Making gold as a new player in Oldschool Runescape

Making gold as a new player in Oldschool Runescape

Making money in OSRS is absolutely tough! Not only do you face extreme competition with bots, but price fluctations dictate what methods to choose from, leaving new players with few and inefficient options.

Aside from going out and purchasing osrs gold from a reputable supplier, this article will list some safe go-to options to obtain starter gold.

Picking up Ashes at the Grand Exchange

While it’s not the most glorious way to make money, there is always an abundance of ashes on the grand at the Grand Exchange. This is due to it being a popular place for players to train firemaking, and after the logs had fully burnt out, it will leave behind ashes for anyone to pick up.

If you are on a populated F2P world, you can easily make upwards of 50,000 gold per hour. You may make even more by selling in bulk directly to players looking to train their herblore skill.

You’ll have a set of Rune armor in no time!

Collecting garlic in Draynor Village

An alternative starter gold maker would be collecting onions in Draynor Village, albeit it is just as repetitive.

Start by going to the quest starting location to the east of the bank within Draynor Village. Upstairs, there is a cupboard that contains an unlimited amount of garlic. The catch is that you will have to click one-by-one to fill up your inventory.

While garlic is somewhat slow to sell on the grand exchange, you should make between 30,000-40,000 gold per hour, depending on its demand.

Killing Monkeys for Monkey Bones

While it’s quite an unusual method, monkey bones are obtainable on fresh F2P account on the island of Karamja. These bones are used for the Monkey Madness quest, which explains their elevated price.

With a decent weapon and enough gold to pay the fare between banking trips, head to the jungle near the Volcano on the island. Monkeys should go down within 1 or 2 hits, so most of the work is picking up the bones and running bank to the bank deposite box in Port Sarim.

Expect around 50,0000 gold per hour with a negligible amount of combat experience.

Grinding & Re-selling Chocolate Bars

Once you’ve accrued a little bit of wealth, a good way to reinvest it is to buy chocolate bars from the Grand Exchange. This is a highly-desired ingredient used in Herblore, so there is always a decent profit margin to be had.

Simply use a knife on each chocolate bar in your inventory and it will eventually turn into dust. List the dust on the exchange, buy some more, and repeat!

You’re looking at an easy 100,000 gold per hour.

Cooking Chicken

With just level 1 cooking, cooking chicken is quite an AFK money making method, but you will need to buy raw chicken in bulk. You can do this on a campfire or a stove near a bank (like in Al-Kharid).

As you can cook around 1,300 chicken per hour, expect 60,000 gold per hour plus 38,000 in cooking experience.

Tanning Hard Leathers

Once you have a seriously large stack of gold, moving to tanning hard leathers can be an easier & slightly more profitable means to make money.

Start from the Al-Kharid bank with coins and an inventory full of cowhides. Run to the tanning shop, which is just to the right of the the furnace.

This should get you 120,00 gold per hour with ease.

Smelting iron bars

If you want to actually gain experience while investing your money, smelting iron bars is a relatively low requirement method. Since the recent addition of Rings of Forging in Free to play, you can smith iron with a 100% success rate.

Simply buy iron ore and a handful of rings of forging from the Grand Exchange. Then walk west to the Edgeville furnace, which is conveniently located right by a bank.

Smelting bars will net around 12,000 experience per hour with 40,000 gold profit.

Making Dyes in Draynor Village

One of the last methods to consider when you have a large enough cash stack is to make colored dyes at Aggie the witch in Draynor village. This is more click intensive than it sounds as you will need to select multiple dialog options to make each dye.

The dye to make soley depends on the current profit margin, but you can easily net 150,000 gold per hour.

Red dyes are made with red berries. Blue dyes are made with woad leaves. Yellow dyes are made with onions.

Dyes can also be mixed to create more expensive dyes, so keep up with prices to see if it’s worth doing.

Wrapping up

Generally speaking, gold is pretty slow on a fresh free-to-play account. You will likely have to waste several days to obtain your first Membership Bond without having much fun at all.

If you are tired of the grind, I would highly recommend purchasing buy osrs gold from 5MMO, a leading Runescape gold supplier.

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