Pure Ranging Handbook

Well, well, well... If you've decided to make a pure ranger you have come to the right place. In this little guide i will tell you how to get the levels fast. F2P and P2P. Now the first thing you want to do is pick a cool name. I like Teh Needler because Needler sounds like shooting needles at something. No, I didn't get my name from Halo. Ok I’m going to cover the needs in a list. Here they are:
  • A good RS id
  • All of your basic leather items.
  • Studded Legs
  • All of the F2P bows
  • About 15k Arrows
  • and last but not least patience.
See you want to go ahead and locate all of your materials before, that way you can train and go about leveling faster. Once you have all of this, go to the next section.

ID Idea's

Someone tipped me off on including a few idea's on making an ID. Here are a few choices and tricks you can do to make an account.

So you want to start off with a base name. I chose the word Needler because it is unique. Here are some different ways you could do the ID.

The Needler
The Needler
Teh Needler
Teh Needler
0 Needler 0
o Needler o
0 Needler o
o Needler 0
Ze Needler
Ze Needler
Tha Needler
Tha Needler
I Needler I
Xx Needler Xx

I do not suggest doing an ID like this: o0 0o o0 0o0 o0. In some cases a few of my friends had to choose a new ID name because it was confusing to other players. Don’t do this because it is very annoying for everyone. If someone is a Noob and wants to look you up then that’s their problem. Keep RuneScape o0o0o0o0 free. 

Ranging Levels 1-20

Ok so you’re all set and have everything you need. Grab about 350-500 arrows (preferable iron or steel) and head down to the cows. The best place to find cows are south of Falador and north of Lumbridge. Well you might need to bring a couple pieces of food if you’re scared but if you know how to range then you don’t need it. Remember to always train on rapid too because that is the fastest ranged style and the source for the best exp. Defensive ranged style is a big NO! I can’t emphasize this enough. It halves your ranged exp and gives it to defense. Cows are about 32 exp each and Cow Calves are about 24 exp each. I suggest only killing cows because we are on a schedule here. You need 4470 exp for 20 Ranged.


So about 140 cows will get you to 20 Ranged. Believe it or not, but I suggest a crowded world because from what I’ve heard the re-spawn rate is faster but there are less people training. Here are some important things you need to know from this section:
  • Lumbridge or Falador
  • 4470 exp
  • 140 cows
  • 350-500 arrows
  • Rapid style
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE- Well if you are a little short on cash and you cant afford to buy all of those arrows I have a solution for you here. Now this will slow your training down a little bit but it provides some pretty good cash. Cowhides! Yes, cowhides... Cowhides sell for 100 gp ea that’s 16 or 17 bronze arrows according to my math if you buy for 6gp ea. I didn’t need to do this but you can if it is necessary.

Ranging Levels 20-40

Well after killing all of those cows and getting your studded legs and willow short bow. You have two choices: Barbarian Village or Varrock Sewers. Now personally I got to about 24 ranged and got bored at Barbarian Village. So I went down to the Varrock sewers. I heard that skeletons and zombies were good exp for the lower levels, so I wanted to check them out. I went down there and found out that they were really fast exp. I trained here until 40 ranged. To get 40 Ranged you need 37224 exp. These skeletons are about 96 exp each. So here is the math for how many skeletons you will need to kill:


IPB Image

We will just call this about 345 skeletons. The beautiful thing about this area is that there is an iron fence that you can shoot through so we rangers don’t get our armor dirty. This time I suggest a world with around 1200-1400 people because this place is pretty famous. Important things to know:
  • Bring 500-600 arrows
  • Arrows - Iron or better
  • Bring about half inv. of food
  • Stand behind fence
  • Rapid Style
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE- There aren't really any effective moneymaking techniques here. I suggest you pick up the runes and coins that they drop if you are desperate. They drop chaos fairly often and in about an hour I got 30 or so of them.

Ranging Levels 40-50

Well this was a little difficult to train because nothing really gives very fast exp. I know Skeletons are more exp but not necessarily the best to train on. I headed down to the Edgeville guards. These Guards are good to train on because there are four of them and they re-spawn fairly quickly. This area is famous because of the Iron Gate in the little jail house next to it. You can close the gate and just ranged the guards until 50 ranged. To get 50 ranged you will need 101333 exp. Assuming you have around 37200 exp we will do the math.

101333-37200=64133 exp.
64133/88=728.7840909 or 729

You will need to kill around 730 guards to get 50 ranged. This sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I suggest killing around 150-200 and go PK’ing. There are not many key terms to this section but here they are:
  • Bring iron or better arrows
  • 15+ Trout or better
  • Range behind the gate
  • Pk every now and then to ward off boredom
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-The guards drop coins fairly often but you wont make much off of them. One of the only ways possible to make any money is to collect the bones that they drop and bank them. You will collect anywhere from 700-750 in my guide. If you sell them 10-15 a piece you might make a little cash.

This is where I got a membership...

Ranging Levels 50-60

This is super easy to train! Bad news though.... feels like forever! Well Im going to say the members version first. Once you have legally bought your own membership ph34r.gif... Head up to Rellekka. We are finally at the rock crabs. These crabby little things give 200 exp ea. Isn’t it wonderful? Well you have around 101k exp and for 60 ranged you need 273k exp. So 172k exp for 60 ranged. Once again, here is the math:


So go ahead and kill about 865 crabs. It helps if you have a mage bow and blue dragon hide. I do not ever suggest using a cannon. You don’t want to have 70 ranged and 40 hit points... Once again not a whole lot of special information you should know. Here’s a list of some stuff:
  • Don’t get tricked into attacking cave crawlers (they are poison)
  • Bring about 1.5k arrows every time you leave for them
  • Bring 10-15 lobbies. (They hit a 1 often with 1 defense)
  • Bring Camelot teleport if you have 45+ mage.
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-Not really any good ways to make money here. They drop level one clues which are kind of a waste of time and they drop half keys rarely.

