Make Thousands Of Runescape GP (Gold)

Runescape Gold Making Guide

It’s time to leave the entire manual labour work behind. From now on, we will focus on buying and selling – this is the way to make a killing on Runescape. The trick is to buy in bulk in order to maximise profits and time efficiency. Some items take a lot of space in the inventory, like ore or fish, as they are not stackable like feathers for example. For this reason, you must withdraw your deposited goods in the bank as ‘banknotes’. You can then sell those goods in large numbers, making trading with other players a lot easier.

Also, make sure you understand supply and demand. If a bank is crowded with people saying “I want **”, and no one is offering it, then you know that the item is in high demand. Likewise, if people are saying “I am offering **” and no one is buying, then you know the item is in low demand. There are generally a few items that are always in high demand, and that is lobsters, feathers, coal, iron, and herbs. I have already discussed the techniques you can use for selling feathers, and I will now talk about selling lobsters and iron ore.

Lovely Lobsters … Once you have at least 2000GP you will have the opportunity to expand. To increase your GP go to the fishing dock on Karjama, which is conveniently close to where you are now. Begin to buy as many cooked lobsters as you can. You should be able to get them for around 100gp to 300gp, depending on the world, time and the state of the economy. You can usually get them for around 150GP. Do this until your money is spent or your inventory is full, leaving 30GP for the ride back to Port Sarim. Upon arrival, head back to Varrock’s town square and sell your lobsters for 250gp to 400gp each. Here is where your marketing skills come in hand. I would recommend standing in the centre of the town square and shouting “cooked lobsters for sale!” whilst claiming to give discounts. You shouldn’t have much of a problem selling the cooked lobsters as the market is usually crowded with people. This is where the math comes in! Based on my personal recommendation, with 2000GP you could easily purchase 12 lobsters for 1800GP and have more than enough for the ride back. Once at the market place, you could sell each lobster for a standard price of 250.

Remember, there are more rich Runescape players than before, so don’t be scared to call for high prices. By selling 12 lobsters for 250GP each, you will make 3000GP. That leaves you with 1200GP profit! Repeat the process, doubling the amount you buy and sell, and you will soon expand pretty quickly. You can sell at Varrock, Draynor, Falador and Edgeville banks. Each trip should bring you more and more profit. Repeat this process until you have 50,000GP. Don’t be disheartened if there is no one to buy from. You can become friends with a few fishers and establish your own business, having them provide you with a constant supply of lobsters. If there is no business, keep switching worlds until you are happy with a price!

Iron Ore Opportunity… Buy as much iron ore for as little cost as you can by searching the worlds. Do not buy for more than 50GP each. I would recommend you buy your ore in mining towns simply because these towns are full of miners, hungry to sell their ore. You can try the Fallador Bank; it is close to both the mining guild and to the mines which are located southwest. In order to get the best price, buy from smaller worlds and sell in more populated ones. World 1 is always brimming with players and buyers, and you can sell your ore there for as much as 100GP! So say you purchased 40 Iron Ore for 50GP each, costing you 2000GP. Selling these for 100GP each would yield you 4000GP, an easy 2000GP profit! And why not take it to a higher level? Buy more and sell more, and make a greater profit. I typically buy and sell a few thousand at a time. On a regular night I buy 10,000 iron ore for 40GP each (after some heavy bargaining). I go on to sell them for 100GP each. By spending 400,000GP, I make 1,000,000GP – That’s a net profit of 600,000GP!

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