Red Dragon Hunting Guide

Table of Contents:
I.) Updates and Fixes
II.) Do's and Don't 's
III.) Introduction
IV.) Red Dragon itself
V.) Preparing to fight the dragons
VI.) Actual Combat
VII.) Conclusion
i.) ***Tips and Tricks
VIII.) Credits/Thank you's

I.) Updates and Fixes


4/11/06 - Just added Karil's X Bow as a suggestion and small tweaks

1/17/06 - Found the correct woodcutting level

1/11/06 - Added required agility level
1/11/06 - Added a Do's and Don't 's section
1/11/06 - Put updates at the top

II.) Do's and Don't 's on this Thread
Do to some recent concerns and other, I have made this section. PLEASE READ

DO - Report flaws in the guide
DO - Comment on the guide
DO - Suggest what to put in the guide

DON't - Ask anything that is on the guide
DON't - SPAM such as "nice guide"
DON't - Ask questions on how long it will take for you to range them. I don't know

III.) Introduction

Hello. You are wondering why I came here and do this. It's a very hard living. Getting use to this is pretty hard and the stakes are high. I stumbled across this after I was selling blue dragon hides, green dragonhides, and black dragonhides. I made green hides 2k each, blue 3k each, and black 5k each. I went on the forums and posted those prices. One person corrected me. He said greens were 1k, blues 2k, blacks 3k, and reds 5k. I have never realized they were this much. So I tried to make it possible for myself. I had a high range so it was an advantage. I didn't want to go to the wilderness so I tried Brimhaven dungeon. It was hard the first trip but i got used to it. Then I started doing it more and more and then I was rich. I now have an abyssal whip and have full Torag armor currently. The technique is quite simple. This guide will teach you how.

IV.) The Red Dragon Itself

There are two locations. One, is in the wilderness, and one is in Brimhaven dungeon. Go with the one in Brimhaven dungeon which is located on Karajma island, below.

IPB Image

Then you here is a map of the dungeon below.

Here is what they look like obviously.

IPB Image

These guys have a high defense. I wouldn't reccomend anyone to melee them. They do however, have low range and magic defense. I strongly reccomend the following:

27+ Woodcutting
34+ Agility



70+ Range
60+ Defense
60+ Strength
Range Armor (Karil's or Blackdragonhide)
4k arrows (iron, steel, or mithril)
Magic Short Bow (or Crystal Bow)
Anti-Dragon Breath Shield

55+ Magic
60+ Defense
60+ Strength
About 4k-5k Fire bolt spells
Chaos gaunlets
Mage armor (Splitbark, Mystic Robes, Ahrims)
Fire Battlestaff or Lava Staff
Anti-Dragon Breath Shield

V.) Preparing for Combat

First of all, choose a good world with low detailed version. It will help you alot.

IPB Image

There are several things you need to remember to do this. You need to have a low inventory count. Keep food to a minimum (i take 5 personally). You also need:

905 coins (30 coins for ship, 875 for dungeon)
Ring of Dueling
Weapon (optional)
Anti Dragonbreath shield

Picture Shown below:

IPB Image
IPB Image

It is also a good idea to keep your lobbies at the bottom of your inventory so your items are organized.

Also, note. Rangers can carry 26 hides per trip, mages can carry 24, plan ahead! Plan to eat all your food. In the next section I will explain how this is possible.

Tip: There is also another way. You can use take a weapon with you but you have to bring a dropable axe such as bronze.

IPB Image

VI.) Actual Combat

Now this is the where you actually get the hides. Run along through the agility courses and then you should end up at these rocks. The picture below is your range radius:

IPB Image

When you get there you will be attacked by several Wild Dogs. Use your hatchet or weapon to fight them off.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Just kill at least 8 of them and they'll leave you alone. Until you are waiting for auto attack to be off, here is a safe angle for you to mage/range.

IPB Image

After auto attack is off, here are several spots then you can mage/range.

NOTE!!!! Do NOT go outta of those particular squares. You will be attacked and barbecued!

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

After you get 26 (rangers) or 24 (mages) you will need to get out. This is where the ring of dueling comes into place.

For rangers

1. You wear your hachet (or weapon) and your anti-dragon breath shield.
2. Go then to your equipment and then take off your dueling ring.
3. Teleport to Castle Wars and deposit your hides.

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

VII.) Conclusion

In all it turns out great rewards. You obviously sell them for 5k each after that and make huge profits. I suggest ending your adventure with either 100 hides, 300 hides, or 600 hides. It is great and all. You get tons of experience and in all, your happy. It is limited though. It takes me on an average of 45-60 mins. I suggest you read or do something else while doing this. It can get long and boring. I play pool to past the time.

i.) Tips and Tricks

Ok so here are the following results you could have.

100 hides= 500k
300 hides= 1.5 mill
600 hides= 3 mill

Here is a tip. If you have a crafting level of 77, you can do more with these hides. You can do:

600 hides= 100 Dragon armor sets = 40k each = 4 mill!
300 hides= 50 Dragon armor sets= 40k each = 2 mill!

You can make 500k-1 mill profit with this. Although it might take a while to sell, it's worth it.

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