the fastest way to get snape grass

Table of Contents:

1.0: {Introduction}
2.0 {Requirements}
3.0 {Inventory}
4.0 {Equipment}
5.0 {How to get to Waterbirth}
6.0 {Location of the Grass}
7.0 {”How to” The guide }
8.0 {FAQ}
9.0 {Credits}

1.0: {Introduction}

Hello all apothecaries! And welcome to a guide that will change your lives forever! Prayer pots are already hard enough to make, plus expensive with all the ingredients necessary to make them. So to make your lives easier and mine, I’ve written this guide explaining to you how fast you can get snape grass in a short amount of time. So get busy all you druid nubs!

2.0: {Requirements}

1st) You must have completed the Fremennik Trials quest.
2nd) You must have a Lyre.
3rd) 76+ Fishing and 40+ Agility are highly recommended.
4th) Have some knowledge of the quest Temple of Ikov.
5th) Have 1 pair of boots of lightness.
6th) Have around 5 – 10 Glory Amulets.
7th) Have around 25 – 100 Raw Sharks. (Note: Fish like sea turtle and manta ray give you more of a charge then sharks)
8th) You must have completed hero’s guild quest (You have to recharge your Glory Amulets)
9th) You may also use rings of Dueling to teleport to Castle Wars

10th) Note: "What you use is a ring of charos (u), then go up to the Fossegrimen and give her the raw bass and she wil[l] think its a very small shark! This method only works with raw bass"

^Thanks Tommo619^

3.0: {Inventory}
1 Glory Amulet (4)
1 Charged Lyre (2)

4.0: {Equipment}

Equipment is as follows:

1 Glory Amulet (4)
1 Pair of Boots of Lightness

5.0: {How to get to Waterbirth}

After making it to the dock, talk to a man named Jarvald (All you have to do is right click him and click Travel, he’ll take you up to Waterbirth)

6.0: { Location of the Grass }
All in all there is 6 patches of grass. 3 on each side of the ship.
7.0 {”How to” The guide }
1st) Have everything you need on you. Rub your lyre and teleport to Fremennik .
2nd) Run to a Fremennik dock and talk to Jarvald. Go to Waterbirth Island.
3rd) Pick up 26 Snape Grass.
4th) Teleport to Edgeville and bank your grass.
5th) Take out a raw shark and teleport to Fremennik .
6th) Go to the Strange Altar where the water goddess is. Place a shark on the altar and Fossegrimen appears, she will recharge your lyre.

7th) Repeat this process .
8th) Don’t forget to recharge your glory amulets.

8.0: {FAQ}

Q.) How much have you collected?

A.) Over 3000 is 5 hours. .

Q.) Aww man, I used my last glory charge and can’t get back to Edgeville. What do I do?

A.) You have a charged glory amulet on you, use it.

Q.) OMG!!1 I used my lyre’s last charge and can’t get back to the Fremennik trails place

A.) Sorry buddy, teleport to Camelot and grab a raw shark. Walk back up there and recharge your lyre while you’re at it.

Q.) How much does snape grass sell for each?

A.) 500 Minimum, 1000 maximum.

Q.) How much money have you made collecting snape grass?

A.) 2.5 Million in 3 days.

Q.) How do I get my lyre back if I lost it?

A.) There are 2 ways to get your lyre back. These are as follow:

1) There is a NPC named Lanzig that drops the lyre when you kill him. He is found in this hut.

Note: Lanzig does not ALWAYS drop the lyre, it's not a rare drop but it's not common either. It'll take you a good hour to finally get that lyre, but in the end. Its worth it.

2) There is another way to get a lyre, it's basiclly you repeating that exact same part of the quest. This part is as follows. Quoted from

Now, talk to the Olaf the Bard (Picture)who says he is a member of the council. To gain his vote he wants you to prove that you have musical talent, so he wants you to write an epic. Talk to him again and he will tell you of a musical tree, south of the town that makes very good instruments. Then he will tell you of a Troll, to the south east that has golden wool that could be used to string your lyre. Then you will need the blessing of the Fossegrimen, a lake spirit to the south west, to tune the lyre. He says that an offering of fish may be necessary to convince the Fossegrimen to do this. Then he says when you're done all that to perform in the long hall.
Strategy: Go to Seer's Village and withdraw your Hatchet, Knife, Beer, and the three vegetables (Onion, Potato, and Cabbage). Also bring 2 sets of Camelot teleport runes, a weapon, and a small amount of food to kill a Level 69 foe.

