Daimonin MMORPG

One of the few open source MMORPG games licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This means that anyone and review and modify the source code. Full Community Driven - Script & Map Editor, Free Source - Create your Own World!

Space Odyssey

A vast FREE MMORPG, PvP, explore the universe, build Stations, drive Motherships, gain ranks, level, research technology! Lots of battles, graphics, pounding action, and LOTS of updates! Join today and HAVE FUN!

Lands of Hope Redemption

A massive browser based game featuring thousands of hours worth of content. Over 50 different class choices, and race evolutions to be gained as you level up on your way to level 1000. Crafting, Gathering, Pets, Buildings, Sieging and much more.


Hunt food, smith weapons, and prepare for battle! Can you stop the Evil Que from taking over the entire game? Browser based multi-player fantasy role-playing game that requires no downloads or plug-ins! Free to play forever!

Gangster Nation

Gangster Nation is a classic gangster themed game - start out as a Civilian and work your way up through the levels. Perhaps join or start your own mafia family?! It’s all up to you! We've been running since 2005 and are a very stable, enjoyable ga

Opus Deorum The Work Of Gods

Create a team to defeat the monsters roaming the Wilds of Celonia, compete in Arena matches, use magic, use dual weapons, use 2 handed weapons. Varied fight styles and unique fightsystem. Friendly staff and active helpful community. Join now!

World War IV

This is a Free Multiplayer Online Game with no downloads. You choose from many different strategies and you can work together with others, or alone. With an active admin and no annoying pop ups, this game is fun to play without any hassles.

Dark Swords Online

Dark Swords is a role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn?t have analogues. Dark Swords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, charact

Dragon Wars Online

Dragon Wars Online is a free text browser game which allows you to control a number of dragons, humans, wyverns and more to gain the ultimate victory, death to anyone else that lives. DragonWarsOnline is reset every 2 months to allow everyone a fair.

Mafia Empires

MafiaEmpires (www.playmfe.com) is a 3D browser MMORPG set in a dark, musky underworld where only the best make it to the top. Everyone starts equal, but do you think you have it takes to create your own mafia empire?

Arcane Kingdom

We would just like to take a moment to tell you about Arcane Kingdom - a brand new text based RPG played through your Web Browser. Monster battles, quests and item crafting are just the tip of Arcane Kingdoms iceberg


Become a Hunter, Vampire or Werewolf in the medieval city of Vaperida. Join a clan and bring war to your enemies, will you rise to the top or become lunch only time will tell. Come on in to Vaperida and join the battle today!

Knights Divine

Knights Divine is a new, popular MMORPG with 2 month rounds and frequent updates. The administrative team is very active and willing to listen to any player suggestions.

Renaissance Dynasties

Realistic intensive Role Play in 16th Century Europe. Friendly community, dedicated Player Base. Player created and run- check us out!


DarkReject offers a free online gaming experience for all to test their skills against the best of the best. Fight enemies, complete quests, expand your character and Clan - an online MMORPG/PBBG that offers everything you could require.

Gekkeiju Online

Gekkeiju Online is a Free-to-play Fantasy based 3d Multi-User Dungeon that has been running since 2003.


Operation-B is a free multiplayer strategic browser game. Where tactical insight is more important than pure strength and outnumbering the enemy.