf (found behind Gertrude's house) on a raw sardine to make seasoned sardine. Give that to the cat. If you try to pick it up, it'll say it's scared, and that you hear sounds of other cats. Search the barrels outside south-west of the buildings to find the kittens. Use the kittens on the cat, and the cat will run home. Talk to gertrude again, and you'll have finished the quest.

Once you have the Kitten, it will take about an hour for it to grow into an adult cat. When it "Miaow"s you should give it a bucket of milk and stroke it. Once its grown all the way up you can take it to the "Civilian" in West Ardougne near the entrance to the Underground Pass and sell it for 25 death runes. You can then go buy another kitten from Gertrude for 100 gold pieces.

Runescape Classic Fishing Competition Guide

RequirementsLevel 10 fishing
Suggested itemsGarlic, a spade, and a regular fishing rod.
Reward1 quest point and use of the tunnel that bypasses wolf mountain. 

Start out by talking to one of the dwarves at either end of the dwarf tunnel (small buildings to the east and west of wolf mountain, they will tell you they want a golden trophy and you have to win the fishing contest to get it. they also give you a pass to get into the fishing contest.

Now go to the fishing arena north of the fishing guild. Talk to Grandpa Jack and he tells you about the red vine worms that carps like best (thats what fish you will be catching) to get them go north to Mc'Grubber's Woods and enter through the loose fence. Use your spade on the vines on the ground to get some red vine worms (4 or 5 is enough) then go back down the fishing arena and talk to Morris to enter the competition.

Go over to the pipes and rub garlic on them. That drives the sinister stranger away so you can take his spot. Take his spot and get some giant carp (the only thing you CAN catch) and you will win the competition, go

Runescape Classic Fight Arena Quest Guide

RequirementsAble to kill a level 58 ogre, a level 46 giant scorpion, and a Bouncer level 122.
Suggested itemsFood (Lobsters will do), and your best equipment.
Reward2 quest points, 1000 gold, about 8000 theiving experience and some combat experience.

By: Guide by NoW4yOut
Quest Start: Talk to Lady Servil, who is located South of the clock tower in Ardounge next to a broken cart. She tells you that her husband and son have been kidnapped by Khazard's men.

Khazard Armour: Go west until you see some houses outside the arena. Find the one with the Khazard cupboard and search it. You will get Khazard Chainmail and Khazard medium helmet.

Put on the Khazard armour and head towards the arena. Use the south entrance (the one with the walkway with fences at each side), and talk to the guard by the cells. After you have spoken with the guard, exit the arena and find the pub, which is near the house with the khazard armour. Talk to the barman and ask for a Khali Brew (it's free) then head back to the guard.

Speak again to the guard and give him the Khali Brew. He will drink it and feel sleepy. He will ask you to look after the cells and give's you the key, right before he fall's asleep.

Jeremy: He is at the other side of the arena, go around and talk to him. You use the keys to let him out, and he will tell you his father has been taken to the arena. He will go to help his father.
Go the arena entrance and walk inside. Talk to Jeremy again and he will say his Dad is being attacked by an ogre, and that you must help him. Attack the ogre(level 58) after you have killed it you will be taken to a jail cell.

Hengrad: Talk to Hengrad and he will talk about how long he has been in the cell, after this he will tell you that a guard is coming and that one of you is to fight in the arena again. And guess what, it's you.
Giant Scorpion: You will be taken to the arena, and your first opponent will be a level 46 Giant Scorpion. Kill the scorpion, you can run and eat if you need to.

Bouncer: The Bouncer is a hellhound and is level 122. This one might require you to run and eat. Kill the bouncer and General Khazard will appear.

General Khazard: After he appears, General Khazard (level 100) should attack you. You can either run (he wont re attack) or stay and kill him.

Claiming your reward: Go back to Lady Servil, and she will tell you her husband and son are resting at home. She will thank you and give you a reward.

Runescape Classic Dwarf Cannon Quest Guide

Suggested itemsTeleportation runes to both Camelot and Falador are recommended, but not necessary.
RewardOne quest point and the ability to buy the dwarf cannon (more information on this at the bottom of the guide)

Start point: Coal Trucks West of McGrubbs Wood (you will have to cross the logs), speak to the Dwarf Commander 

When you talk to the dwarven commander, who can be found near a small house, he asks for your help in defending his mines. Say you will help. He will give you railing replacements, to replace damaged parts that the goblins have caused. Now, to the south, you will find railings, connecting the gates, head past the gates. You will have to find the broken railings to replace them. Failing to replace them, which rarely happens, results in losing about four health. One of these replacements is right to the east of the very eastern gate. The second is west of the eastern-most gate, and is against a wooden support log.

Another is a diagnal railing in between the second and third eastern gates. Another will be found to the west of the third eastern gate, and is up against a tree. If you head west you will note a grave in the shape of a cross. The railing east of that will need to be replaced, which should be right below a wooden support log. The last one that will need to be replaced will be the very northwestern one. You will have to go inside the gated area to fix this one.

