Runescape Classic Dwarf Cannon Quest Guide

Suggested itemsTeleportation runes to both Camelot and Falador are recommended, but not necessary.
RewardOne quest point and the ability to buy the dwarf cannon (more information on this at the bottom of the guide)

Start point: Coal Trucks West of McGrubbs Wood (you will have to cross the logs), speak to the Dwarf Commander 

When you talk to the dwarven commander, who can be found near a small house, he asks for your help in defending his mines. Say you will help. He will give you railing replacements, to replace damaged parts that the goblins have caused. Now, to the south, you will find railings, connecting the gates, head past the gates. You will have to find the broken railings to replace them. Failing to replace them, which rarely happens, results in losing about four health. One of these replacements is right to the east of the very eastern gate. The second is west of the eastern-most gate, and is against a wooden support log.

Another is a diagnal railing in between the second and third eastern gates. Another will be found to the west of the third eastern gate, and is up against a tree. If you head west you will note a grave in the shape of a cross. The railing east of that will need to be replaced, which should be right below a wooden support log. The last one that will need to be replaced will be the very northwestern one. You will have to go inside the gated area to fix this one.

Now, talk to the commander again. He will now ask you to head south, and check up on one of his guards in a watch tower. Just a little bit to the south (it will be a square-shaped building on the map) will be the watch tower. You will find the dwarven remains in the tower, which you must bring back to the commander. Now the commander says that Gilob's (the dead dwarf) son was with him. He will ask that you find the goblin hideout so you can bring his son back. Go back to the watch tower.

You will find goblin tracks, which, when you examine them, say they lead south east. Just follow the tracks. If you get lost, then simply go east of the fishing guild, where you will find a cave. Enter the cave. This is the goblin hideout, which is a bit of a maze. Take the northern route, and head west when you read a dead-end. Once you reach a dead-end in that direction, take a north, where you will find a room full of crates. Go to the north-western corner of the room and search one crate east of that one. You will find the dwarf child here, who goes off without you back to the dwarf base. Exit the caves by heading the way you came from, then climbing up the mudpile.

Now head back to the commander. He asks you to do him another favor, which is, to repair the dwarf cannon. He will give you some tools. Just head in the little building next to him, which was previously locked. Unless you're blind, you will see a huge cannon. Choose the option to inspect it. It will say that four different parts are broken, and will ask which you want to fix.

If it says you cannot find any problems, inspect it again. Try fixing each of these items, if you fail, try again. After it says that you have fixed each part, talk to the commander. He will now ask for one final favor, which will be to find out what kind of ammo the cannon uses. For this, you will need to go to the enterance of the dwarf mine. This is where your Falador teleporting runes will come in handy, if you brought them. If not, or if you can't cast the spell, then have fun walking.

When you arrive there, you will need to go through the dwarf mine house. There will be another door, leading to a fenced in area with dwarven engineers. Talk to one of them. He will give you a cannon ball mould and a note. Read the note, and learn a bit more about this ammo used for the steel cannon. Take the mould and note back to the dwarven commander. If you brought Camelot teleport runes, then this is where they will become valuable. When you talk to him, you will lose the mould and the notes. Though you have now completed the quest!

Reward: One quest point and the ability to buy a dwarf cannon. To buy the cannon, talk to the dwarven engineer. He can sell you the full cannon for 750,000 (which includes all the pieces) or each piece for 200,000 each (remember there are four pieces, so you only want to do that if you lost a few of the pieces). You can also buy a manual here, which tells you more about the cannon, and you may also buy the cannon mould, to make the ammo.

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