34) Go to the entrance of the city and head directly east until you reach the Swaying Tree (Picture). Cut a branch off it and then use your knife on the branch to get an 'unstrung lyre'.

35) Next, go just southeast of here to Lalli's home (Picture) and ask about golden wool. You will be sent away after being told that Askeladden stole some of his wool.

36) Go speak to him, In front of the longhall. He will explain how he tricked Lalli into trading his pet rock to 'guard the golden apples' for golden wool. He will give you a pet rock.

37) Go back and talk to Lalli, but she won't fall for the pet rock trick again. However, you will think up some cunning plan that involves the pet rock, an onion, a potato, and a cabbage. Talk to Lalli again and you will explain to him how to make 'stone soup', which is a 'delicacy'. Use your pet rock, onion, potato, and cabbage with Lalli's Stew, and he will agree that the soup is very tasty. Talk to him again and he trade you 'Golden Fleece'. He will also says, 'HA! I tricked you human!' because he thinks that he got a rare soup making stone. Use this fleece on a spinning wheel to get 'Golden Wool' then use it on your lyre, to make a complete lyre.
Strategy: Teleport to Camelot and use the Spinning Wheel south of the bank.

38) Now go to the village again but as you get to the point where the dirt tracks cross the road just south head southwest until you find a small shrine in the water. Use a Raw Shark on the strange alters and a Fossegrimen will appear to enchant the lyre (Picture). You can now play it perfectly.

39) Go back to the village and go through the door that the 'Longhall Bouncer' is guarding. Go up onto the stage and 'Play' your enchanted lyre. You will sing about some of your accomplishments. You will sing so well that you will be commended by the Bard. He says that you have his vote in becoming a Fremennik.

Q.) How do I get Boots of Lightness?
A.) Go into the underground Temple next to the Ranged Guild. You do not have to start the Temple of Ikov quest. Although you do need to have something lit (candle, lantern, or cave goblin mining helmet) and something that can Slash (or a knife).

Q.) But zOMG? Why would I do this when I could get them from Hobgoblin Island next to the Crafting Guild?
A.) Because at Hobgoblin Island, there's always 2 other people picking them, only 3 respawns, and the respawn slower. On Waterbirth Island, it's almost always empty, 6 respawns, and they respawn fast enough so that when you've picked the last one the first one is respawning again!

Q.) Why not just bank your whole inventory with Peer the Seer?
A.) Because, Peer only banks your items while you're doing The Fremnik Trials quest, if you haven't started it yet, or have finished it already, he won't bank anything for you.

Q.) Okay! I have a great idea. Why not make a new character that's started The Fremnik Trials, but not finished it?
A.) Well, you could do that, but then you'd have to pay a fee to get on the boat to Waterbirth Island. Then, how would you pay when Peer deposites your whole inventory, including the Cash?
Note: You could actually do this if you carried around the cash, and right before you ask Peer to deposite your inventory, you drop the cash on the ground, then deposite your inventory, then pick it up again. You'd use up the cash as you travel to Waterbirth Island. The good side about this is that you wouldn't have to pay for teleports.

Q.) Would it be faster to take the boat to Miscellania then bank in Etceteria?
A.) No.

Q.) Would it be useful to use Dueling Rings and teleport to Caste Arena to bank instead of Glories to Edgeville?
A.) It would be a little bit faster, but after Dueling Rings run out of their 8 charges, they break. Glories on the other hand can be recharged. You can charge 28 Glories at a time (27 in inventory, 1 equiped, 1 Charged Games Room necklace in inventory) with a Games Room necklace. Games Necklaces are cheaper than Dueling rings aswell. If you already have the Glories, or plan to do a lot of runs and don't have the Glories, using Glory Amulets is much cheaper.

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