Now, talk to the commander again. He will now ask you to head south, and check up on one of his guards in a watch tower. Just a little bit to the south (it will be a square-shaped building on the map) will be the watch tower. You will find the dwarven remains in the tower, which you must bring back to the commander. Now the commander says that Gilob's (the dead dwarf) son was with him. He will ask that you find the goblin hideout so you can bring his son back. Go back to the watch tower.

You will find goblin tracks, which, when you examine them, say they lead south east. Just follow the tracks. If you get lost, then simply go east of the fishing guild, where you will find a cave. Enter the cave. This is the goblin hideout, which is a bit of a maze. Take the northern route, and head west when you read a dead-end. Once you reach a dead-end in that direction, take a north, where you will find a room full of crates. Go to the north-western corner of the room and search one crate east of that one. You will find the dwarf child here, who goes off without you back to the dwarf base. Exit the caves by heading the way you came from, then climbing up the mudpile.

Now head back to the commander. He asks you to do him another favor, which is, to repair the dwarf cannon. He will give you some tools. Just head in the little building next to him, which was previously locked. Unless you're blind, you will see a huge cannon. Choose the option to inspect it. It will say that four different parts are broken, and will ask which you want to fix.

If it says you cannot find any problems, inspect it again. Try fixing each of these items, if you fail, try again. After it says that you have fixed each part, talk to the commander. He will now ask for one final favor, which will be to find out what kind of ammo the cannon uses. For this, you will need to go to the enterance of the dwarf mine. This is where your Falador teleporting runes will come in handy, if you brought them. If not, or if you can't cast the spell, then have fun walking.

When you arrive there, you will need to go through the dwarf mine house. There will be another door, leading to a fenced in area with dwarven engineers. Talk to one of them. He will give you a cannon ball mould and a note. Read the note, and learn a bit more about this ammo used for the steel cannon. Take the mould and note back to the dwarven commander. If you brought Camelot teleport runes, then this is where they will become valuable. When you talk to him, you will lose the mould and the notes. Though you have now completed the quest!

Reward: One quest point and the ability to buy a dwarf cannon. To buy the cannon, talk to the dwarven engineer. He can sell you the full cannon for 750,000 (which includes all the pieces) or each piece for 200,000 each (remember there are four pieces, so you only want to do that if you lost a few of the pieces). You can also buy a manual here, which tells you more about the cannon, and you may also buy the cannon mould, to make the ammo.

Runescape Classi Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

RequirementsAlthough it's not a requirement, it's recommended that you have a decent combat level (around level thirty).
Suggested itemsBear, rat, chicken, and cow meat. Also, bring your fighting equipment.
RewardAbility to use herblaw skill, four quest points, and three herblaw levels.

First talk to Kaqwemeex in the stone circle north of Tavelry. He wants to purify the stone circle and the druid Sanfew can tell you how. Talk to Sanfew in a small house in Northern Tavelry. He asks of you that you put the meat of four animals in a special cauldron. Get four types of raw meat: Bear, Rat, Chicken, and Cow.

Then take them to the huge members dungeon south of Tavelry. Along the first hallway you will see a door with two suits of armor outside it, try to open the door and the suits will attack you, kill them and you can go into the room with the cauldron. If you cannot kill these suits of armor then you can take the alternate, longer route. Use each of the meats with the cauldron and return to Sanfew. He thanks you and takes the meat. He also tells you to talk to Kaqwemeex again. Go talk to Kaqwemeex for your reward.

RuneScape Experience Chart

RuneScape Experience Chart

This is the experience chart that is used by all skills of RuneScape. All skills are limited to 99 levels, so there is no point putting requirements for higher levels. The 'Experience' colum means the total amount of experience required. The 'EXP Growth' colum means how much experience you need after the previous level. Thanks to Phil's RuneScape cooking guide for the experience calculation formula.
LevelExperienceEXP Growth
LevelExperienceEXP Growth

Runescape Classic Digsite Quest Guide

RequirementsLevel 10 Herblaw, level 10 agility.
Suggested itemsGloves and boots. A cup of tea, a pestle and mortar, A vial. Sleeping bag, possibly a weapon, and a tinderbox.
Reward2 quest points, some mining XP, herblaw XP, two bars of gold.
Go out the EAST gate of Varrock, there is a fence in front of you. Follow it SOUTH until you reach a gate. Go through the gate and head EAST until you see some buildings. These buildings are the Education Center. Go inside and speak to the Expert to get a general idea of what you're doing. Then look for the Examiner and talk to her to start the quest.

The Examiner
The Examiner will tell you that in order to dig in the digsite, you must pass the appropriate Earth Sciences tests. In order to take the test you need a stamped letter from the Curator of the Varrock Museum. He can be found either in the Varrock museum or the northern most end of the digsite (the digsite is north of the education center, you can get in easiest by following the stream). While you're there, search cupboards in the Educational center until you find a rock pick. Hold onto it for later. Also search the book cases until you find a book about chemicals. Read over it and save it.

