AWplanet - One of Runescape's First Clones

AWplanet - One of Runescape's First Clones
AWplanet is an Online Multiplayer Science Fiction game. The scene is set on a distant planet far from our own galaxy where modern technology and medieval ways are interwoven. You will be able to create your own unique character and develop it in your own unique way. How your character develops and advances through the game all depends on you!

The game world was created based on a battle science fiction canons. The game is full of things to discover and to develop your skills. Only once you have developed your strength, intelligence and professional skills, will you be able to fight powerful monsters and reveal the mysteries of the ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet.

AWplanet is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). When you first enter the game, you will meet hundreds of other players just like yourself, who came here to entertain themselves, to chat and make new friends, increase their skills or to duel other players.

After two years of game development there are now many experienced players and many new players, so you should find it fairly easy to make friends and group with people to help you complete challenging quests and fulfill personal goals.

Additionally, AWplanet is free and accessible to everyone! You don’t need a powerful computer and high Internet speed to play the game. The game is free of charge, but you may also become a paid member and get extra advantages such as more weapons, armors and access to paid member only areas.

Facts about AWplanet

Small software size and low system requirements

You can start playing the game after only a few minutes of downloading the client, on almost any device (including PDA and mobile phones).

Doesn’t require a fast Internet connection

Your computer and the server are constantly exchanging data to synchronize you client with the AWplanet world, but thanks to our data compression system you will be able to play AWplanet with slow internet connection and low traffic.

A giant, mystifying world to explore

Islands, continents, settlements, dark underground passages and unexplored areas will be at your disposal in the world of AWplanet. It is a really large world full of exciting places to discover!

Fighting System

There is nothing better than hand-to-hand combat with a friend or a sworn enemy. There are all opportunities for realization of your fighting instincts. There is also a wide variety of weapons and armors and each has unique attributes along with a choice of fighting styles. Player VS player battles are allowed only in special zones, but if you are a civilian, no other players can attack you.

AWplanet NPC's

Besides yourself and other players the world of AWplanet is populated with both harmless and dangerous inhabitants. From robot-guards to human shoppers, bankers and other NPC’s (Non Player Characters) that will help you to develop and master the game.

Complex system of character parameters

With such a wide range of available attributes for your character such as physical, intellectual, social and professional characteristics, you are able to create a completely unique character.

Friendly and supportive community

When playing the game, you will easily find someone who is able to help you with tasks or find other players interested in the same things as you, so you are able to complete tasks together.

Character creation and improvement system

When you first create your character you will be able to choose a unique appearance for him/her. Then later in the development of your character you will be able to acquire clothes, armor and weapons to further change your character's appearance.

Full 3D graphics

Thanks to 3D graphics we are able to decrease the size of the client software because it's much smaller in file size than using pixel images and the animations are a lot smoother. Furthermore, this means the world of AWplanet is a lot more pleasant to look at because of the rich detail on the landscapes, buildings, bridges, roads, fields, trees, flowers, rivers and seas. All this helps to make your game play experience greatly improved.

Realistic items system

The world of AWplanet is now even more realistic because of the detailed items system. You can pickup everything and drop everything, you can get information on every item you find, and you are able to use items such as plants and fish in different ways. For example, harvest some grain using a sickle, grind it into flour and mix it with water to create some dough. Next get some chicken meat and put it in the oven together with the dough, which will create a kebab that you can eat to regain health. This is a simple process, but once you achieve higher levels you will be able to use other technologies and create more superior items.


Most characters you will meet belong to the players, the same as well as you. This very characters form the AWplanet community.

Here you can make an acquaintance with players from Ukraine, Estonia, China or Russia, some of them just have started the game and other – have been playing for several years…

To take off possible questions, let us define the difference between the terms “player” and “character”. Player is a person who plays the AWplanet. He or she may create one or several characters; each of them is a virtual personality gradually developing its skills. Therefore in this documentation we apply the term “character” concerning parameters or professional skills, and apply the term “player” concerning game interaction.

Each character has its own set of parameters, which determines its status, combat strength, professional skills, etc. But information about the rank of other character is available to you only (a new rank is given each time when the combat level increases on ten points – to learn about it read the passage the «Combat level and reputation»).

You are free to perform various kinds of co-operations with other players, such as communication, trade, battles. You may enter one of the game-clans or create your own clan. The full list of possible interactions is given in the passage «Interface and controls».

Though the battles between players are permitted, they aren’t welcomed: attacking a player you gain status of killer (PK) and your reputation decreases.

Service characters (NPCs)

Service characters (NPCs)
Service characters (NPCs)
Except the players, a great number of different service characters inhabit the AWplanet world – merchants, bankers, representatives of authority, farmers, all of them would help you to feel at home in AWplanet.

They are controlled by computer, not by a person and never leave the game.

To use their services, click on them with mouse right button and select the menu-item “Talk to” and in the further dialog choose the options that are of interest to you at the moment. Thus, speaking to a banker you’ll get an access to your personal slot and speaking to a merchant you’ll open a trade-window.

Some NPCs need your help, carrying out their task you may get some reward (more detailed information is given in the passage «Quests»).

Monsters and creatures

The AWplanet world is inhabited by different kinds of creatures. Some of them would never attack you, but other are aggressive and eager to kill any player. Here you can meet:
  • The most real aliens, representatives of zartul-race, who have been inhabiting this planet at all times
  • Local creatures unknown to earth dwellers
  • Earth animals, which were brought by colonists and assimilated in new habitat
  • Criminals, who have eluded the earth laws and found asylum in this secluded corner of galaxy
  • Mysterious Black warriors, whose origin is unknown
  • War droids, which disobeyed and now oppose the players.
You can meet monsters in different areas, but many of them live in their favorite habitats. Thus, smugglers settled in docks of cosmoport and zartuls live in their small village. Rats and scorpions occur in dungeons and flying stropterix-pangolins occur in rocky areas. Many monsters attack you if you get around them close enough. Animals as usual are not aggressive, but some of them (e.g. deer) may attack you in response.

