Runescape Classic Fight Arena Quest Guide

RequirementsAble to kill a level 58 ogre, a level 46 giant scorpion, and a Bouncer level 122.
Suggested itemsFood (Lobsters will do), and your best equipment.
Reward2 quest points, 1000 gold, about 8000 theiving experience and some combat experience.

By: Guide by NoW4yOut
Quest Start: Talk to Lady Servil, who is located South of the clock tower in Ardounge next to a broken cart. She tells you that her husband and son have been kidnapped by Khazard's men.

Khazard Armour: Go west until you see some houses outside the arena. Find the one with the Khazard cupboard and search it. You will get Khazard Chainmail and Khazard medium helmet.

Put on the Khazard armour and head towards the arena. Use the south entrance (the one with the walkway with fences at each side), and talk to the guard by the cells. After you have spoken with the guard, exit the arena and find the pub, which is near the house with the khazard armour. Talk to the barman and ask for a Khali Brew (it's free) then head back to the guard.

Speak again to the guard and give him the Khali Brew. He will drink it and feel sleepy. He will ask you to look after the cells and give's you the key, right before he fall's asleep.

Jeremy: He is at the other side of the arena, go around and talk to him. You use the keys to let him out, and he will tell you his father has been taken to the arena. He will go to help his father.
Go the arena entrance and walk inside. Talk to Jeremy again and he will say his Dad is being attacked by an ogre, and that you must help him. Attack the ogre(level 58) after you have killed it you will be taken to a jail cell.

Hengrad: Talk to Hengrad and he will talk about how long he has been in the cell, after this he will tell you that a guard is coming and that one of you is to fight in the arena again. And guess what, it's you.
Giant Scorpion: You will be taken to the arena, and your first opponent will be a level 46 Giant Scorpion. Kill the scorpion, you can run and eat if you need to.

Bouncer: The Bouncer is a hellhound and is level 122. This one might require you to run and eat. Kill the bouncer and General Khazard will appear.

General Khazard: After he appears, General Khazard (level 100) should attack you. You can either run (he wont re attack) or stay and kill him.

Claiming your reward: Go back to Lady Servil, and she will tell you her husband and son are resting at home. She will thank you and give you a reward.