Rock Samples
Use the letter on the Curator to get it stamped. Take it back to the Examiner, but do not attempt the test. You can't do the test unless you've studied. Then go into the digsite and look for the students. There are three students, one girl and two guys. Speak to all three of them, speak to them twice to get details of where they lost their samples. The girl lost her's in the bushes around the giant Urns north of the Education center. Search the bushes around there to find it. One of the guy's dropped his in the stream, pick up the panning tray in the big tent. Give a cup of tea to the Panning Guide to get permission to pan. Use the pan on the panning points, then search the pan and repeat until you find the rock sample. Finally, pick-pocket workmen until you find the third rock sample. Use the samples on their respective students, then ask each one for help on the exam. Write down what they tell you.

The Exams:
Go to the Examiner and ask to do the test, use the answers the Students gave you (you MUST speak to the students in order to answer correctly). The Examiner will give you a certificate of education and a trowel, give the certificate to the Curator to get it out of the way. Go back to the students and ask for more help, write down the answers and repeat the process. Go back to the students and ask for more help, the two guys will tell you the answers but the girl wants an opal before she'll help you. Opals can be found in abundance in the long rectangular level-1 digsite. Give her the opal and write down the answer. Go to the Examiner and pass the final exam, give the certificate(s) to the Curator. Then pick-pocket Work Men until you get a specimen brush for level-3 digs. You can now dig anywhere you want (with the proper tools, gloves, and boots).

The dig:
Dig around the level-3 sites until you find an 'Talisman of Zaros'. Take the items back to the Center and use them with the Expert. He'll be so impressed he'll give you a letter saying he'll let you use the winch into the private dig area. Use it with a workman, then pickpocket workmen until you get 2 coils of rope. Go North on the Eastern side of the digsite until you see a winch. Use a rope with the winch, then use the winch. Beg from the workmen down in the mine shaft until one gives you a key for the locked chest in the big tent.

The Explosive Compound Ingredients:
Now go search the sacks directly north of the second winch to get a 'specimen jar'. Now go south, then east until you see another winch. Use the rope on it and then use it. Look for 'Arcenia Root' and search the bricks you find down there. Now go back out and head south to the big tent. There is a chest there, use the key from the workman to open it, then search it to get an unidentified powder. Now use the specimen jar on the specimen trays until you find an iron dagger and a piece of charcoal. Use the charcoal with the pestle and mortar to make ground up charcoal. Then look at the barrels with red X's on them. Use tools with them until one is opened, then use the vial on one to get 'unidentified liquid'.

Making The Compound:
Use the unidentified powder and liquid with the Expert. The powder is Ammonium Nitrate and the Liquid is Nitroglycerin. Use the Ammonium with the Nitroglycerin, then use the Charcoal with the 'foul potion' that results, then add the Arcenia root to make the Explosive Compound. Go back to the bricks down the winch, use the compound with the bricks then use the tinderbox with the bricks.

The explosion will clear the bricks and let you into the inner chamber. There are some level 21 skeletons here, not really a threat but they get in the way. Go into the room and pick up the stone tablet in the center. Leave. Make fun of Zaros' weak skellys before you go.

The End:
Go back to the expert and use the stone tablet with him, then you will receive your reward!

Runescape Classic Clock Tower Quest Guide

Suggested itemsYour weapon and armor. Possibly some teleportation runes if you level is low.

Brother Kojo needs your help to fix his clock tower. To do this you must retrive 4 colored cogs and placeing them in there proper place. After starting the quest go down the ladder near by. Each time you retive a cog you must place it before getting another. It seems that each cog goes on a random level but always on the matching pole. Going down the ladder leads you to a room with a rug with four colors on it. Each one represents a cog.

Black Cog

Following the path from the black door in the "rug room" you find the cog near some ever burning fires. From being close to the flames has heated it too hot to carry. This problem can be solved by one of two ways. If you have your ice gloves from the hero quest they can be used to pick up the cog. If you haven't done the hero quest you may just use a bucket full of water on it to cool it so it can be picked up.

Red Cog

Getting the red cog you must battle though a area infested with ogres (level 5 [8)] you may not telegrab the cogs. So you can not get it from the area that you go to for the monk friend quest.

Blue Cog

The blue cog is in the "jail" area. This can only be reached from the ladders just north of Brother Kojo. Each one leads to a different "cell". There is 3 rows arranged as follows:

As you notice there isn't one leading to the cell with the blue cog in it, but if you climb down the left one on the northern most row from the western site (you will be facing right if your going the right way) you will end up in the cell with the cog. There is a second way to get this cog. Going west you will see a ladder out on it's own. Going down this will lead you down a rather long path that leads to a "odd looking wall" push on this and your in the cell with the blue cog.

Purple Cog

Perhaps the most annoying of all 4 of the cogs was this one. This cog is in a rat's cage that is normally full of aggressive rats. While they are not strong they are annoying and be prepared to take a while to get though the cage. Going down the path you will find little branch off that leads to a dead end with a bottle of rat poison in it. Take the rat poison and go back and follow the path to the leavers. Use the poison on the food trough and go to the first lever you pasted getting to the trough. Push this ladder and it will tell you about the rats eating the poison and dying. go back into the area where the rats spawn. The search the rat cage (the fence that is between the rat spawn point and the cog) if done right you will squeeze though and get the cog. Just climb the ladder to get out of there.

