Runescape Classic The Quest for The Holy Grail

RequirementsMust have completed Merlin's Crystal Must defeat a lvl-126 Black Knight Titan
Suggested itemsYour armor and a weapon. It might also be wise to bring potions and teleportation runes. A prayer level of thirty-six would eliminate the need for potions or runes.
RewardA heap of prayer xp.

Talk to King Arthur, he will send you to Merlin. It seems the holy grail has entered the RuneScape world. Go talk to Merlin (on 2nd floor, you can't miss him) He will tell you to go talk to Brother Galahad who knows more about the grail. Talk to Brother Galahad (west of Mc'Grubbers wood)

Now go to Entrana Island, and into the church there. Talk to high priest of Entrana. He will tell you he doesn't care about the grail, but somone named "crone" will tell you what to do. Talk to him about all the options, then go to Brother Galahad again and he will give you a cloth. Now go to the top floor of Dranyor Manor and pick up 2 whistles. Now normally you would blow the whistle at each of the 6 monkey heads, but I'll simplify it for you and just tell you where the point of realm crossing is.

It is in Brimhaven Woods, a new area. The place you are looking for is south-east of the large building in Brimhaven. It is a small fenced in area with a candlestick in it. Once you get to the area blow your magic whistle and you will be transported to the Fisher King's realm. To get farther you will need to kill a lvl 146 black knight titan. Search for, and kill him. Then look around and you will see a "fisherman" he has an orange shirt and a white beard, ask him if there is a way into the castle, he tells you about bells. Go back to the castle and you will find a bell, ring it and you will be transported into the castle, talk to the fisher kings, use all options. Then use "you dont look so good" he will tell you his son is missing. Blow the whistle and you will be transported back to Brimhaven.

Now go to Camelot and talk to King Arthur again, he will tell you that if you blow a magic feather it will point to where the Fisher King's son is. You blow it and it points east, to save you searching his son is in goblin villiage (prod sacks til u find him). He will pop out, tell him his father wants to talk to him and give him your other whistle. Now go back to brimhaven to the spot and blow your whistle again. You will again be transported to the Fisher King's realm, however everything is now alive.

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