For you F2P'ers head back down to the Varrock sewers. You can range Moss Giants for some pretty good exp here. I’m not going in to much detail here because as soon as i got 50 ranged i got members. Collect the big bones they drop and sell for 300-350 gp ea. This provides good cash if you have a lot of them.

Ranging Levels 60-70

Alright... This is where the training gets tough. You're so close to your goal. Only 10 levels off from being able to "0wnz0rz t3h p33ps 1n t3h w1ldy!" Ok enough small talk. This will require a lot of your time and i do not suggest going anywhere except for the bank to get food in this next step. Go start the waterfall quest and get Glarials Amulet. You can finish the quest and it will get you to like 30 attack and strength if I am not mistaken. Here is a guide on the quest. Bring 24 lobsters or sharks and at least 1000 steel or better arrows. Iron knives work well here also. Grab your rope and best ranged gear. (I do not suggest bringing a Robin or rangers unless you aren't scared of losing them.) Go to the waterfall and climb on the raft. Use your rope with the rock. Then, use your rope with the dead tree. I do not think it is required to wear the amulet but I always do because I am paranoid ph34r.gif. Go into the dungeon and RUN north because there are lvl 57 Shadow Spiders there. There are two spots to range here. The entrance wall and the table. You can across the table after a few minutes and they become un-aggressive. I will need to take a picture of the other spot because it is difficult to explain. You can range the closest spawn to the doors. He will get stuck along the wall and you will be perfectly safe. Here's the math for this section:


Also here is a good way to range without being hit:
IPB Image

Fire giants are round 444 exp I think and you will need to kill about 1045 of them. ALWAYS pick up the fire runes. Don’t be surprised if you go to bank and you have 5k of them. 5k of fire runes is 100k gp. Important factors:
  • 24 Lobbies or Shark
  • 1000+ Steel or better arrows
  • Glarials Amulet
  • 60+ Ranged
  • And a Rope
MONEYMAKING TECHNIQUE-This is one of the best places in the world for money in my opinion. These guys drop uncut dragon stones, rune scimitars, rune kite shields, dragon medium helmets, dragon left halves, uncut gems, TONS of fire runes, herbs, coins, rune arrows, and rune javelins. (All I can remember off the top of my head. XD.gif )

Ranging Levels 70+

I suggest staying at the fire giants for a very long time. We are talking to about 85-90 ranged. You cant beat the money and exp. They aren’t in a multi zone so people can’t use those annoying cannons on your giants or team up on your giant. If you are having trouble getting giants because higher levels are taking them there's a little trick I have found. I bring 200 air runes and 200 mind runes sometimes. Just Wind Strike them and you can right click them.

For free to players (F2P'ers) I suggest going either to moss giants or lesser demons. I prefer lessers because they are more exp and you can get a Rune Med drop every now and then. You can go to the Volcano on karamja. There is a spawn of about 6 lesser's there I think.

Ranging Levels 80+

Now some people may get bored at fire giant and want to train somewhere else. I've come up with two solutions which can both be found in the same area. Go down to taverly dungeon and get to the blue dragons (dont forget your dusty key) and go until you see a tunnel. In that tunnel there are: hellhounds, black demons, and black dragons. (Im not really sure how strong black dragons are.) I havn't really been here but most of my freinds with 90+ ranged say that they are all great for exp.

Becoming The Best Ranger You Can Be

The long awaited new section of the guide is finally here!! Once you have gotten 70 ranged, a whole new window of ranged equipment becoomes available. I will list in this section how to obtain and effectively use these items. (This section of the guide will also include pking tips...)

Pure Section

Okay, now many of you pure rangers get to 70 ranged and think, "I wasted all my time on this skill." But that isn't true. You have "unlocked" two very powerful bows, one in which requires a quest to obtian, and the other you can just buy.

You have the choice between: Karils Crossbow, Magic Shortbow, or the almighty Crystal Bow.

You have had the magic shortbow since lvl 50. It is very powerful and inexpensive, but some people like to spice it up a little and use sopmething a little more powerful.

Karil's Crossbow (also referred to as an x-bow) can hit a max of about 18 at 70 ranged. They may have changed it by now but that what it hit in my pure ranging day. This bow is slower than a magic shortbow, but nontheless more powerful. May I also include that this weapon has its own set of ammo known as Bolt Racks. Bolt Racks sell for about 300 gp ea and they are a one shot only ordeal, in other words you shoot them once like a spell and you cant pick them up.

The Crystal Bow is the most powerful bow in the game. At 91 ranged you can hit 21's fairly often, and it DOESN'T REQUIRE AMMO!! Bad news.. It has weapon stamina like the barrows armor. At 10/10 i tihnk its a +100 ranged bonus (not sure on this), and when it reaches 0/10 you must go get it recharged for 900k. But dont wory. It drops in price to recharge every time you recharge it. Eventually it drops to 180k a charge. It does not go below 180k a charge though. A fully charged crystal bow has 2500 shots.

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