Bosses Sorted by Difficulty in Oldschool Runescape

Are you looking to get started in some serious PvM? Don’t know where to go first?

In this guide, we will rank beginner PvM bosses in Oldschool Runescape from the easiest to the hardest. Depending on your stats and hand-eye coordination, it’s up to you to choose which bosses to go for first.

Super Easy: The Barrows Brothers

Barrows is a mini-game with bosses up to Level 115. While this may sound scary, these bosses have no complicated mechanics to them, and nearly all of them are vulnerable to magic.

In fact, some accounts have gotten away with killing barrows brothers with just 13 magic and 43 prayer. With Ahrim, it’s best to eat least use range since you will be splashing all day on him.

As a beginner, It would be ideal to have at least 75 magic to use a trident, and over 70 ranged to kill Ahrim. More advanced players also add in special attack weapons, ancient magicks, to go for extremely fast runs.

Expect arund 500,000 gold per hour profit, with the rare chance of it shooting beyond 2 Million per hour if you are lucky with drops.

Super Easy: The Giant Mole

The giant mole is a very early update made into the game in the original Runescape, but it’s drops can still be lucrative.

This boss is more annoying than it is hard as you won’t die as long as you have protect from melee active. Be sure to invest in Super stamin potions.

The ideal strategy is to bring your hitpoints down to 1 using rock cakes, and with the Full Dhoraks set, you will hit as hard as you can before the mole burrows into the ground.

Moderate: The King Black Dragon

The king black dragons has been around since the days of classic. Since Jagex updated the drop table, it is still reasonably profitable to kill, and one of the easier ways to obtain a Dragon Pickaxe.

Instead of bringing a team of noobs like the old days, the best way to kill it is with Ruby bolts (e), and Diamond Bolts (e) once he is below half hitpoints. If you take a Dragonhunter crossbow along, it’s much faster.

Moderate: The Kalphite Queen

The Kalphite Queen was in high demand during the early days of Runescape 2, mostly due to its legendary Dragon Chainbody drop. While the drops of the boss are not so impressive in modern day Runescape, it’s a desirable boss to kill for slayer tasks and to obtain the pet.

As detailed in our 2006 Runescape Kalhpite Queen guide, people used to kill her using Full Veracs to go through its protect from prayer. It was also rarely solo’d, although nowadays people rarely go there in groups.

The best strategy is now to use a Dragon warhammer as an initial special attack, and to fire it down with a Toxic Blowpipe. You can easily reach the boss via the fair ring code: BIQ, which will bring you to the entrance of the lair.

Moderate: The Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental was the first Wilderness boss ever introduced to the game, and it’s an entry-level boss with multiple attack styles. It will shoot various colored projectiles plus annoying special attacks that will keep you engaged.

The spawn point is just outside Rogue’s Castle, which is within a multi-combat zone. While killing it in teams would be safer, it’s still preferable to solo the boss for enhanced profit.

A reasonable modern strategy would be to use a Viggora’s chainmace (for the Wilderness bonus damage) along with magic protection gear on a high-level account. Be sure not to take anything excessively expensive as you will be in a hot zone for pkers.

Moderate: Dagannoth Rex

Reaching the Daggonoth Kings is no easy task for a newbie player, and all three bosses use different attack styles and hit hard. Having said that, there is a little trick to killing Daggonoth Rex easily on a newbie account using a safe spot.

While the other bosses are distracted by another player, you can lure Rex over to the east side where he cannot attack you. Taking advantage of his very low magic defence, you can burn him down and hope for a Berserker Ring drop.

Hard: Trio Daggonox Kings

Killing one boss with one attack style is quite easy. Going in solo killing all three bosses simultaneosuly requires lots of practice.

You will need to learn how to tri-brid all three attacks styles to kill each boss with their weakness. Managing your health an prayer is also a challenge, which is why utilizing the Toxic blowpipe’s special attack is useful.

If you are wealthy enough to afford a Twisted Bow and the Sanguinesti staff, it will be a breeze.

Hard: Scorpia

Scorpia is a Wilderness boss located in a cave within the Scorpion Pit, east of the Mage Arena. While this boss isn’t the best money maker nowadays, it drops pieces to forge odium wards and malediction wards.

The main benefit of fighting Scorpia is you can be pretty bare-bones with your gear. Take enough runes to freeze her with ice spells, and burn her down using a Trident. You can take basic Monk’s robes, and anything else low value in case you run into PKers.

Hard: Vet’ion

Vet’ion is a Zamorakian skeletal bossthat located just north of the Bone Yard and south of Lava Dragon Isle, and he’s the only source for the Ring of the Gods. Like other bosses in the Wilderness, he can also drop the dragon pickaxe along with useful skilling supplies.

Engaging in a fight with him will consist of a purple and orange phase. He needs to be defeated within five minutes before reverting to the first phase again, which makes it a challenge for undergeared solo players.

