Making Money With Fletching - 2006 Runescape Guide

Table of Contents
  • i - Revision history
  • 1.0 - Introduction
  • 2.0 - Profit Table
  • 3.0 - XP Gained Table
  • 4.0 - Fletching Process
  • 5.0 - Getting the Nature Runes
    -- 5.1 - Method 1 (the Abyss method)
    -- 5.3 - Method 2 (general store method)
  • 6.0 - Getting the Bow Strings
  • 7.0 - Getting the Logs
  • 8.0 - Where to buy?
  • 9.0 - Terminology

i - Revision history
» 08/08/2006 - Wrote the guide


1.0 - Introduction
So, you think you can make money with fletching? Well, you're right! Making money with fletching is a huge part of RuneScape's economy. There are multiple skills that are used in the process to make money with fletching, and they are: magic (high alchemy), crafting (bow strings), rune crafting (nature runes), and fletching (the bows). Not only does this process give you a ton of money, but it also gives you a ton of XP.

This guide will explain every aspect of this entire process, from the nature runes, to the bow strings, to the bows themselves.



4.0 - Fletching Process
After you have collected all of your materials, you need to fletch them. Use the following steps to complete this as fast as possible.

Step 1: Fletch the logs!
  1. Withdrawl a knife
  2. Situate your logs in your bank in a position easy to get to.
  3. Withdrawl all of your logs so they fill your inventory with 27 of them.
  4. Now, use your knife with a log.
  5. You will now be prompted of a choice between a shortbow, a longbow, and a crossbow stock. Select either a shortbow or a longbow. Note that longbows will make you more money!
  6. Right click the shortbow icon or the longbow icon, and click "Make X". Then proceed to type any random number greater than 26. Wait until all of your logs are fletched into unstrung bows, back them, withdrawl more logs, and repeat until all of your logs have been fletched.
*hint: It takes about 40 minutes to fletch 1,000 logs
*hint: Longbows will make you more money than shortbows

Step 2: String the unstrung bows!
  1. Situate your unstrung bows and bow strings into easy-to-access locations
  2. Right click on your unstrung bows, and click "Withdrawl 10"
  3. Click your unstrung bows 4 more times, to withdrawl a total of 14 unstrung bows.
  4. Now, right click your bow strings, and select "Withdrawl All". You will now have a full inventory of 14 bow strings, and 14 unstrung bows.
  5. Move an unstrung bow into the inventory slot shown below:
    This will save you an incredible amount of time in the near future (next step).
  6. Rapidly click from the unstrung bow you just moved to the bow string below it. The two items you are clicking will be the last items fletched.
  7. When complete, bank, and repeat until you have all of your complete bows.
Step 3: High Alchemy!
  1. Withdrawl all of your bows as a note, and an equal number of nature runes. Also withdrawl a fire staff, lava staff, or fire runes equal to the number of bows you have multiplied by 5. (if you have 1,000 bows, that means 5,000 fire runes). Your inventory should look something like this:
  2. Situate your bows into the inventory slot shown below:
    This will make it a lot easier when casting the high alchemy spell.
  3. Now open up your spell book page, and put your cursor in the middle of the first coin on the high alchemy spell icon.
  4. Click once and your cursor will be right on the upper corner of your noted bows. Click again, and you will perform high alchemy on a single bow, and it will return you to your spell page. Your cursor should still be in the middle of the first coin on the high alchemy spell icon.
  5. On the peak of the 3rd light bulge, double click to preform high alchemy on another bow.
  6. Repeat until you have no bows left.
  7. Congratulations, you're done!
*hint: High Alchemy requires level 55 magic, 5 fire runes, and 1 nature rune, and gives 65 magic XP.


5.0 - Getting the Nature Runes
Don't want to spend around 300k for the nature runes? Well, you can always try crafting them!
Just remember, you will need at least level 44 runecrafting to make the nature runes!
This guide will explain the two easiest methods for easy RuneCrafting.