The Lore of RuneScape

This writing is a record of the ancient times. Much is questionable guesswork but the records are far less than complete. As more is discovered this document will expand and change.

The First Age

Creation of RuneScape. Giants briefly are dominate species (according to ancient records), but are soon supplanted by Elves, Gnomes, Men, and Dwarves. First clashes between Zamorak and Saradomin.

The Second Age

The race of Elves wiped out or driven off by Dark Forces from the West. Baxtorian makes his waterfall refuge and hides the treasures of the elves. Whatever remaining Elves there were vanished completely. The only remaining sources of information on the Elves are magically defended and preserved locations like the Baxtorian Waterfall and the tomb of Glarial. This is also the first mention of the Rune Stones, powerful stones capable of many wonders.

The Third Age

The White Knights of Falador launch the Dawn Ascension, they drive the Black Knights back into their stronghold by the Wilderness and Iban is killed. It is persumed that Zamorak had a larger and more open following of men before this time, even if it was slavery and obedience through fear. At this time the dwarves may have recovered many of the lost Elvish treasures, according to the 'Book of Baxtorian' which was compiled in the fifth age.

The Fourth Age

Scorpius builds first telescope, communes with Zamorak and becomes a follower of Evil in exchange for foresight. This is an interesting contradiction, that a man of science would chose to follow the Chaotic One. Even more surprising that Zamorak would even accept such a person into his retinue. Scorpius' doomed spirit and his followers still haunt his grave site near a Zamorakian place of worship. At this time the war between Saradomin and Zamorak became so intense the world itself was nearly toppled, we can assume that it was at this time the original telescope was lost and the last remnants of elder civilizations like the Elves and the Zaros Cult were buried, if not out rightly destroyed.

The Fifth Age

At the beginning of the Fifth age, Saradomin and Zamorak made a pact (possibly compelled by Guthix) not to directly interfere with the affairs of RuneScape. They handed that governorship over to the greatest mage of the era, Gower, who has continued their work. Zamorak and Saradomin continue to guide their servants from a far. Lately, many uprisings of the sleepless Zamorakian dead have occurred. Scorpius, Iban, Khazard, and Zombie Quenn on Karamja. Iban and the Zombie Queen both brought powerful armies back from the grave against mankind while Khazard nearly succeeded in destroying one of the only two known settlements of Gnomes. This seems to be a intentional attack against all the living, who knows how much further it could go? We think that even Guthix finds Zamorak's reliance on the undead reprehensible because they break the natural cycles of life and death, unbalancing the universe.

The Gods

Saradomin probably the most publicly and widely acknowledged god of mankind; alters to Saradomin can be found quite easily in most any town. Saradomin is the god of reason and order, 'Strength through Wisdom' is his motto. He is closely connected with magic and prayer. However, the Zaros Followers were so thoroughly destroyed by Saradomists, Zaros's existence has only now been discovered. Saradomin despises Zamorak and his like, they've been at war almost from the begriming of the world. Saradomin's recent communications with his people (and the outright theft of that means of communication by Zamorak) reveal that the fraternal strife between them is far from over.
Zamorak although mankind gives a fairly good show of following the wisdom of Saradomin, alters to the Dark god can still be found in the slums of large cities or in dark strongholds beyond the boundaries of mainstream civilization. Zamorak is the god of Chaos and Evil, he is filled to the brim with spite and disgust for everything and everyone, he delights in all death and mayhem, even when it is directed at his own servants. Some of them are so hostile they even avoid each other. In the fifth age, most his human (and living) servents have been beaten down by Saradomists (or just people that don't want to be randomly decapitated whilst mining). Zamorak has come to rely more and more on undead, which can disturbingly involve the local extinction of the human race. It may be that Zamorak is trying to supplant mankind completely.
Guthix has been known of for some time, but his position is ambiguous at best. "I am both, I am neither, I am Guthix". Guthix has a small following of Humans, which unlike Saradomists and Zamorakians rely on herblaw, and possibly very ancient magic. Just where Guthix stands on an issue or what he will actually do is always questionable. Guthix is apparently the god of the Dwarves, who mostly keep whatever religious rites they observe to themselves. The numbers of henges and Dolmens scattered across RuneScape also suggest that the Guthix Cult was once far larger. But it is presently composed of a tight-nit group of introverted herbalists who refuse to do any more traffic with the outside world than necessary. Guthix is enigmatic, but he also has revealed he still maintains RuneScape and its creatures in their natural cycles.
Zaros and the vanquished gods until very recently, it was thought that the three primary gods were all the existed in RuneScape. However clear evidence of at least one additional deity has been found in the area west of Varrock. Zaros seems to be a Chaotic god like Zamorak, but his following was completely overrun by Saradomists and almost every trace of his religion destroyed. It is unknown if these gods still exist or if they are bound by the pact between Saradomin and Zamorak that places all power in the hands of the Mage Gower.


