Additional Business Opportunities in Runescape

Have you tried employing other people to do your work for you? Once you have made at least a million, I would suggest you hire workers to do all the tasks I mentioned before for you. You can go outside a bank and say “Hiring workers – will pay well”, and then make a deal with as many people as you can to start mining iron or collecting feather for you, so you can then sell it for a greater price. The difference between simply buying selling is this: you will have a set of loyal workers who will always deliver the goods. This means if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of a worker, you may fire it and keep those that are best. I currently manage about 20 very good workers who consistently collect feathers for me. I pay them 4GP per feather, which I pay them every time they collect 10,000 feathers. I then go on to sell the feathers in member’s worlds - anything from 8-10GP each. Because I have around 20 people doing this for me, I make a lot of money very fast.

Coal is another good material to get a group of loyal workers to mine and sell to you. You will need to invest 100,000 to 200,000 thousand at a time. Basically, you should be able to buy coal for a maximum of 100-120GP each (don’t settle for anything more) near the east bank of Falador on highly populated worlds. Once you have the required amount switch worlds and sell them each for 150GP at the exact same location! It’s as simple as that! Make sure the workers you select will build a long lasting relationship. Try and become friends with a few miners, and have them deal with you specifically.

You can experiment and establish a more sophisticated business. For example, I have a set of miners and smiths who work exclusively for me. I buy coal (130GP each) and iron ore (70GP each) from my miners. I then give these to my smiths for FREE, who are more than happy to smith them for me in order to increase their smith level. So it costs me only 200GP to both get the raw materials AND make it into steel, and I don’t even do any of the work! I sell these for up to 600GP each; it makes a hefty profit when sold in bulk.

Soon enough deals which involve anything less than 1K will be a thing of the past. Again, advertise your goods on Runescape forums and in the game. Aim high, increase your marketing and you will very soon become a multi-millionaire!

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