Runescape Classic Magic Guide

Magic Guide

Basic Magic

In RuneScape, Magic is driven by the use of Magical Runes. Which are stackable, stone tablets. They bear a symbol indicating what kind of Rune they are. Casting a magic spell requires you be carrying the runes it requires and have the Magic level necesary to cast it.

Magic Interface

The Magic Interface is very simple. When your mouse moves over the spellbook in the menu bar, a small window pops up. By defualt, this will be set to 'Spells'. The other option is 'Prayers'. On the window there is a list of all the Spells in RuneScape. First the list states what level is required to cast the spell followed by the name of the spell. Black spells are ones you can't cast yet, White spells mean you have a high enough level to cast the spell, but not enough Runes, a Green spell is ready to be cast.
Below the Spell-list, there is an area which has a brief description of the spell and images of what Runes you need to cast the spell. Each image is followed by "x/y" where 'x' stands for how many of that Rune you have and 'y' stands for how many of the Rune you need to cast ths spell once. If you do not have enough Runes, the number will be red, if you DO have enough Runes to cast the spell, it will be in green.
To cast a spell, have the appropiate number of Runes and a high enough level. Click on the spell, then click what you wish to cast the spell on. What you can cast and cast on depends on your location and the type of spell.
  • Missle Spells: Cast almost anywhere on any attackable NPC. Cast on players in the Wilderness or while dueling.
  • Stat-lowering Spells: Cast almost anywhere on any attackable NPC. Also cast on players in the Wilderness or while dueling.
  • Enchantments: Cast on objects in inventory for Amulets. Cast on Obelisks for Charging Orbs.
  • Teleportation: Cast almost anwhere below level 20 Wilderness, cast only on yourself.
  • Telegrab: Cast on most items out of inventory, can't be Cast in Seer's Village party hall.
  • Alchemy: Cast on most items in inventory.

Spell Table by Fender00

Wind Strike 1 A Strength 1 Missile Attack 22 1 Air, 1 Mind
Confuse 3 Reduces your Opponents Attack by 5% 26 3 water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
Water Strike 5 A Strength 2 Missile Attack 30 1 Water 1 Air, 1 Mind
Enchant Level-1 Amulet 7 Enchants a Sapphire Amulet 35 1 Water, 1 Cosmic
Earth Strike 9 A strength 3 Missile Attack 38 2 Earth, 1 Air, 1 Mind
Weaken 11 Reduces your Opponents Strength by 5% 42 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
Fire Strike 13 A Strength 4 Missile Attack 46 2 Air, 3 Fire, 1 Mind
Bones to Bananas 15 Changes all held Bones into Bananas 50 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature
Wind Bolt 17 A Strength 5 Missile Attack 54 2 Air, 1 Chaos
Curse 19 Reduces your Opponents defense by 5% 58 3 Water, 2 Water, 1 Body
Low level Alchemy 21 Converts an Item into Gold 62 3 Fire, 1 Nature
Water Bolt 23 A Strength 6 Missile Attack 66 2 Air, 2 Water, 1 Chaos
Varrock Teleport 25 Teleports you to Varrock703 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Law
Enchant Level-2 Amulet 27 Enchants an Emerald Amulet 74 3 Air, 1 Cosmic
Earth Bolt 29 A Strength 6 Missile Attack 78 2 Air, 3 Earth, 1 Chaos
Lumbridge Teleport 31 Teleports you to Lumbridge 82 3 Air, 1 Law, 1 Earth
Telekinetic Grab 33 Takes an Item which you cant Reach 86 1 Air, 1 Law
Fire Bolt 35 A Strength 8 Missile Attack 90 3 Air, 4 Fire, 1 Chaos
Falador Teleport 37 Teleports you to Falador 94 3 Air, 1 Law, 1 Water
Crumble Undead 39 Hits Skeletons, Ghosts and Zombies hard 98 2 Air, 1 Chaos, 2 Earth
Wind Blast 41 A Strength 9 Missile Attack 102 3 Air, 1 Death
Superheat Item 43 Smelt 1 ore without a Furnace 106 4 Fire, 1 Nature
Camelot Teleport 45 Teleports you to Camelot 110 5 Air, 1 Law
Water Blast 47 A Strength 10 Missile Attack 114 3 Air, 1 Death, 4 Earth
Enchant level-3 Amulet 49Enchants a Ruby Amulet 118 1 Cosmic, 5 Fire
Iban Blast 50 A Strength 25 Missile Attack 120 1 Death, 5 Fire
Ardounge Teleport 51 Teleports you to Ardounge1222 Law, 2 Water
Earth Blast53A Strength 11 Missile Attack1263 Air, 1 Death, 4 Earth
High level Alchemy55Converts an item into more Gold1305 Fire, 1 Nature
Charge Water orb56Cast on Water Obelisk13230 Water 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Enchant Level-4 Amulet57Enchants a Diamond Amulet1341 Cosmic, 10 Earth
Watchtower Teleport58Teleports you to the Watch Tower1362 Earth, 2 Law
Fire Blast59A Strength 12 Missile Attack1384 Air, 1 Death, 5 Fire
Charge Earth Orb60Cast on Earth Obelisk14030 Earth, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Wind Wave62A Strength 13 Missile Attack1445 Air, 1 Blood
Charge Fire orb63Cast on Fire Obelisk14630 Fire, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Water Wave65A Strength 14 Missile Attack1505 Air, 1 Blood, 7 Water
Charge Air orb66Cast on Air Obelisk15230 Air, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered Orb
Vulnerability66Reduces your Opponents Defense by 10%1525 Earth, 5 Water, 1 Soul
Enchant Level-5 Amulet68Enchants a Dragonstone Amulet1561 Cosmic, 15 Earth, 15 Water
Earth Wave70A Strength 15 Missile Attack1605 Air, 7 Earth, 1 Blood
Enfeeble73Reduces your Opponents Strength by 10%1668 Earth, 8 Water, 1 Soul
Fire Wave75A Strength 16 Missile Attack1707 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood
Stun80Reduces your Opponents Attack by 10%18012 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul

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