Runescape Classic Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

RequirementsLevel 5 Fishing
Suggested items1 raw sardine, 100 gp, 1 bucket of milk, 1 doogle leaf.
RewardA kitten that you can nurse, 1 quest point, chocolate cake, meat and potato stew.

By: Guide by Hvkasteren
Talk to gertrude in the house just south of Juliets. She'll tell you that her cat is missing, and she can't search for it because she needs to look after her children. She'll tell you that Shilop or Wilough have seen the cat last. Talk to either of them and they'll tell you that the cat followed them to the mill east of the Jolly boar inn if you pay them 100 gp.

You'll need to find a gap in the fence to get in. Look for a hole on the east of the buildings on the minimap. Find the ladder going up. If you go up twice you''ll find the cat. If you try to pick up the cat it'll tell you that it's thirsty. Give it a bucket of milk. If you try to pick it up again it'll tell you it's hungry. Use a doogle leaf (found behind Gertrude's house) on a raw sardine to make seasoned sardine. Give that to the cat. If you try to pick it up, it'll say it's scared, and that you hear sounds of other cats. Search the barrels outside south-west of the buildings to find the kittens. Use the kittens on the cat, and the cat will run home. Talk to gertrude again, and you'll have finished the quest.

Once you have the Kitten, it will take about an hour for it to grow into an adult cat. When it "Miaow"s you should give it a bucket of milk and stroke it. Once its grown all the way up you can take it to the "Civilian" in West Ardougne near the entrance to the Underground Pass and sell it for 25 death runes. You can then go buy another kitten from Gertrude for 100 gold pieces.

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