Runescape Classic Digsite Quest Guide

RequirementsLevel 10 Herblaw, level 10 agility.
Suggested itemsGloves and boots. A cup of tea, a pestle and mortar, A vial. Sleeping bag, possibly a weapon, and a tinderbox.
Reward2 quest points, some mining XP, herblaw XP, two bars of gold.

Go out the EAST gate of Varrock, there is a fence in front of you. Follow it SOUTH until you reach a gate. Go through the gate and head EAST until you see some buildings. These buildings are the Education Center. Go inside and speak to the Expert to get a general idea of what you're doing. Then look for the Examiner and talk to her to start the quest.

The Examiner
The Examiner will tell you that in order to dig in the digsite, you must pass the appropriate Earth Sciences tests. In order to take the test you need a stamped letter from the Curator of the Varrock Museum. He can be found either in the Varrock museum or the northern most end of the digsite (the digsite is north of the education center, you can get in easiest by following the stream). While you're there, search cupboards in the Educational center until you find a rock pick. Hold onto it for later. Also search the book cases until you find a book about chemicals. Read over it and save it.

Rock Samples
Use the letter on the Curator to get it stamped. Take it back to the Examiner, but do not attempt the test. You can't do the test unless you've studied. Then go into the digsite and look for the students. There are three students, one girl and two guys. Speak to all three of them, speak to them twice to get details of where they lost their samples. The girl lost her's in the bushes around the giant Urns north of the Education center. Search the bushes around there to find it. One of the guy's dropped his in the stream, pick up the panning tray in the big tent. Give a cup of tea to the Panning Guide to get permission to pan. Use the pan on the panning points, then search the pan and repeat until you find the rock sample. Finally, pick-pocket workmen until you find the third rock sample. Use the samples on their respective students, then ask each one for help on the exam. Write down what they tell you.

The Exams:
Go to the Examiner and ask to do the test, use the answers the Students gave you (you MUST speak to the students in order to answer correctly). The Examiner will give you a certificate of education and a trowel, give the certificate to the Curator to get it out of the way. Go back to the students and ask for more help, write down the answers and repeat the process. Go back to the students and ask for more help, the two guys will tell you the answers but the girl wants an opal before she'll help you. Opals can be found in abundance in the long rectangular level-1 digsite. Give her the opal and write down the answer. Go to the Examiner and pass the final exam, give the certificate(s) to the Curator. Then pick-pocket Work Men until you get a specimen brush for level-3 digs. You can now dig anywhere you want (with the proper tools, gloves, and boots).

The dig:
Dig around the level-3 sites until you find an 'Talisman of Zaros'. Take the items back to the Center and use them with the Expert. He'll be so impressed he'll give you a letter saying he'll let you use the winch into the private dig area. Use it with a workman, then pickpocket workmen until you get 2 coils of rope. Go North on the Eastern side of the digsite until you see a winch. Use a rope with the winch, then use the winch. Beg from the workmen down in the mine shaft until one gives you a key for the locked chest in the big tent.

The Explosive Compound Ingredients:
Now go search the sacks directly north of the second winch to get a 'specimen jar'. Now go south, then east until you see another winch. Use the rope on it and then use it. Look for 'Arcenia Root' and search the bricks you find down there. Now go back out and head south to the big tent. There is a chest there, use the key from the workman to open it, then search it to get an unidentified powder. Now use the specimen jar on the specimen trays until you find an iron dagger and a piece of charcoal. Use the charcoal with the pestle and mortar to make ground up charcoal. Then look at the barrels with red X's on them. Use tools with them until one is opened, then use the vial on one to get 'unidentified liquid'.

Making The Compound:
Use the unidentified powder and liquid with the Expert. The powder is Ammonium Nitrate and the Liquid is Nitroglycerin. Use the Ammonium with the Nitroglycerin, then use the Charcoal with the 'foul potion' that results, then add the Arcenia root to make the Explosive Compound. Go back to the bricks down the winch, use the compound with the bricks then use the tinderbox with the bricks.

The explosion will clear the bricks and let you into the inner chamber. There are some level 21 skeletons here, not really a threat but they get in the way. Go into the room and pick up the stone tablet in the center. Leave. Make fun of Zaros' weak skellys before you go.

The End:
Go back to the expert and use the stone tablet with him, then you will receive your reward!

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