Man - by far the most evident and widely distributed (both in philosophically and spatially) race. Human settlements can be found almost anywhere. Humans, at least in general and publicly, serve Saradomin with only a relatively small cult obeying Zamorak and a even smaller one aligned to Guthix. But of course there are thieves, slavers, barbarians, and primitives who don't acknowledge any gods and are in entirely for their own.
Dwarves - solitary and moody, the dwarves have been around at least as long as men, but haven't bothered making their prescience felt very often. The Dwarves owe mild allegience to Guthix. A very distant branch of the dwarfish race, however, is fanatically Zamorakian. The Chaos Dwarves are mostly driven into solitary places where they can take adventurers unawares with little threat of reprisal. The dwarves have settlements of various sizes all over RuneScape.
Gnomes - long hidden in remote strongholds or through confusing mazes, Gnomes have (cheerfully) barricaded themselves against the world. Their small size and cleverness make them the targets of evil factions of men, who hunt and slaughter stray gnomes. The only gnome settlements are far to the West along the impassable mountain range. It is unknown what deity the gnomes follow but they are certainly closely aligned with nature.
Elves - very little is known about the elves, except that they were once powerful and inhabited the now empty regions far north of Ardougne. Baxtorian, the last king of the Elves, lead a five year campaign against the forces of Evil which apparently succeeded. Somehow, enemies slipped behind Baxtorian's forces and laid waste to the Elvish lands so the victors returned only to empty ruins. Most of the Elves were simply gone, Baxtorian's wife Glarial was found dead. Baxtorian was insane with grief, he abandoned his armies and the remnants of his people, entering his magical Waterfall fortress and never came forth. Legend says he was waiting for Glarial's return, even after she was buried in state and defended by the Natural Forces of Runes which He and Glarial had much power over. The race of Elves seems now to be extinct or hidden very distant as yet unexplored lands.
This represents only the least beggining of the chronicling of RuneScape. It shall expand and even change as the true facts become known or better understood.

Runescape Classic Magic Guide

Magic Guide

Basic Magic

In RuneScape, Magic is driven by the use of Magical Runes. Which are stackable, stone tablets. They bear a symbol indicating what kind of Rune they are. Casting a magic spell requires you be carrying the runes it requires and have the Magic level necesary to cast it.

Magic Interface

The Magic Interface is very simple. When your mouse moves over the spellbook in the menu bar, a small window pops up. By defualt, this will be set to 'Spells'. The other option is 'Prayers'. On the window there is a list of all the Spells in RuneScape. First the list states what level is required to cast the spell followed by the name of the spell. Black spells are ones you can't cast yet, White spells mean you have a high enough level to cast the spell, but not enough Runes, a Green spell is ready to be cast.
Below the Spell-list, there is an area which has a brief description of the spell and images of what Runes you need to cast the spell. Each image is followed by "x/y" where 'x' stands for how many of that Rune you have and 'y' stands for how many of the Rune you need to cast ths spell once. If you do not have enough Runes, the number will be red, if you DO have enough Runes to cast the spell, it will be in green.
To cast a spell, have the appropiate number of Runes and a high enough level. Click on the spell, then click what you wish to cast the spell on. What you can cast and cast on depends on your location and the type of spell.
  • Missle Spells: Cast almost anywhere on any attackable NPC. Cast on players in the Wilderness or while dueling.
  • Stat-lowering Spells: Cast almost anywhere on any attackable NPC. Also cast on players in the Wilderness or while dueling.
  • Enchantments: Cast on objects in inventory for Amulets. Cast on Obelisks for Charging Orbs.
  • Teleportation: Cast almost anwhere below level 20 Wilderness, cast only on yourself.
  • Telegrab: Cast on most items out of inventory, can't be Cast in Seer's Village party hall.
  • Alchemy: Cast on most items in inventory.

