The Secret Behind Magic - 2006

Table of Contents
  • 1.0 - Introduction
  • 2.0 – The Secret
  • 3.0 – Evidence
  • A. Quote From Jagex
  • B. Barrows
  • C. Castle Wars
  • 4.0 – How it Relates to What We Do
  • A. Barrows
  • B. Pking
  • C. Castle Wars
  • 5.0 - Bonus Guide: 10 Mill in 10 Minutes?
  • 6.0 - Conclusion and Q and A


1.0 - Introduction

Hi. This guide will explain to you some aspects about magic that are not widely known. You all should know the basics of magic, so I'm not going to cover the basics. If you don't know the basics there's tons of guides out there explaining the basics.

I'd recommend reading Zybez's magic guide if you're not familiar with magic, which can be found here:

This guide will reveal what expert Pkers/Cw Legends do NOT want you to know.

NOTE: Please Disregard my lack of pictures. Since I'm not a member anymore, taking pictures is very hard. Any donations would be helpful.


2.0 - The Secret

Magic is magic. It relates to A LOT of stuff. Now here are some pointers that I will make clear:

In RSC, if you “failed” a magic spell, you could not cast a magic spell for twenty seconds. When RS2 was released, a failed spell just resulted as a splash.

How often you fail a spell is affected by your magic attack bonus, and your opponent's magic defense bonus.

Here is what you probably don’t know:

How often you fail a spell is also affected by your magic level AND your opponent's magic level.

How often you fail a spell is also affected by your opponent's DEFENSE level.

Now, you may already know this, but most of you don't know how it works.

It's easy. The gist is that the higher magic level you have, the lower the probability of failing a spell will be. Defense also plays a role, but little compared to that of magic. In this guide I will prove my theory about magic and show you how to get the upperhand. Now, let me provide some evidence.


3.0 - Evidence

A. Quote from Jagex

Let's first relate this evidence to the Jagex manual itself.
This is stated from the official magic basics in the runescape manual section itself:

“When you cast combat related spells, there is a chance of you failing. This is dependant on a few factors such as your magical attack bonuses, the magical defence bonuses of your opponent and your magic experience.”

Hmm; let's look at this. Notice when it said “opponent AND your MAGIC EXPERIENCE.” Wow. This evidence was clearly given in the runescape manual itself. So why do people not know this? It's because a lot of people just skim through the manual or don't even read it; even if they read it through they don't interpret carefully.

This is evidence from the official site. Thus, let's continue to investigate that your magic level is dependent on how often you fail a spell.

B. Barrows

(Note: This picture was taken from the Zybez Barrows Guide, which can be found here:

A lot of people refer to barrows. Sure, barrows has great rewards, great risks, all of that stuff; let's talk about slayer dart. Many people do barrows with slayer dart, and even they mage in melee armour. But a hypothesis was brought up saying that magic dart is not affected by magic bonus.

How is magic dart not affected? It is a magic spell, right? Jagex said NOTHING about ANY magic spell not being affected by “magic bonus.” In fact, here's a picture of slayer dart in the magic database.

Does it say anything about the slayer dart having no effect from magic bonus? I think not, and even if they did say that, the other spells would have the same effect also.

Now lets go back to that quote again:

“When you cast combat related spells, there is a chance of you failing. This is dependant on a few factors such as your magical attack bonuses, the magical defence bonuses of your opponent and your magic experience.”

Secondly, magic dart is clearly stated in the knowledge base as a magic spell. So what does this prove? Magic dart is a “common” magic spell, which has rules stated above.

Now then, why can people mage the brothers with little magic attack bonus? Only one theory is left. The magic brother's magic level is extremely low, and your magic level affects how often you fail a spell. For example, you go into barrows with full torags, and mage karil. Your magic level is 80+, and you only fail one spell. This means, that your magic level and your opponent’s magic level—in this case your opponent's magic level is much lower than yours—play a role in the battle.

This also brings up a lot of other stuff. More of this will be discussed in the later section referring to barrows.

C. Castle Wars

I will give you a list of “items”:

Have you ever failed a magic spell on someone with melee armour when you're wearing full mystic? If so, it was probably on a high leveled guy. And chances are, if you follow him, he'll switch to his robes and start blitzing/barraging other people. This is only because his magic level is higher than yours and thus he has a higher resistance to your spells.

Have you ever seen a person barrage you in full dragon? In a lot of cases, yes. Even if you're wearing dhide, you STILL get barraged by a person in full melee armour! How is this? It's because his magic level is way higher than yours, and he has a pretty good chance of hitting you with barrage.

Second, have you ever been anciented constantly with karil's armour on? Yes karil’s is the best magic-defense armour in the game, but how can this be? Only because your opponent’s magic level is higher than yours. Ask the experts who barrage like this. They'll be blindfolded that you actually found out the truth.

All of this is REAL-TIME evidence. I've basically experienced all of these, and if you go up and talk to one of those magers on the walls, they probably have experienced it too.


4.0 - How it Relates to What We Do

A. Barrows

Ok, so now you know the truth behind magic dart.

Many people ancient and use wave spells with full magic-boosting armour. This is not necessary, because of the theory stated.

As a result, you CAN ancient and use wave spells with melee armour IF your magic level is around 75 or more. Even 70-75 will work. The fact is, that doing this is totally acceptable, since magic dart will have the same result as these spells.

Here’s an example:

A person I know with 99 magic experimented with me in this theory. He maged all the brothers with a –54 magic bonus, and guess what? He diddn’t fail any of the spells on the barrow melee brothers WITH ALL THREE types of spells (Ancient, modern, Slayer Dart). Also, he only failed one or two spells on karil and ahrim.

