Runescape Classic Hero's Quest Guide

RequirementsYou need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it. You must also defeat the Ice Queen (who is over level 100).
Suggested itemsPossibly prayer items for Ice Queen. Food, of course. Anti-dragonbreath shield would be good to have.
RewardAccess to hero guild, 1 quest point, 0-1 herblaw levels, 0-1 fishing levels, and 0-1 cooking levels. The hero guild has a fountain where you can charge your dragon stone amulet, buy a dragon battle axe, and mine at various rocks in the basement.  

You need 53 quest points to even start the quest, 50 mining for 1/3 of it, a friend of the opposite gang that you are (eg. if u are black arm they need to be Phoenix) for 1/3 of it, and 53 fishing and cooking and 25 herblaw for the last 1/3 of it.

To start this quest talk to the lady outside the hero's guild and tell her you are a hero, she will tell you to prove yourself u must get her 3 items: A fire feather, a master thief's armband, and a fire eel (there is no order u have to follow in getting them).

I'll start with the Master thieves armband. Phoenix member: Talk to Straven about the master thieves armband, he tells you to get it you must steal Pete's candlestick from the black arm gang, he also tells you of an associate in Brimhaven where Pete's house is, and the password: gherkin.Grab a bow and some arrows and head to Karamja, get the key from your black arm friend (explained in black arm part) and talk to the bartender, be sure to mention the password, and go into the kitchen, the cook will tell you of a secret panel, push it and go through the yard into the other building and use the key on the door to the small room. Now range gherkin and go get the candlestick from your friend.Then talk to Straven again and get your armbandBlack Arm: talk to your leader and she will tell you that to get your armband you will have to steal scar face Pete's armband, she will also give you I. D. papers.

Now grab full black (large, plate, and legs) and head to Brimhaven. Go into Scarface Pete's mansion where you will be stopped, show your I.D. papers and you will be allowed to pass and given a key, give this to your Phoenix gang friend. Now have your friend range the guard named Grip, he will drop some keys, use these keys to get into the treasure room where you will find the candlesticks. Give one to your friend and take one back to your leader to get the armband.

Now for the fire feather, to pick up the feather u must get ice gloves from the ice queen. (bring a pickaxe when getting this) Go to the wolf mountain and normally where you would go south to Catherby go north and walk along between the cliffs until you see the rock slide, use your pickaxe with it to get through. now go around north past the ice warriors until u get to 3 ladders, take the one farthest north, walk through the dungeon past the ice warriors and up the ladder. You will be now on top of another plateau with ice giants, and 3 more ladders, again take the ladder that is farthest north, then go through the dungeon until u get to a ladder up. Go down the only ladder on the plateau you find yourself on. You will now be in the ice queen's throne room (ice queen is level 103. Once you kill the ice queen she will drop the ice gloves, take these to Entrana and kill the firebird (in the north forest area) it will drop a fire feather, pick it up (you **MUST** be wearing the ice gloves to be able to pick up the feather).

Now for the cooked eel. Talk to the owner of the fish shop in port Sarim and ask about the fire eel, he will give you some snail slime to put in a potion.Put some harralandar in a filled vial and add the slime to the vial to make the oil you need (this takes 25 herblaw) then use the oil with a REGULAR FISHING ROD to make an oily fishing rod. Now grab an anti-dragon shield (you can get from duke of Lumbridge even if u did drag. quest), your oily fishing rod, and some fishing bait and head to the huge members dungeon south of Tavelry. Make your way through the dungeon until you get to the lava-pits.

Go north past the bridge to the black knight area, kill a jailor to get jail keys and use them to get into the jail cell with the man in it, talk to the man and he will give you a dusty key. Now head back up to the lava pits, over both bridges past the demons and use the dusty key on the door to the blue dragon room. Go past the blue dragons until you get where the black demons respawn. Near here you will find a fishing area, fish with your oily fishing rod until you get an eel (more than one would be good, but i have a feeling you cant burn them). Now go back to the surface and cook the eel.

Finally once you have all 3 ingredients: armband, feather, cooked eel. Talk again to the girl outside the hero guild to get your reward.

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