Runescape Classic Fishing Competition Guide

RequirementsLevel 10 fishing
Suggested itemsGarlic, a spade, and a regular fishing rod.
Reward1 quest point and use of the tunnel that bypasses wolf mountain. 

Start out by talking to one of the dwarves at either end of the dwarf tunnel (small buildings to the east and west of wolf mountain, they will tell you they want a golden trophy and you have to win the fishing contest to get it. they also give you a pass to get into the fishing contest.

Now go to the fishing arena north of the fishing guild. Talk to Grandpa Jack and he tells you about the red vine worms that carps like best (thats what fish you will be catching) to get them go north to Mc'Grubber's Woods and enter through the loose fence. Use your spade on the vines on the ground to get some red vine worms (4 or 5 is enough) then go back down the fishing arena and talk to Morris to enter the competition.

Go over to the pipes and rub garlic on them. That drives the sinister stranger away so you can take his spot. Take his spot and get some giant carp (the only thing you CAN catch) and you will win the competition, go