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Welcome to Runescape Hall

Welcome to Runescape Hall one of the many large runescape communities online!

We have

Up to date guides
Up to date quest walk thru's
Friendly Staff
and many new friends to meet!
Random runescape tip: "Always run when the opponent is taking upper hand."

  Runescape Hall Newsletter
 Posted by: timtimtimma :: news - timtimtimma on Sunday, October 13 @ 05:50:15 EDT

I am starting a Runescape Hall Newsletter that is basically the same as the Runescape News letter it tells you of updates that are to come out soon on Runescape Hall, what we are working on for the site, what we are planning and hoping to bring etc etc.

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  New Defualt Theme
 Posted by: timtimtimma :: news - timtimtimma on Friday, October 11 @ 05:48:03 EDT
I made the new defualt theme astro blue B and tweaked it a bit and made the right side blocks appear on everypage cept like 2...hope you enjoy :)
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  Runescape Site Hosting is online!
 Posted by: timtimtimma :: news - timtimtimma on Wednesday, October 09 @ 18:31:53 EDT

I've been working on it for the past few days figuring out exatcly how I was ganna do it and its finally here! If you want a 'reliable, FAST, and pwoerful server/service/host then you better head over there now!
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  Permission Denied!
 Posted by: timtimtimma :: news - timtimtimma on Wednesday, October 09 @ 05:40:01 EDT
Are you trying to do things on the site and it comes up with Warning: bla bla Permission Denied? If so please tell me here (reply as a comment) so I can fix the issue I just noticed the shout box wasn't working...
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  Boards back up
 Posted by: timtimtimma :: news - timtimtimma on Tuesday, October 08 @ 20:19:59 EDT
Boards are up check em out
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