For karil: Karil, yes, has the best magic-defense armour in the game, but his magic level is very low. Thus, if your magic level is much higher than his (In most cases, yes), you'll have no problem, basically.

Ahrim: Most of you do or see people mage ahrim with no prayer. This is because they actually do have a high magic and ranged level. I'd recommend you start doing this without prayer if you have over 75 magic. In fact, with karils, I survived ahrim with no problem with 70 mage back in the days.

B. Pking

A while ago, Jagex released new prayers increasing your magic level by a certain amount. The strongest of the three prayers, called Mystic Might, increases your magic level by 15%. What Jagex said was that this spell increased your chances of successfully hitting your opponent. However, they said little about how it works defensively.
The new prayer can also help defensively. When you are escaping, just turn on the prayer, and you WILL have a higher chance of your opponent failing on you.

The new prayer also deteriorated the use of magic bonus armour. With the new prayer, you can now, mage with less magic attack bonus.

The next tip I will give to you is to MAXIMIZE your magic level. Even if it's 74 to 76, it's at least some difference. And if your combat level is not magic-based, you really should raise it as high as possible to gain the advantage. Believe me, that's why all the famous pkers have their magic level at the top. For instance, I_mahatma_I has 99 magic. Why doesn't he just be lazy and have 94 or 96? Yeah, because.

C. Castle Wars

Castle Wars. In my opinion, this is the most brilliant thing Jagex put into the game. When it first came out, I instantly started playing it lots.

First, let's analyze how the magic level theory affects the game:

Many people with a high magic level dominate in a certain way. Such include powering the ancients, or just casting spells. A person ancienting with 70 magic may fail a ton of spells on a person with 90+ magic and +0-15 magic defense bonus.

This is why you CAN ancient others easily if you have a high magic level. Having a high magic level is also dependent on how you resist spells.
For instance, if you have 80+ magic, you can mage with d-hide, and still do fine.

Now let's talk about certain situations:

If you're being chased by an ancienter, put the Magic prayer ON. Once I had this prayer on with karils and a barrager failed his spells about 10 times on me. It’s so easy. You can also put the prayer on in basically any situation in which you need defense from magic.

If you're trying to chase somebody that you know doesn't have a high magic level, it's ok not to switch to your “mage-gear.” You may have to switch one piece here and their, but if it's worth wasting time, don't do it.

If you're maging on the walls, go for the lower levels. Chances are, you’ll have a higher chance of gaining more exp. Obviously, if a high level has the flag, you should mage him though.


5.0 - Bonus Guide - 10 Mill in 10 Minutes?

A lot of "pay" guides mention how to earn 10 Mill in 10 minutes. To tell the truth, there is NO consistent method known today that earns you 10 Mill in 10 minutes. Not even the best businessmen have achieved this. So what do guides do to back this "10 Mill" theory up?

It goes simply like this. It's called "System Update." Whenever Jagex updates, all of the runes restock, including that of the mage guild. It's original stock is 5000, even though 250 is the max restock. Whenever there is an update, you buy the runes, sell, and ect.

Now, let's refer to how the guides do it. They might say "3-10 Mill in 10 minutes!" However, the most likely case is that you will get three Mill because that's how business goes.

Sure 3 M in a week is good, but there are some drawbacks. A TON of people already know this "secret," so every world is probably filled up. Even if you manage to get a head start, chances are, that there will be someone competing with you 20 seconds after. Thus, this method is not really effective anymore.

In conclusion, there is no way of making "10 mill in 10 minutes" consistently without breaking the rules.


6.0 - Conclusion + Q and A

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I also hope that you use these theories to the best of your advantage.

I'd like to thank Cyrax for encouraging me to create this guide. I'd also like to thank the people who have given me criticism and ratings on this guide, and last but not least, I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the people who have read this guide. Thank you.

About me:
I’ve decided to take a break from runescape. Now, my addiction is on other things, not runescape (I hope that’s a good thing). I’ve probably done over 1500 barrows trips with “normal-luck,” and I also have over 1500 castle wars tickets.

Q and A

Q. You said something about defense also, can you explain that further?
A. Yes. Paul Gower, upon release of Rs2, said that the success of your magic spell depends on your combat skills on 80% of you and your opponent's magic level, and 20% on your opponent's defense level. I think defense IS important, but considering the fact that so many people do not like raising defense, I've decided to wave off the defense part of this guide.

Q. This guide needs more pictures from what you are doing!
A. Yes it does, but as I said, I'm not a member anymore, so I cannot get that many pictures. But if you'd like to donate a helpful picture that pertains to the guide, it would be awesome.

Q. You just revealed the secret magic guide! Now even more people will know this. And plus, when I go on the servers, I barely see anyone there.
A. It doesn't matter. That's life. My friends and I have all tried this trick, and we've all seen other people competing with us at that same time.

Q. Could you give me some tips to help me raise my magic level?
A. Well, I really can't because the purpose of this guide is to really prove some points in magic. But I highly recommend looking at Zybez's magic guide because it does include tips on raising magic. The Guide can be found here:

Q. Do the magic prayers increase your magic in a way in which you can cast spells higher than your natural magic level?
A. No. The prayers do not "naturally" increase your magic level, unlike potions. Think of it as a similar prayer to the attack prayers. The attack prayers boost your attack level, but do not help you wield other weapons that require a higher attack level than your natural one.

Q. Hey, it looks like you could help me a lot on this! Could you help me live in-game?
A. Sure, feel free to give me a PM on anything that ranges from criticism to questions, and I'll be more than glad to help. (Note that I do not go on much these days)

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