OSRS Sins of the Father Quest Guide

This is the latest, and perhaps the last installment in the Vampyre quest line. It overlaps with the Runescape 3 version, The Branches of Darkmeyer, although there are some great differences between the two.

Quest Requirements

You will need to have the previous vampire quest line completed, which includes:

  • A Taste of Hope
  • Vampyre Slayer

You will also need these skill before being allowed to start it:

  • 62 Woodcutting
  • 60 Fletching
  • 56 Crafting
  • 52 Agility
  • 50 Attack
  • 50 Slayer
  • 49 Magic

    Benefits from completing Sins of the Father:

  • Daeyalt Essence – This ore had existed in the quest line without having a use. It is now used in an AFK runecrafting method that supposedly beats others in the game.
  • Improved Ivandis Flail – The Ivandis Flail is the only item in the game that can defeat vyrewatch, and it amplifies your damage & accuracy. The improved version will have higher strength, and thus it is faster to kill any vampire in the game.
  • Darkmeyer City – It is a full city with all of the venue, including a clothing shop and altar next to the bank. There are some interesting things to see, including the castle, but we won’t give too many spoilers. This city contains improved vyrewatch, which drops the new Blood Shard, along with other impressive loot.
  • Blood Shards – The blood shard is similar to what was released in Runescape 3 and can be combined with an amulet of fury. It has a chance to heal 10% of the damage you deal, and once all 10,000 charges are used, your amulet of fury will revery back to normal.

  • Vyrelords – You’ve seen them run around the Theatre of Blood, but the city of Darkmeyer has slightly different vyrelored and ladies. At 82 Thieving, they may be pickpocketed for various luxury items, including Blood Shards.
  • Vyrewatch Sentinels – These are aggressive vampires found in the city that can make for a decent training method. They have a very rare chance at dropping the new shard.
  • Hallowed Sepulchre – A crypt in the corner of the city that contains various traps and treasures. Some have compared it to Pyramid Plunder, but it’s more complex.

Starting Out

Go to the church in Slepe and speak to Veliaf Hurtz, a familiar face from the quest line. He will give you an explanation about the Sleeper Plague, which people cannot wake up from their deep sleep. This may overlap with the Nightmare Boss update.

Hameln the Jester (who is in the purple outfit) is right inside the same church, so continue to talk to him. He gives you the hint that his partner got sick after a drink in the pub, so move onto the next clue in the bar.

Carl is the bartender with apron. Talk to him about the beer that made Hameln’s friend sick, and choose options about where the beer comes from.

There is a barrel behind the bar that will trigger a cut scene upon examining it. You will accompany carl on the way to the town’s dungeon, and you have to avoid being seen, similar to other quests like Witch’s House where you need to take cover when necessary.

Simply head out west, inside the church, and slowly head towards the center of town. Hide behind trees as he walks around the path so you don’t get spotted, and he will end up in the church graveyard.

Once you reach the end of this sequence and you will see a cutscene between Carl, Vanstrom Klause, and Kroy. After hearing in on the conversation, you will have to defeat Kroy, who attacks with melee and magic. Overall, it’s and easy fight and you DO NOT need to use the Ivandis Flail.

After defeating him, destroy the nearby table.

Return to Veliaf in the Slepe Church Graveyard. Head to Drezel at the Paterdomus temple.

Temple Trekking

You will get into a conversation with Veliaf and Drezel, discussing the strange happenings with Werewolves in the area. He also includes the story where you were kidnapped by werewolves I a previous quest. After discussing the 7 priestly warriors, you will be instructed to go to the Haunted Woods. But first, you will need to locate Ivan near the Frenkenstrain Castle.

Immediately south of the Caste, you will find Ivan in his red outfit, talk to him and it will go into a cut-scene after a few dialogs.

Take along an axe, knife, and minimal supplies to get ready to escort Ivan. Once ready, meet him at the entrance of the temple to start the trekking session.

Once you get to the first encounter to cross the stream, cut vines from the nearby tree to fashion a rope.

Use the rope on the overhanding swamp tree branch to create a swing, allowing both of you to cross. Continue on the path ahead.

