Playing Bitcoin Games Over Dicing in Runescape

While Runescape is a medieval-like sandbox RPG, the community had spawned forms of gambling like dicing using the in-game currency. Runescape gold can very well be considered virtual currency like Bitcoin, but it wasn’t designed to be traded outside the game nor is it permitted by the game’s creators.

Once you realize that dicing in this game is rigged and a waste of time, you might as well venture and play Bitcoin games that usually have a much better rewards potential.

What is up with Dicing?

In Runescape 3, and OSRS to a lesser extent, dicing had been present in-game as an alternative to the Duel Arena. The idea is to give the player your gold, they roll their dice for a number between 1-100 and the player loses or gets their gold multiplied.

This sort of activity became rampant with scammers since it’s just an online video game. Some players did gain a reputation for legitimate dicing and became consolidated into brand names that still exist today.

Fast forward a few years, and Jagex officially made dicing against the rules since most people just used it as an alternative to a casino. Dicing still exists today as an underground activity, with rolling happening mostly outside the game.

The problem with modern dicing is that the statistics are always in favor of the house, and players cannot report them to Jagex or gaming authorities. They exist outside the law and you will probably lose a significant amount of GP while working with them.

What About the Duel Arena?

The duel arena is the only permitted game of chance in Runescape, which is why it’s filled with hundreds of players at any given hour. Since it is combat-based, the results are even more predictable and it’s more or less a 50-50 chance to win.

The issue with the Duel Arena is that you have to purchase or sell gold to use it as a means of monetary gain. This activity in itself is a bannable offense, and the chances are high since Runescape moderators are specifically monitoring people who have recently won large stakes.

Even famous players have been banned: Cursed You, Smite Yo BGS, Fubupower and the list keeps growing.

Why Bitcoin Gaming?


Some games are even just as, if not more, interactive than Runescape that allow you to risk or earn Bitcoin. And of course, there are plenty of typical casino games like roulette, poker, and others. The process is simple as depositing your Bitcoin, playing, and withdrawing your winnings to your external wallet.
If you are not willing to buy Bitcoin to get started with these games, you can always hit up faucets, sell your Runescape gold for Bitcoin, or complete surveys in exchange for BTC.

Sure, there are always online gaming establishments that are shady. This is why you need to be diligent about looking up online reviews. This isn’t something specific about Bitcoin as you need to be careful about websites even accepting Paypal or credit cards.

The idea is to cut out the middleman often involved in Runescape gaming and reducing your losses and risk by just diving into more full-fledged establishments.

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