Runescape Classic Legend's Quest Guide

Requirements52 mining, 50 crafting, 50 strength, 50 woodcutting, 42 prayer, 50 agility, 50 smithing, 50 thieving, 45 herblaw, 59 magic (from family crest), 107 quest points, hero's quest, family crest quest, underground pass quest and waterfall quest completed.
Suggested itemsRune pickaxe, 1 soul rune, 1 mind rune, 2 law runes, 33 water runes, 3 earth runes, 1 body rune, 3 cosmic runes, 1 uncharged orb, 1 cut diamond, 1 cut ruby, 1 cut emerald, 1 cut sapphire, 1 cut opal, 1 cut red topaz, 1 cut jade, 2 bars of gold, hammer, lockpick, snake weed, adringall, water filled vial, rune hatchet.
RewardYou can choose a skill to get experience in (the amount is dependent on the current lvl of the skill) 4 times. Also you get access to the Legends Guild, where, among others, you can buy a white cape, and half of the dragon square.

By: Guide by Hvkasteren

Make sure you have finished the shilo village quest, since it has a bank close to the new quest area, and you'll need that if you don't want to walk back to the main land often (it is required to get 107 quest points at the moment, but that could change when new quests are released).

Talk to one of the guards at the legends guild gate. They'll tell you you need to do a quest to gain access, and to talk to sir radimus erckle. He's in the small building inside the gates. He'll tell you that to gain access you need to map the jungle in the south of karamja and get a souvenir from the locals. He'll give you a scroll and a machette.

Go to karamja and head to the small village just inside the jungle. Buy at least 3 papyrus and 1 charcoal there (more are advised, since you can lose them while mapping). Now continue to the far south of the jungle. You'll come across an area closed off by mountains and plants. use the machette on the plants to gain access to the area. Go to the far east or west of the area, and read the scroll. When you get options, choose map. Now start walking to the other side of the area, and after a while read the scroll again and map again. Continue on to the other side of the area, and map the last piece.

Now leave the area again and use the scoll on one of the forresters just outside it. He'll give you a bullroarer. Go back inside the area, and use the bullroarer. Keep using it until Gujuo appears. He'll tell you that to become friends with the natives, you need to gather them around a totem, but unfortunately all totems are corrupted by evil. You'll have to make a new one, and you'll need to make it from a special tree. There is a shaman that can give you seeds for the tree. He can be found in a cave hidden by 3 rocks in a triangle setting at the north side of the area. Search the rocks to find the way down. Inside investigate the flamewall and the guy inside will tell you you need pure water to get through (along with a lot of nonsense). Go back outside, and swing the bullroarer to talk to gujuo again. Ask him everything and he'll give you a sketch of the item needed to hold the pure water. Get 2 gold bars and use them on an anvil (while the scroll is in your inventory) and you'll be able to make a glod bowl. Talk to Gujuo again and he'll help you enchant the bowl. Now go to the small patch of water in the center of the area and use the machette on a piece of reed. Use the reed you get on the water. Go back to the cave. Use the pure water on the wall of fire to go inside it(might need to do that a couple of times to get inside if you do it in the wrong place). Use a weaken spell on the shaman, and he'll tell you to get a book from deaper in the cave.

Search the bookcases until you find the one that lets you crawl through a hole. Use a lockpick on the doors you find inside. When you get through, use your pickaxe on the boulders to get past them. Try to push open the gate that lies behind the boulders. When you get through continue on past the lvl 80 bats, until you come to a wall that you have to jump over. Now you need to use runes on the ancient wall. Use them in this sequence: soul rune, mind rune, earth rune, law rune, law rune. In the cave you enter use a cut diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal, red topaz and jade on the spikes in the lakes. Try them on a spike until it appears above it for a while. When you place the final gem, you'll get a book, the Book of Binding. Go back to the cave. Now you need to use the book on the shaman, but before you do that, make sure you are ready for the fight. Once you use the book on him you'll have to fight a lvl 172 demon that will vanish if you run and will drain most of your prayer (silverlight helps). Once you beat the demon the shaman is freed and will give you a fire pass and the needed seeds. Use holy water on the seeds to germinate them (the bowl will be empty after this). Use the pass on the fire to get out.

Go outside and try to fill the bowl again (same method as before). It'll tell you that the pool has dried up. Use the bullroarer and talk to Gujuo again. He'll tell you to find the source of the water deep into the cave, and tell you you need a potion from snake weed and adringal. He'll tell you where to find them (they are the same places as in the jungle potion quest). Make the potion. Now you need to go back to the place you used the gems. Be sure to take the items needed for a fight before you go, since you'll have to redo stuff if you get out later. Use a charge orb spell on the gate (any charge orb spell will work). Now smash open the barrels, until you get a rope. Drink the potion, and use the rope on the wooden thing at the hole. Climb down. When you get to the new room, don't go down the stairs yet, but try to pick up the wizards hat. A ghost will appear that will tell you that you have prooven your courage, and that you need to prove your strength. You do this by fighting the monsters in the cave.

Go down the stairs, and fight one of the monsters at the end (lvl 120). Beat it to get a crystal. Go further in the cave, and fight one of the lvl 125 creatures, and get the crystal from him too. Repeat this with the lvl 130 creature at the end of the cave. Now go to the north of the cave (past the walls) and find a lava furnace. Use all 3 pieces on the furnace, and you'll get a heart shaped crystal. Now look at you're minimap. The walls in this area look like a dragon's head. Go to the eye of the dragon and use the crystal on the rocks there. The crystal will become powered. Now go to the end of the cave and use the powered crystal on the cave mouth. After doing that, go through it and go past the lesser demons.

Try moving one of the boulders near the water. A ghost will appear and ask you to kill the ghost at the top of the stairs. Agree to do that, and you'll get a dark dagger. Go to the other ghost (pick up the hat) and attack him. He'll die instantly. Go back to the boulders. Now prepare for the next big fight. When you try to move a boulder the ghost will appear, and turn into the lvl 172 demon. This time he drains all prayer. Defeat the demon. Once the demon is gone, move all 3 the boulders. Go back outside.

Get some pure water. Now find a patch of fertile soil, and use the seeds on it. A tree will start to grow. It'll ask for pure water a couple of times. When it is big enough, quickly use your hatchet on it. The tree will fall down. Use your hatchet on the fallen tree. Use your hatchet again on the trimmed tree to turn it into a totem. Pick up the totem (it will temporarily drain your strength). Now prepare for the last fight.

You need to replace one of the infected totems with the one you just made. As soon as you try to replace the totem, you'll have to fight the lvl 120, 125 and 130 creatures and the lvl 172 demon in a row. The demon will not drain full prayer this time, but will still take a lot. Once you have defeated all of them, replace the corrupted totem with the new one (you might need to try it a few times. Sometimes it won't replace it). Gujuo will appear and thank you. You'll get a gilded totem pole. Go back to the legends guild, and use the map on Radimus Erckle. Nect use the totem on him, and you'll be allowed to enter the guild. Go into the other building and talk to Radimus again. Congratulations, you have finished the quest.


This Quest is easier in RuneScape than in RuneScape classic, as you will be able to eat and use potions while fighting the Demon. The Quest is basically the same except some of the levels of the enemies are different under the new combat system. The three ghosts you have to fight to get the crystals are now Level 96, 100, and 106. The big black demon is level 187.

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