Runescape Bank Organization

Runescape Bank Organization

The way we organize our bank has always been based on personal preference, whether in Runescape Classic, Oldschool Runescape, and Runescape 3. The latter two versions of the games have come up with quality of life updates to make organization much easer, thus a lot of banks end up look quite similar nowadays.

I will just give my personal thoughts on how you should keep your bank organized so you don’t waste time between skilling or bossing.

Organizing your bank in OSRS

Just like Runescape 3, OSRS also now has bank tabs with negligible differences between both versions of the game. You should split your items up in a similar fashion.

The best feature to take advantage of is item placeholders, which may be toggled in the bottom right corner of the bank. Once you get a unique item, you can drag in to your desired position in the bank so that it will never get lost in the void (trust me, it happens.).

To keep my bank simple, I like to split into these tabs:

Main Bank Page: Non-tradables, Holiday Items, Currency, Misc Stackable Items

This tab should be a mix of stuff that you find useful, yet may not touch frequently. Think of things like achievement capes, boss heads, holiday items, marks of grace, tokul, coins, and rune pouches.

Tab 1: Teleport tabs, Runes, Teleport Items

This is reserved for my teleport items and runes, a tab that I will be frequenting quite often

Tab 2: Seeds, plant pots, farming tools, bird house run gear

Be sure to have your barley seeds, and logs within view so you may quickly withdraw your

Tab 3: Combat Gear, Ranged Gear, Magic Gear, Slayer Items

Tab 4: ‘The Loot Tab’, Slayer Loot, Boss Loot, Treasure Trail Loot

Tab 5: Cooking, fishing, food

Tab 6: Herblore

Tab 7: Mining, ores, bars, coal, gems

Tab 8: Woodcutting and fletching, logs, planks, bowstrings

Tab 9: Misc tab, placeholder tab, event or holiday items, temporary items

Organizing your bank in RS3

Runescape 3 is now quite a different game than OSRS, but it still has the same system of bank tabs, albeit with more quality of life updates. The biggest difference being 15 tabs available instead of 9.

You should understand that to unlock all of these bank tabs, various upgrades to your account must be met. For example, verifying your email address will boost your bank items to 670, plus the Solomons Free Giveaway will give 50 more slots.

Bank boosters are bought from Solomon’s General Store you will have to trade in RuneCoins or Bonds as you accrue them. Roughly $85 worth of bonds will unlock all the space needed, so buying bonds with gold that you earn might be the preferred option.

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