Guide to Bank Organization

This is just how I suggest to organize it. I don't really do it this way, twist it around to how you like the guide and customize it to yourself. For free players just remove the members items from your organization guide :P

I. Introduction, Why organize?
II. How to Organise
III. Alternative methods of organization
IV. Categories of items
V. Random tips
VI. Sample organized bank
VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Credits
IX. Updates

I. Introduction (for your amusement)

So you're sitting in Varrok and you see someone paying 1k each for up to 2,000 cabbage. You happen to know you have 3k cabbage in your bank and quickly open it. Uh oh! Where is it!? You know you have that cabbage in here somewhere, better find it quick, 2 mil is at stake! Maybe its in with your food? Wait...your food is all over the place, you have your sardines sitting at the bottom, your anchovies around the top and you run across your pking food (shrimp) somewhere in the middle. Your cabbage isn't by any of those. You spend 2 minutes hunting around and finally find it wedged between your bronze medium helm and your raw chicken. You withdraw 2k cabbage and [choose ending]

Ending one: He has already bought them from someone else

Ending two: He logged out

Ending three: He tellied and has private chat off. You only have 14 magic and cannot teleport but you have already been training it up for when you pk so decided to run over to barbarian village and kill some barbarians with magic so you can telly around looking for him. You accidentally attack Gunthor the Brave (Level-29) after attacking a level 7 barbarian. The barbarian hits 3, gunthor hits 7. You run, the barbarian throws his axe at you, hits you for 2 more. An evil chicken, swarm, and by some twist of fate a river troll simultaneously appear. The troll hits you for 5, the swarm kills you with a 1, and the chicken proceeds to say "PMG ur so surved!!11eleventyone11!1!shiftone1!!1!11" and breakdances in your face as you die, then invents a slap emote and uses it on you. You lose your 46 mind runes you spent your entire rs career earning and ironically, your cabbage which you forgot to bank. I give you cookies for actually reading this ending.

II. How to organize
You do not have to keep the categories in the same order but you should have these general categories.

1. Money
2. Rares/Holiday items
3. Random junk items you collect or tools
4. Runes (ectophial goes next to laws if you want for tellying)
5. Fishing gear and Food
6. Herbs
7. Potions
8. Make a list of your favorite skills (noncombat) and put items in order of most used to least used skills (exclude magic, fletching, range, herblore, and fishing
9. Miscellaneous
10. Quest items
11. Bones (optional, I personally bury them or leave them on the ground)
12. Jewelry
14. Carpentry items excluding tools [6/12/06 update]
13. Random event/useless clothing (not rares) such as mime gear and prince outfit
14. Slayer gear
15. Robes, staffs, and other mage gear
16. Fletching materials, bows, arrows

17. Melee gear (trimmed/decorative first)

III. Alternative methods of organization
  • Alphabetacal order :P
  • Least used to most used
  • Think of your own way, "this is a guide, not a bible" -ben goten78. This is mainly to give you some concepts that you can adopt to your own liking

IV. Categories of skills items [only a few skills, most should be self explanitory]

Crafting: Moulds, brown apron, needle, thread, hides, leather, gems, balls of string (usually followed by mining items)

Mining/smithing: Ores, bars, Essence only if you don't use it yourself (otherwise goes before runes)

Farming: Seeds, anything you farmed (excluding herbs), scarecrow, farming tools, sacks, baskets, anything you use to pay for farmers to watch your crops, pineapples (supercompost, 15 will fill a bin), roots (you get them after cutting down a tree and then digging it up)

Herblore: Vials, un ids, identified herbs, second ingrediants, pestle and mortar, potions, beer

V. Random tips
  • Put beer with your potions, even if they help a skill like dwarven stout put it ahead or after potions
  • Arrange items within the category from weakest to strongest
  • Use 'placeholders', If you withdraw all your money leave 1 gp in there to hold its place. If you use plan to use all your arrows leave 1 in your bank so when you get more you don't have to reorganise your bank as much
  • If you can buy more than one of an item so you can use the spare set as a placeholder (Gives you something to do with your extra money free players)
  • If you need a guide on items to discard use Myst's guide to bank organisation located here (this game is not the same topic as mine, despite the same title, Myst's guide is just how to free up space)
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Use the insert button to put in an item with out screwing up the order of everything else
  • If you need more bank space some people make new accounts just to hold extra items or rares incase their main gets hacked then usually the bank/safe account won't be unless they log on it alot

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