You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc...

You can attack monsters and animals without any harm to your reputation. As a reward you may get various trophies – e.g. modifier-components and electronic devices, clothes, meat, skins, etc.

Character development 


Which path will you follow in the world of AWplanet? It depends on the way you choose – rough warrior or peaceful craftsman, treasure seeker or vagrant hermit. On the way to the top you have to do a lot and to learn a lot – different handicrafts, fighting art, money earning, interaction with other players.
All the issues concerning the life and development of your character are covered in detail in this section. Read it if you wish to study this or that subject thoroughly. But if you don’t want to lose your time, turn to section «First steps» – there you will find only the most important information you need for the game.

Character stats


In the game AWplanet your character develops together with you. As in other role-playing games the character has a number of parameters corresponding to different physical, intellectual and spiritual characteristics of a human being. While performing different actions in game the meanings of the character’s parameters change as well.


To make the AWplanet world really plausible we elaborated a detailed scheme of working with items. There are several hundred types of items in the game and they can be used in the most different ways.

Some items are materials that are used for production of the more complex things, other – allow to modify character-parameters, another, such as armour and weapons, extend its combat strength. Besides, in the semi-feudal AWplanet world items as well as gold serve as symbol of prosperity and are used in barter trade.

Item categories

Here is the description of items you’ll have to deal with in the game:
Category ExamplesDescription
Resources and materials Ores, crystals, meat, wheat You can obtain the most different natural resources. They may be sold or used in production of more complex items.
Tools and equipment Pick, fishing net, blacksmith’s press Tools are used to boot the resources, to treat and output the items. The stationary equipment (blast-furnaces, blacksmith’s forges) is used to manufacture the things.
Weapons and armour Helmet, greaves, shield, sword, gun These items extend the defence and fighting damage.
Clothes Cloak, boots, shirt Allows changing the appearance of character.
Food Bread, kebab, cheburek Restore the character’s health
Money Are used in trade. Monetary unit – credits.
Items changing character-parameters Modifiers, drinks, healing potions Allow to change character-parameters temporarily or restore the health-level, vitality, force-energy.
Other items Teleports, books, cups, plates, ammunition There are also a great number of different items.

Cooperation with items

Which items you may use?
An intense practice is a key to your character-development. That who works more would improve his parameters and professional skills sooner!

Restrictions on usage of tools and manufacture of various items are also connected with this. At the beginning you may use simple tools only and to produce (or obtain) the items (or resources) of a least value. But with the development of professional skills this situation will change: you’ll be able to use tools of high-performance and to manufacture costly things.

Moreover, complex electronic devices (e.g. teleport) and science intensive professional skills (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology) require sufficiently high level of intellect. To learn more about all these restrictions read the passage «Professional skills» or look at the item-information in the game.

Mind that some items and skills are available to members only. To learn more read the passage «Payment».

You may examine properties of any item by clicking on it with mouse right button and selecting the «Information» option in a brought up menu. There you may learn the following information:
  • skills and parameters required to use an item
  • modes of item usage
  • an effect from wearing and usage
  • weight
  • cost
The cost stated there is equal to the purchasing price in stores. The real market-value when trading with other players may result quite different.
Your inventory
Your inventory
Your inventory 
To take an item click on it with mouse left button and it will appear in your inventory-list. You can view this list by pressing the key F4. The amount of items you can carry is determined by the bulk of bag (24 slots) and your carrying capacity. At that, some small items (e.g. sticks or feathers) can be placed into the same slot.

To dress your character drag an armour or clothes to the slots corresponding to the parts of body or just click on them with mouse left button.

To use an item click on it with mouse right button and select the «Use» option in a brought up menu. To use an item together with another item or equipment (e.g. to roast shrimps in microwave oven) select option «Use with…» and click on another item or equipment.

To use tools (e.g. pick, axe, sickle, fishing net) at first you’ll have to take them in hands, for that, drag them to the slot corresponding to the character’s hands in the window of inventory. Then click on the resource you want to work out. E.g. after taking a pick in hands, click on the tin-deposit.

Item-resource restoration
It is impossible to restore the resource of the most spent things. That’s why the only thing you can do about them is to give to the beginners or throw away. But this doesn’t refer to the cold steel (swords, daggers), automatic weapons and some electronic devices.

Players possessing the high level of «Creation and treatment of items» skill can sharpen cold steels by means of diamond covering, which would not only restore weapon durability but also increase it on 10% (the damage caused would increase too). This operation is to be performed once only. Mind that to use a covered weapon you’ll have to possess a higher combat level, to learn more read the passage «Combat level and reputation».

The resource of automatic weapon may be restored by loading of new ammunition. And some electronic devices (e.g. teleport) may be charged with the help of battery.


Longing to test your spirit and might of muscles? Fight and prove your toughness to the bleak and cruel world of AWplanet. Success in battles depends upon nearly each parameter of your character, therefore combat is the fairest test of your progress in the game.

The AWplanet world offers all kinds of opportunities to bring about your fighting potential. There are wide selection of weapons, the most various armour and choice of different fighting styles. But if you are the beginner – nothing threatens you: free battles are permitted in special combat zones only.

Let us examine which characters need to polish up the martial art most of all.

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