Training at lighthouse dagannoths - 2006 RS

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  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. What should I take?
  4. Tips
  5. FAQ
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I think a lot of people who have finished Horror from the deep quest know that in the Lighthouse basement, you can find monsters called dagannoths. Of course you have been curious and tried training on them. It's really good experience. Although those monsters look weak, they can kill you really fast.


The first thing to train there is to finish Horror from the deep quest.
At least 65 attack, defence, strength.
Good armor.

What should I take?

Dagannoths are monsters that are actually easy to kill with high levels and good outfit for training. They use range based melee attack. Here are some good outfit recommendations:
  • Helmets - Berserker helmet ( 2nd option Rune full helmet ) - Berserker helmet gives some good bonuses, with strength bonus that can help you a lot.
  • Amulets - Fury amulet ( 2nd option Glory amulet ) - It's the best bonus giving amulets, defence and attack bonuses which are really needed.
  • Plate legs/bodies - Torag plate legs and body ( 2nd option Rune plate legs (skirt) and body, Granite legs ) - Torag is the best defence bonuses giving armor, 2nd option is rune, which isn't so weak too. Also you can use granite legs, which have great ranged bonus.
  • Capes - Fire cape ( 2nd options - Obsidian, Legends cape ) - Fire cape is the best cape in the whole game, including strength bonus.
  • Rings - Berserker/Warrior ring ( 2nd options - Ring of wealth/Ring of life ) - Berserker is a good ring with strength bonus, if you want to kill monsters fast. Warrior ring gives attack bonuses, which can be useful with high strength.
  • Boots - Climbing boots ( 2nd option - Rune boots ) - Climbing boots are cheap and better than rune. They also give strength bonus.
  • Weapons - Abyssal whip ( 2nd option - Dragon longsword, Dragon scimitar ) - Abyssal whip is the fastest weapon, it's also pretty strong.
  • Shields - Toktz-Ket-Xil ( 2nd options - Granite shield, Rune defender, Dragon square shield, Rune kite shield ) - Although Rune defender gives better attack bonuses, Toktz-Ket-Xil shield gives more ranged defence bonus which is more useful. Granite shield is very useful, but doesn't give any strength bonus.
  • Gloves - Dark (Barrows ) gloves ( 2nd options - Armored gloves, Gauntlets ) - Dark ( Barrows ) gloves are the best bonus giving gloves.
2nd option are for the people who can't afford the best items to wear.

There are 3 main options how to heal yourself if you get hurt:
  • Use guthan set for healing - See prices from here.
  • Use bones to peaches spell - More information from here.
  • Bring noted food, un-note at shop - Bring noted food and also some cash with you, if you're out of food, go to the 2nd floor of the Lighthouse. Sell your noted food, and buy it back.

To get experience a lot faster you can use (super) attack, (super) defence and (super) strength potions. This will help you hitting higher, more often and help you defending more. Good idea is to take about 10-20 sets of potions as note. But also you'll need cash to un-note them at Lighthouses second floor shop. To get ranged experience too while training there, take a cannon. The Lighthouse basement is multiattack zone and it will help you a lot.


Q: How can I get there?
A: There are two options, as shown on the map: ( On the blue line, you'll need to use agility )

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