Each phase will also spawn Skeleton Hellhounds that hit pretty hard.

Hard: Callisto

Callisto is a very large bear located South of the Demonic Ruins. He is the only source of the tyrannical ring, while also dropping the Dragon Pickaxe and other supplies.

He simply attacks with melee, but the real challenge is his ability to knockback and stun players. This can get you into even more dangerous situations when PKers are around to take advantage of this mechanic.

As he is immune to all magic, you will have to go in with melee and/or ranged.

Hard: Venenatis

Venenatis is a giant spider boss located east of the Bone Yard, and he’s the most complex boss fight in the Wilderness. He’s sought after as the only source of the treasonous ring, and he drops other profitable items.

Not only does she drain prayer, she has a stunning ranged attack that hit ups to 50 with a long range. For this reason, most players choose to fight her in groups or using a bugged safe spot.

Hard: Zulrah

Since it’s launch in 2014, Zulrah had always been considered an overpowered boss for the amount of profit a player can make in one hour. It is one of the few instanced bosses in the game, and when the player dies, his items may be retrieved via an NPC found nearby.

The requirements is to simply have Regicide completed, although a high-level ranged, defence, and magic would be realistic. Having 75 agility also unlocks a Fairy Ring shortcut that makes it much more efficient.

High-priced items will bolster your profit per hour, includding the Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Visage, Magic fang, and an uncut onyx. Skilling supplies, runes, and mid-tier armour & weapons will also accumulate in your bank.

Hard: Vorkath

Vorkath is a boss that appears during the Dragon Slayer 2 quest, and upon it’s completion, you may revist him with buffed stats. While it takes quite a awhile to build up the prerequisites, you can make millions of gold per hour on a nearly-maxed combat account.

It’s kindo of overwhelming to get ahold of all of his attacks styles, how to survive his Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage phase. With some practice, you can get him down to around 1 minute per kill, making inane profit.

Every kill will yield Superior dragon bones, making a bulk of your profit, along with other rare drops that can get into the hundreds of thousands of gold per kill.

Expert: General Graardor

Graardor is the Bandos leader within the depths of the Godwars Dungeon, and is the only source to obtain the highly-valued Bandos armour & godword.

Graardor attacks mainly with melee, with the occasional ranged attack thrown in. Since his Magic level is quite low, using magic spells on him is a practical strategy.

He will be accompanied by thee bodyguards with different attack styles:

  • Sergeant Strongstack (Melee)
  • Sergeant Steelwill (Magic)
  • Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged)

Expert: K’ril Tsutaroth

K’ril Tsutsaroth is considered to be on the easier end of the godwars bosses, but still poses a challenge. He is the leader of the Zamorakian forces and drops a few useful items like the Staff of the Dead and Zamorakian spear.

It’s highly recommende to wait until you have a Greater Demon slayer task as you can take advantage of the Slayer helm bonus.

His minions are:

  • Balfrug Kreeyath (Magic)
  • Tstanon Karlak (Melee)
  • Zakl’n Gritch (Ranged)

Expert: Kree’arra

Kree’arra Armadyl’s generals, and arguably one of the harder bosses in the Godwars dungeon. He will attacks primarly with range, like other aviansies, but he will resort to melee if you are within reach.

His bodyguards are:

  • Flight Kilisa (Melee)
  • Wingman Skree (Magic)
  • Flockleader Geerin (Ranged)

He is the only source of Armadyl armour in the game, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Expert: Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana is the leader of the Saradomin forces in the Godwars dungeon, and considered to be quite a tough boss.

She attacks with very accurate and rapid melee and magic attacks, but she has a limited attack range that players may take advantage of.

Her bodyguards include:

  • Starlight (Melee)
  • Bree (Ranged)
  • Growler (Magic)

Expert: The Corporeal Beast

The Corpereal Beast is a special kind of boss reintroduced into Oldschool Runescape. There are no inherent requirements, and it can be found in a cave at Level 19 Wilderness. Most plays just use a games necklace to reach it though.

Most players go here for the chance to get the highly price Elysian Spirit shield, but it has other profitable drops that will satisfy most PvMers.

This boss has an extremely high defence level that only a Zamorakian spear can realistically pentrate. Apart from that, most people kill the boss in large groups than solo.

I would highly recommend looking up Solo guides on Youtube, and you will see how convoluted the process is to kill the boss.

Expert: The Nightmare

The Nightmare is one of the latest bosses, and it really can’t be killed without a group. Some players have reported making up to 4 million gold per hour with efficient kills, but it depends on luck and practice.

Ideally, you will want to have the Taste of Hope quest completed for a quick teleport near Slepe. The Nightmare boss is located just underneath the town, and there is no other requirements to engage the boss.

The easiest way to get into a group is to be a tank on a high-level account. I would suggest lookup up the Nightmare Boss tanking guide by Bekt on Youtube.

That’s the list of bosses to kill in the game. If you’ve found this short guide useful, be sure to give it a share on social media.