If you encounter the nail beasts, protect from melee as they can hit hard, and simply kill all three before moving on.

Please refer to the official Temple Trekking Guide on OSRS wiki if you have other encounters, as it may be randomly generated just like in the mini-game.

Once you have finished the escort mission, go down to the boat house, which is in the southernmost part of town.

After talking with Veliaf, hop into the boat, and slect the Icyene Graveyard.

The Graveyard

You will be once again reunited with Saflaan Hallow, and there will be dialogue between him and Veliaf, and Vanescula Drakan.

You will then be ordered to find a way into the locked masoleum.

You will need to toggle with each row until you have the right combination of numbers, making all numbers green. It’s a sodoku-like puzzle. Once all rows and columns add up to green numbers, it will trigger a cut-scene.

After discovering what’s in the grave, you need to talk to all members in the the gaveyard. Follow the instructions on who to talk to next until all the members are crossed out in your quest guide. It should end with Veliaf and trigger another cutscene.

After the team reuinites, it is suggested that you need an improved Ivandis flail, and you should meet at the old laboratory.

The Laboratory

The easiest way to get to the Lab is by teleporting to the Theatre of Blood with your Drakan Amulet, and encountering a

Vyrewatch that will send you to the mines.

Once you fill up the cart with the required ore, you can leave the mines and head to an easy path towards the old laboratory.

Location of the lab:

Speak to Saflaan in the lab, and let him lead you to the Bloodvelds. Once he is attacked, he will glow and you will be forced into a fight with a mutated bloodveld (which can be killed with any weapon).

Speak to him again and go through all threee dialogues. Proceed to search for more research in the lab.

In the middle-western room with a bunch of mutated bloodvelds, you will find volume 2 of the book. Return the book to Safalaan.

Head back to Burgh de Rott and use the boat back to Icyene Graveyard.

Speak to the Myreque team members at the eastern part of Graveyard. They will discuss the Blisterwood tree in Darkmeyer.

Go underground lair under Old Man Ral house in Meiyerditch to receive a disguise from a regular vyrewatch costume. This can be

bought by Trader Sven, who is nearby.

Head back to Icyene Graveyard and click to talk with to Vanescula.

Head to the Zamorakian church in Slepe. This would be a good opportunity to recharge your prayer.

You will have a battle with Damien Leucurte, who is level 204 and has multiple combat stances.

Damien Leucerte uses a combination of ranged and magic stances, spreading magical fire around the room during the fight. If you have a high combat level, this is not a hard fight.

He can also poison you during the fight, so some form of Anti-poison is recommended, like an anti-poison++.

Put out the magical fires to prevent your damage from being reduced. Veliaf be around, but won’t do much in the big picture.

After fight make sure to speak to Veliaf before leaving

Return to Icyene Graveyard to discuss your disguise further.

Go to Darkmeyer with disguise equipped.

Go to the Arborterium and get stopped by a vampire while trying to enter it.

You will see Mordan Nikazsi is aampire juvinate.

He can be found back towards the entrance to Darkmeyer, east of the crack you climbed through, in a house near the outer wall.

He sends you to find some slaves.

The slaves are in a prison north of the Arborterium.

Go intothe Arborterium

Search the toppled shelves for an old note

Read the note and turn the valves near the entrance according to the description of how much water is needed

Obtain 8 logs from the blister tree.

Head back to the Icyene Graveyard with 8 blister wood logs in your inventory.

Head back to the underground lair under Old Man Ral house in Meiyerditch.

Grab a sickle from the crate

Combine sickle and ruby (requires chisel)

Enchant the ruby sickle

Create the Blisterwood Sickle with a ehcanted ruby sickle, and blister wood log.

Defeat Vanstrom Klause (level 413) where you can use Efaritay’s aid to damage him using normal weapons in his vampyre phase.

Bring a ranged switch to kill the mini bloodvelds that spawn

You can lure Vanstrom into the blood orbs that he creates.

Quest Reward

-2 Quest points

  • Access to Darkmeyer
  • Improved Ivandis flail
  • Drakan’s medallion upgraded to teleport to Darkmeyer options
  • 3 Tomes of experience, granting 15,000 experience in any skill (including Runecrafting or Herblore).