5.1 - Method 1 (the Abyss method)
- Level 44 RuneCrafting
- Completion of the Abyss Mini-Quest
- Pure Ess
- 1 or more Amulets of Glory
- Low level pickax, low level woodcutting Axe, or a tinderbox
- Nature talisman or tiara
- Dragonhide armor, or low level armor
- the Ectophile, or any other form of easy teleportation
  1. Start at the Edgeville bank. Withdrawl your pure ess, nature talisman or tiara, and all the pure ess you can carry, along with a low level pickax, low level woodcutting Axe, or a tinderbox. Also, make sure you have your glory with you, but NOT wearing it. If PKers see you wearing it, they will be more likely to try to kill you!
  2. Walk (not run!) north to the Mage of Zamorak.
  3. Now turn on run, and have the mage teleport you into the Abyss.
  4. If you have never been into the Abyss before, don't panic! There are many monsters in there and they hit often, but usually not high. You will be skulled, and your prayer will now be empty. Don't worry, you can not get PKed in the abyss.
  5. Now, if you brought a pickax, look for the white cylindrical objects that you can mine to get into the inner circle. If you brought a woodcutting Axe, look for some tendrils to chop. If you brought a tinderbox, look for a boil to burn down. If you didn't bring anything, look for a pair of eyes, or a narrow passage and you can use your thieving or agility skills to get through.
  6. Turn off run to conserve energy, and walk around to the nature portal, which is located near the opening of the inner circle, and is shown on the image below:
  7. Enter the portal and you will be at the nature alter. Craft your runes, and use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville, and start the whole process over again. Repeat until you have all the nature runes you need.
*hint: The more Glory Amulets you have, the less you will have to stop your RuneCrafting to re-charge them. Use a 'games necklace' to teleport to Burthorope for quick access to the Hero's guild to recharge your Amulets. To access the Hero's Guild, you need to have finished the 'Heroes Quest'. Recharge your Amulets by using them with the fountain in the basement of the guild.

*hint: Although the fastest method, this is also the most dangerous method. Not only can the Abyss be dangerous, so can the PKers that sit and wait by the mage of Zamorak. To avoid these PKers, a good strategy is to take the bridge and go around the PKers to the mage. Look at the map below for different routes to the Mage of Zamorak.


*hint: The Mage of Zamorak is in about level 4-5 wilderness
*hint: Use the ectophile as the easiest way to teleport out of an emergency. It is a one-click teleport.

5.2 - Method 2 (the General Store method)
- Level 44 RuneCrafting
- Pure Ess
- Nature talisman or tiara
- At least 3 times the amount of gold as the amount of pure ess you have (if you have 1,000 ess, bring 3,000 gold)
- No armor or extra items (much running will be done)
- Boots of Lightness
  1. Withdrawl all of your needed items. Now take out the amount of pure ess you want to use as a note.
  2. Start off at the general store at the top of the bottom portion of the huge island. It is right near the part that connects the top part to the bottom.
  3. Sell the amount of ess equal to the amount of free inventory spaces.
  4. Now but the ess back, and you have converted your noted ess into useable ess.
  5. Walk or run south-east to the Nature Alter. It is shown on the map below. Watch out for the "Brodoo Victim" as it will often hit you for a small amount of damage, but nothing to worry about.
  6. Enter the alter, craft your nature runes, leave the alter, and head back to the general store.
  7. Repeat this process until you have completed crafting your nature runes.

6.0 - Getting the Bow Strings
Don't want to spend money on getting the bow strings? Making your own bow strings is actually a very easy process. Keep in mind you need level 10 crafting to make the bow strings. You will get 15 XP per string.

If you want to just buy the flax, you may do so, but flax sells for about 100gp each. Picking flax is extremely quick and easy, so it is reccommended that you do not buy the flax, but pick it yourself.
  1. Head over to the Camelot bank with an empty inventory.
  2. Go south the the flax fields, and pick 28 flax.
  3. Go North and a bit to the left and you will see a small building with a ladder on it's right side.
  4. Go up the ladder and you will be in a room with a spinning wheel.
  5. Spin your flax into bow strings, go back down the ladder, go north to the bank, and bank your bow strings.
  6. Go back to the flax fields and repeat until you have all of the bow strings you need.


8.0 - Getting the Logs

There isn't much to say here, but a few good locations. Remember to bring a light inventory, and if possible, empty. In order to save space, weild your axe.

Good Yew tree locations:
- Edgeville
- North of Varrock Palace

Good Magic tree locations: (it is a good idea to bring a teleportation method, because magic trees are often rather far from a bank)
- Southwest of Lletya
- Southwest of Seers Village
- West of Tree Gnome Stronghold


8.0 - Where to buy?

If you want to buy some of the items, use the list below to go to the best places for buying each specific item. This will also tell you about how much each item is, but remember, always check the main price guide on, because the prices may have been changed.

Nature Runes - Edgeville Bank - 300gp each
Yew Logs - Edgeville Bank / Seers Village Bank - 250gp each
Bow String - Seers Village Bank - 150gp each

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