First Steps to Making Gold in Runescape

You Must Be Bananas…

Your first steps to making GP There are a variety of ways to make small amounts of money in a short space of time. I would encourage you to walk around Lumbridge and to get the feel of the community. Speak to some members. Try and sell off your starting gear. Walk around and start killing goblins around Lumbridge. Of course keep the items you need to kill the goblins. Once you have the 30GP clear out your inventory so that all you have is the 30GP. Quickly head over to Port Sarim. There will be a man dressed in blue standing near the dock. It will cost you 30GP sail to the island of Karjama. Upon arriving at the dock you should see a house. Inside the house there will be a man named Luthas. Talk to him and reply yes to start the banana picking quest.

Pick the bananas, put them in the crate, and then talk to Luthas to collect your easily earned 30 GP. The beauty of this is that you can keep asking him to do the same job again. You will soon very quickly be getting sums of 30GP, and I would recommend you keep at this job until you have 2000-3000GP. Remember that my recommendations come from personal experience. You can settle for less money, but I have found that it will be worth your while to get at least 2000GP, and no more than 3000GP.

Chicken Carnage…

Chicken feathers are one of the few items which have constantly been in demand. Feathers are used all the time by members who want to increase their fletching level, and those that need it simply for making arrows. For this reason, feathers will ALWAYS be in demand by existing and new members to Runescape.

Chickens can be found anywhere, but try and choose a good chicken spawn point, and begin your slaughter fest from there. By doing the Chef’s quest to collect an egg, you will become familiar with a good chicken spawn point All you have to do is kill the chickens and pick up the feathers which are dropped. Your bog standard chicken will drop anything from 5 to 15 feathers. Keep killing, keep collecting, and once you have amassed a few thousand feathers, sell them off.

Do not sell your feathers for anything less than 5GP! Feathers are in demand, and if you find a real Fletcher or marksman who is serious about their trade, then you will be able to sell feathers in the free world for at least 5GP each. In member’s world, you should be able to sell each feather for up to 10GP each! This is a fantastic way of gaining money in the game. Just think about it, it should take you at the most 20 minutes to kill about 200 chickens. Provided that they drop 5-15 feathers each (lets take an average of 10 feathers), and you sell each feather for 5GP, you will make an astounding 10,000 GP! And remember, this is provided you sell your feathers for 5GP each – many players, particularly from the member’s worlds, will pay up to 10GP per feather! While you’re at it, I suggest you also try and get bargain by buying other players feathers for no more than 3GP each. Many players underestimate the value of feathers, so don’t be afraid to buy feathers, because you know there are players who will pay at least 5GP each. Once you get enough money, you should be able to pull out of the manual feather collection altogether, and focus on buying feathers off inexperienced players and selling them off to players you know will pay you good money for it.

You can also use the forums to sell your feathers. This is a great way to get in touch with players who need it most. I suggest you post in the fletching section of the Runescape forums, and offer your feathers there. If anyone is interested, you can take down their username and contact them in the game to make a deal.

Rune Essence Extravaganza…

You must first complete the ‘Rune Mystery Quest’ in order to be able to mine Rune Essence. If you haven’t already done this quest, you can start it by talking to the King in Lumbridge Castle. Once you have completed the quest, you may teleport to the Rune Essence Mines. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Varrock Rune Shop, which is located south of the west bank. Here you can talk to Aubury, upon which he will teleport you to the mines. Mine the Essence until your inventory is full. Head back to the bank, deposit, and then go back to the mines to mine more Essence. Repeat this until you have a large bulk amount of Rune Essence.

The going price for Rune Essence is anything from 20-40GP. Try and sell it for as high as possible, in the largest bulk as you can. Once you have made enough money, you can use the same tactics discussed in the feather section to buy it cheaper off some players, and sell it for a greater price to others in order to make profit.

There are other ways in order to make money when you start out, but the best and only ways you should do this is through collecting and selling bananas, feathers and rune essence. Once you have made a few thousand it will be time to abandon manually collecting these or any other items, as you should purely focus on buying low and selling high. Even if you want to continue selling feathers and rune essence, focus on buying and selling rather than collecting and selling.

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