Make Millions Of Runescape GP (Gold)

After much hard (and well earned) work, you should have some 50,000-70,000GP depending on how much time you put into your work and how efficiently you performed in the task. You may have become tired with running back and forth from one place to another, but the more money you have, the more rapidly it will expand.

Everyone starts from somewhere, and the more you work, the easier it gets. You now have enough money to start investing into some serious buying and selling. The more money you have, the bigger the trades you can complete. The art of buying and selling relies on a principle of buying low and selling high. Mind you, remember not to ask for the lowest prices when buying, and the highest prices when selling, as this can cost you valuable time. So overall, you should continue with what was suggested before, but this time dealing with greater trades by buying and selling in greater numbers.

I mentioned using banknotes before, and I will go through their effectiveness by using the example of selling lobsters again. This time, you can make even more money by utilising the banknote feature to sell in greater numbers.

While making your trip to Karjama to buy lobsters, start enquiring into lobster notes as well. Many people there will sell their notes for 150-200GP each. By walking around the market, you can find some selling for the lowest market price, and the other for the highest. This is natural, and it is where you will come in to make some money. Go and buy the lowest price you can find, and then go to the other side and sell for slightly less. So if you bought 100 notes for 150GP each you could easily sell them for 200GP each in another world or even further down in the market. This gives you an instant profit of 5000GP. This obviously varies depending on how much you buy and sell, but because it’s so quick and easy, you could be effortlessly making a few thousand more. Using this technique, begin to expand. Depend on the principle of selling what you have, and not holding on to your stock for the future, as the price may become less than what you previously bought. Never settle for the same amount. If you want to expand, you will have to start thinking big. Once you have 500,000, begin to buy as many notes as you can.

The more you buy, the more you sell, and the more you sell, the higher the profit. Using this same technique I bought 10,000 lobsters for 150GP each, costing me 1,500,000. I then went on to sell them for 250GP each, giving me a total profit of 1 Million GP! There is no limit to where you can go, but don’t expect to sell your entire load to one person. You will either have to have a series of serious buyers, or knowledge of the market and that there will be many people to buy off you. Luckily, this is nearly always the case, and right about now is the time to make serious money in Runescape, before this information reaches out more Runescape players!

This principle of buying and selling means any player can do it, and that you do not need special skills to make millions. Lobsters aren’t the only way; a friend of mine introduced me to plucking feathers off chickens, which costs nothing! We then switched worlds and sold the feathers for 5GP each to a high level Fletcher. Although this method involves manual labour, there is no limit to the extent to which you can apply this to your existing business. The road is open for you to make as much money as you possibly can. The trick is to keep expanding, and instead of focusing on short term profit margins, look ahead and prospect selling the stock to make small profit when looking at the item individually, but immense amounts of money when looking at it collectively.

Don’t waste your time bargaining, instead focus on acquiring as much as you can so even when you do sell for slightly higher, it will make a big difference!

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