Spell Table by Fender00

Wind Strike 1 A Strength 1 Missile Attack 22 1 Air, 1 Mind
Confuse 3 Reduces your Opponents Attack by 5% 26 3 water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
Water Strike 5 A Strength 2 Missile Attack 30 1 Water 1 Air, 1 Mind
Enchant Level-1 Amulet 7 Enchants a Sapphire Amulet 35 1 Water, 1 Cosmic
Earth Strike 9 A strength 3 Missile Attack 38 2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Mind
Weaken 11 Reduces your Opponents Strength by 5% 42 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
Fire Strike 13 A Strength 4 Missile Attack 46 2 Air, 3 Fire, 1 Mind
Bones to Bananas 15 Changes all held Bones into Bananas 50 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature
Wind Bolt 17 A Strength 5 Missile Attack 54 2 Air, 1 Chaos
Curse 19 Reduces your Opponents defense by 5% 58 3 Water, 2 Water, 1 Body
Low level Alchemy 21 Converts an Item into Gold 62 3 Fire, 1 Nature
Water Bolt 23 A Strength 6 Missile Attack 66 2 Air, 2 Water, 1 Chaos
Varrock Teleport 25 Teleports you to Varrock703 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Law
Enchant Level-2 Amulet 27 Enchants an Emerald Amulet 74 3 Air, 1 Cosmic
Earth Bolt 29 A Strength 6 Missile Attack 78 2 Air, 3 Earth, 1 Chaos
Lumbridge Teleport 31 Teleports you to Lumbridge 82 3 Air, 1 Law, 1 Earth
Telekinetic Grab 33 Takes an Item which you cant Reach 86 1 Air, 1 Law
Fire Bolt 35 A Strength 8 Missile Attack 90 3 Air, 4 Fire, 1 Chaos
Falador Teleport 37 Teleports you to Falador 94 3 Air, 1 Law, 1 Water
Crumble Undead 39 Hits Skeletons, Ghosts and Zombies hard 98 2 Air, 1 Chaos, 2 Earth
Wind Blast 41 A Strength 9 Missile Attack 102 3 Air, 1 Death
Superheat Item 43 Smelt 1 ore without a Furnace 106 4 Fire, 1 Nature
Camelot Teleport 45 Teleports you to Camelot 110 5 Air, 1 Law
Water Blast 47 A Strength 10 Missile Attack 114 3 Air, 1 Death, 4 Earth
Enchant level-3 Amulet 49Enchants a Ruby Amulet 118 1 Cosmic, 5 Fire
Iban Blast 50 A Strength 25 Missile Attack 120 1 Death, 5 Fire
Ardounge Teleport 51 Teleports you to Ardounge1222 Law, 2 Water
Earth Blast53A Strength 11 Missile Attack1263 Air, 1 Death, 4 Earth
High level Alchemy55Converts an item into more Gold1305 Fire, 1 Nature
Charge Water orb56Cast on Water Obelisk13230 Water 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Enchant Level-4 Amulet57Enchants a Diamond Amulet1341 Cosmic, 10 Earth
Watchtower Teleport58Teleports you to the Watch Tower1362 Earth, 2 Law
Fire Blast59A Strength 12 Missile Attack1384 Air, 1 Death, 5 Fire
Charge Earth Orb60Cast on Earth Obelisk14030 Earth, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Wind Wave62A Strength 13 Missile Attack1445 Air, 1 Blood
Charge Fire orb63Cast on Fire Obelisk14630 Fire, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Water Wave65A Strength 14 Missile Attack1505 Air, 1 Blood, 7 Water
Charge Air orb66Cast on Air Obelisk15230 Air, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Vulnerability66Reduces your Opponents Defense by 10%1525 Earth, 5 Water, 1 Soul
Enchant Level-5 Amulet68Enchants a Dragonstone Amulet1561 Cosmic, 15 Earth, 15 Water
Earth Wave70A Strength 15 Missile Attack1605 Air, 7 Earth, 1 Blood
Enfeeble73Reduces your Opponents Strength by 10%1668 Earth, 8 Water, 1 Soul
Fire Wave75A Strength 16 Missile Attack1707 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood
Stun80Reduces your Opponents Attack by 10%18012 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul

Runescape Classic Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide


Fishing is one of the best money-makers in RuneScape, and also provides a good source of food if you have a high-enough fishing level, this is one of the most commonly used skills for people who sell food to Player-Killers and for people who train on high level monsters since fish heals alot.

Information Chart

The chart below gives information about the fishing stuff, such as exp gained, the item and bait you need, the place, and the name of the item that you are fishing.
ItemLevel NeededExperienceTool/BaitPlace
Shrimp110NetAny Sea
Sardine520Fishing Rod + BaitAny Sea
Herring1030Fishing Rod + BaitAny Sea
Anchovies1540NetAny Sea
Trout2050Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiver
Pike2560Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiver
Salmon3070Fly Fishing Rod + FeatherRiver
Tuna3580HarpoonCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guild
Lobster4090Lobster CageCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guild
Swordfish50100HarpoonCatherby Karamja Island Fishing guild
Boots (M)11Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Gloves (M)1 Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Casket (M)11Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Mackeral (M)1640Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Cod (M)2415-75Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Bass (M)4625-125Big NetCatherby Fishing guild
Lava Eel(M)5330Oily Fishing Rod + BaitLava in members dungeon past Blue Dragons
Shark (M)76110HarpoonCatherby
Sea Turtle (M)81(?)?N/ATrawler Only
Manta Ray (M)91(?)?N/ATrawler Only
Caskets are a rare find when fishing with a big net, they can be sold to other players for big money, or opened to find a random item, there are rumors of finding Rune 2-handers

Fishing Items

Net: Used for fishing Anchovies and Shrimp, may be bought in the fishing shops at Port Sarim and Catherby.
Fishing rod: Used for low-level fish (Sardine/Herring/pike), used with bait, both of which can be purchased at a fishing shop.
Fly fishing rod: Used for higher-level fish such as Trout and Salmon used with feathers. Buy the rod at a fishing shop and get the feathers from chickens.
Harpoon: Used for high-level fish such as Tuna, Swordfish, and Shark (M), this item may be bought in a fishing shop.
Lobster pot: Used for catching Lobsters, may be bought in fishing shop.
Big net (M): Used for catching Mackeral (M), Cod (M), and Bass(M), may be bought in any fishing shop.
Oily rod (M): A quest-only item used for catching lava-eel (M).

How to use every rod and get started

Using a Net: Buy a Net at the Fishing store in Port Sarim, then for a short walk go to the shore next to the Ice Giants Cave and click on the Fishing spot, marked by bubbles in the water, and you will automatically start fishing, if you managed to catch something it will say "You manage to catch (name of fish in here)" or if you fail it will say "You fail to catch anything". You can catch Shrimp and Anchovies with a net.

Using the Fishing Rod: Buy a Fishing Rod at Port Sarim and also bait, then for a short walk go to the shore next to the Ice Giant Cave and right click the Fishing spot and choose "Use Fishing Rod". You can catch Sardine and Heirring with a Fishing Rod.

Using the Fly Fishing Rod: Buy a Fly Fishing Rod at thePort Sarim Fishing store, buy some feathers or get them from chickens, then go to either Lumbridge or Barbarian Village and click on the Fishing spot. You can catch Salmon, Pike, and Trout with a Fly Fishing Rod.

Using the Lobster Pot: Buy a Lobster Pot at the Port Sarim fishing store and go to Karamja, there use it with the Fishing spot to catch lobsters.

Using the Harpoon: Buy a harpoon at the Port Sarim Fishing store and then go to Karamja and head to the docks, there use the Harpoon with the Fishing spot. You can catch Tuna and Swordfish, or if you are in the members servers you can catch a Shark with the Harpoon.

Using the Big Net: A Big Net can only be used in the members servers. First get a Big Net from either the Fishing Guild or the Catherby Fishing store, then, if you are not in Catherby, go to Catherby and find a big net Fishing spot, then use the Big Net with the fishing spot. You can catch alot of useless stuff like Boots, Gloves, and such,but you may also catch cool stuff like Clams and Bass, you can also catch big things like Sharks or on rare times a Casket.

Trawler Fishing

Now docked in port Khazard is a fishing trawler, and you can get part of the catch. The bad news is the trawler is leaky. Very leaky. You need a fishing level over 15 to catch anything, and you'll need 5 or more ropes and probably 100 swamp paste to get through the trip without sinking. Swamp paste is made from swamp tar, which can be found in great abundance south of Lumbridge. Swamp tar and everything you make from it is stackable, but untradable. Each swamp tar is a 2-6 stack of swamp tars. Swamp paste is made like this:
  1. Collect swamp tar, a lot of it.
  2. Use a pot of flour with each of your swamp tars to make Uncooked Swamp Paste. The fastest way to do this is to collect 28 pots, then go to the flour barrel in the Sinclair Mansion. Right-click the barrel and select the 'Get flour from' option, once all your pots are full use them on the swamp tar. Rotate your camera so you don't click NPCs or the wrong place too much.
  3. Use each uncooked swamp paste with a fire or fireplace (not a range) to make swamp pastes. There is a fireplace in the Sinclair Mansion, again rotate your camera. Also drop pots until the uncooked swamp pastes are right over the fireplace. You'll be able to make 40+ a minute this way.
Making swamp paste is very tedious and somewhat time consuming depending on how well you're able to make it. It does not give any fatigue or exp. However, in the process of timing myself to see which methods were quickest, I discovered racing your system clock is pretty intense... Now you can go talk to Murphy on the Khazard dock and go fishing.
Fishing, in this case, means keeping the ship from sinking. Leaks will spring out everywhere and the nets will occasionally be damaged. Once you have a full load, this is kind of a random period of time by the way, you'll appear on the dock. At the end of the dock are the nets, search one to get your catch (and recieve you exp). This process gives some fatigue.
If the ship sinks, which is entirely possible if you didn't bring enough swamp paste or try to make Murphy go back early, you'll lose two hits and must grab a 'floating barrel' to get back to Port Khazard. Once you've got a full catch Murphy will go back.
You'll catch all sorts of fish, largely based on your level. You'll get EXP when you search the nets after you have a full catch. You will catch a lot of trash like broken staves, damaged armor, broken arrows, and so forth.

Making Money with Fishing

Fishing is one of the best skills used to get money, since once you can start catching Lobsters and Swordfish and Sharks you can either make them certificates and sell them or sell them cooked to Player Killers and other persons who like to fight, Fishing is considered to be the best money making skill second only to Mining and Smithing in high levels.

Authors Opinion

Fishing is a great skill from which to get money, it takes a while to get to a good level specially since Fatigue came out, but in the end its worth the work.
This guide is Copyright 2003 Magnumkiller and is only to be posted in Evidocia and Runescape Hall, also the guide is made for use in the game of Runescape which is Copyright of Jagex Software.
Special thanks to: Jago, Winter!

Runescape Tips

RuneScape Tips

This page simply lists all kinds of tips that has been submitted to RSH by the members. If you'd like to submit tips youserlf, just post them in the topic at RSH forum. No submissions will be accepted trough any other way than on that topic.
Submit Tip (Registeration required)
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  • Always check the URL to make sure it's! - Mike
  • Jagex will never send you an email! - No W4y Out
  • Trust no-one in the Wilderness - Fender00
  • If someone says they are friends with a moderator, chances are they aren't. - Hawkin
  • It is impossible to get any item by changing your password to that items name. - Joshua 110
  • If some one threatens to ban you ingame unless you give them an item, its a scam. - Joshua 110
  • Runescape doesnt Censor your Password - AtomicBoss
  • Never type your RuneScape password into any website besides - polymorph316
  • Trust no one with any of your valuable items. You'll be suprised at which friends would scam you! - polymorph316


  • Beware of rip-offs. Always know the prices of items before bargin hunting. Paying 1000k for 1 coal isn't a scam. - MonkRX
  • If you are unsure about something, ask in the RuneScape Hall Message Board. - MonkRX
  • When Pking, bring alot of food, so you'll last longer! - Asteroids
  • an excellent way to make large ammounts of money after already having a decent ammount is marketing, buy low, sell high, make lots of money - snopro
  • Be ready to teleport in emergency situations on the Wilderness - Pima
  • There are no cheat codes in runescape. - Joshua 110
  • If you need cut saphires, there is a house in the wilderness that has a large supply. A 5 minute wait, as well as giant lvl 33 spiders may deter some. - Joshua 110
  • only bring 3 items and food into the wilderness - John XVII
  • Turn off Trade/Duel request while Pking. - AtomicBoss
  • A players name that has a silver crown, is a Player Mod - AtomicBoss
  • Use mind runes for training magic, use Chaos runes for Pking - AtomicBoss
  • Stocking Feathers and Rune Essence gets you a quick Penny - AtomicBoss
  • When fishing wait till you are 10 levels above what you want to catch till you try and fish it because it will be much faster. - hoz


  • The cow field just north of the wind mill is the best place to train ranging. - Joshua 110
  • The best way to Runecraft without hiring runners is by using Dragon Ammy to teleport to Al Kharid, bank, and then use Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Fire Rune Altar - bleucheese



A Short Introduction Of Runescape Combat Skills

You will find 8 combat levels. I will make a brief overview of each combat skill. Attack: This skill influences how accurate your character is utilizing a weapon. The attack skill enables a character to wield greater weapons. It will be the primary skill of a character. Runescape players have to level up attack skill immediately.

Strength: strength signifies the sum of damage your character can deliver with a weapon. Boosting your strength skill can raise the sum of damage you give. Quite a few weapons demand players to own a certain level strength to use. Defense: This skill raises your ability to dodge/block assaults. With this skill, you’ll be able to decrease damage from your foes. Metal armors demand players to have a high defence RS power level to wear.

Constitution: Constitution level is in the past called hit points of HP. Constitution level displays what amount of life points your character has got. The life points decide how much damage your character can take before death. Life points of your character means constitution level times 10. When the life points of your character fall to 0, you will die. Food can re-supply your life points and is often critical for survival.

Ranged: Getting a high level in ranged skill, gamers may use better bows as well as better armors. It seems like that ranged skill is the mixture of attack and strength. A higher level ranged skill enables you to hit with high accuracy.

Magic: With the help of magic skill, players can equip magic armor and cast spells. Maximizing the magic level, players can use better armors and have better accuracy with spells. Prayer: That is a self-support magic-ish skill. Players can pray to Runescape gods/Saradomin/ Guthix/Zamorak for aid in fights. Players can improve the stats by initiating a prayer.

Summoning: This particular skill is only available for p2p players. It won’t affect your combat level if you are a f2p gamer. Players could summon familiars using this skill. The familiars can guidance you out in battles by battling your opponents.

Players can generate numerous Runescape gold making good use of the combat skills.

You should get to know the aggressive Runescape monsters. Some monsters can only be attacked. But there are monsters that will attack players. You should get your character equipped with better weapons. If you can defeat the aggressive monster, you will be able to gain a lot of combat level. You should make out the combat level of the monster before you fight with it.

The Available Ways For You To Make Runescape Gold

Runescape is really a massively multi-player online role-playing game; it offers a fantasy world with ghosts, goblins as well as dragons. Players can combine runes with items and have it drive a high alchemy spell to make RS funds, which is the main virtual currency hanging around. And gold button can help you create Runescape gold in the game. And it can provide in many ways to finish the quests, educate skills and make RS money.

You could make Runescape gold by merchanting. You need to decide the type that you would perform, such as investing, flipping and price adjustment. You should predict the future price and buy the lower price items. On the base of future revisions and the change on the item, you can determine the price of an item. Once the price improves, you can sell items for a high price to produce RS money.

Crafting lets have the abilities to make items. And after that the players can get crafting experience by making precious metal buttons. Have a right click on the buttons within the inventory and select the “polish” option. You may get four experience factors for each polished key.

If you want to make Runescape precious metal by the price manipulation, you should make use of a group of players to manipulate the price regarding the items at the Grand Exchange. Buy every one of the commodity of the special product, making it not available to the others. Once the demand of the goods rise, you can sell your products to ensure Runescape gold.

And players can not trade the polished buttons, so they need to convert them into gold coins with high level alchemy. You need to have a fire staff, a nature rune and also the buttons. Equip the fire staff and cast positive aspects level alchemy spell on the buttons. They will likely turn into gold coin and you can achieve the wonder experience.



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