Shooting Star Guide for OSRS

Players that were around during the early days of Runescape probably remember Shooting Stars. The devs at Jagex decided to introduce a modified version of this global random event to Oldschool Runescape, giving new rewards and an alternative means to train Mining.

On any given world (besides deadman or tournament worlds), a shooting star will fall at a random spot every two hours or so. There may be variance between worlds, so it can’t be abused by hopping worlds.

While they are mostly followed for the easy mining experience, it’s also an opportunity to make osrs gold by trading in rewards for sellable items.

Finding a Shooting Star

The standard way of finding a shooting star is through the telescope in a player-owned house. Using a Mahogany telescope would be the most efficient, as it gives you a very close window of following a star.

While it’s difficult to navigate, it’s your best bet at being one of the first players to arrive at the shooting star, which allows for increased experience.

Some shooting star locations include:

  • Outside of the Dwarven Mines
  • Outside of the Mining Guild
  • West Falador Mine
  • Near the White Wolf Tunnel
  • Outside the Crafting Guild
  • Rimmington Mine
  • South and North Crandor Mine
  • South and North Brimhaven Mine
  • Karamja Jungle Mine
  • Shilo Village Mine
  • Feldip Hunter Area
  • Corsair Cove Resource Area
  • Myths’ Guild
  • Isle of Souls mine
  • Fossil Island mine
  • Mos Le’Harmless
  • Rellekka mine
  • The entrance of Keldagrim
  • Miscellania mine
  • Fremennik Isles mine
  • Catherby bank
  • Yanille bank
  • Legends’ Guild mine
  • Near the bank on Mount Karuulm
  • Al Kharid mine
  • Agility Pyramid mine
  • East Lumbridge Swamp mine
  • West Lumbridge Swamp mine
  • Varrock Mine
  • Isafdar Mine
  • Mine outside of LLetya
  • Wilderness Mage Bank entrance.
  • Wilderness Bandit Camp
  • Wilderness Pirate Hideout
  • Wilderness Resource Mine

If you are the first player get on the star, it will be announced in the global chat.

Mining Shooting Stars

The stars come in different sizes, which scales with the mining experience and star dust that you will receive. Simply use the best pickaxe you have, and if you end up in the wilderness, be sure to bring food and protective gear. The effect of Varrock Armour will not work on shooting stars.

Once the star is depleted, it will crumble into nothing and you will have to go on the hunt for a new star.

A size 9 star requires level 90 mining, but will give 168 experience per dust, a 90% higher chance of getting dust, but only has 15 dusts available. This is geared towards high level players wanting experience.

A size 1 star will be available to a larger group of players as you only need level 10 to mine it. Each dust will give 11.2 experience and but there is 1,200 dust available. If you get in early, it’s a better way to stock up on dust.

What are the rewards?

Stardust is accumulated while mining a star. This is used at Dusuri’s Star Shop within the mining guild.

The rewards include:

  • The Celestial Ring (2,000 dust)
  • Star Fragment (3,000 dust)
  • Bag of Gems (300 dust)
  • Soft Clay Packs (150 dust)

If you would instead buy some of these rewards, be sure to stock up on gold from z2u to speed up the process.

The Celestial Ring

The Celestial Ring is what a bulk of the playerbase is after. When worn, it has a mining boost of +4, and it stacks with the bonus from a Dragon Pickaxe and/or Dwarven Stout. You also have a 10% chance of receiving an extra ore if mining rocks below Runite.

As the ring is charged with Stardust, using this ring more or less requires you to participate in this new minigame to keep using it.

The ring is upgradable to a celestial signet when used on a Singing Bowl with 100 crystal shards. The only extra effect is a 10% chance of not degrading your Crystal Pickaxe, if you choose to use one.

Star Fragments

Star fragments are a less desirable reward for those who don’t care about fashion. These are used to recolour Prospector clothing into a golden-trimmed version. There is no boost in mining experience or passive levels, unlike the Celestial Ring.

It takes 12,000 dust to upgrade a complete set of Prospector clothing.

Final Thoughts

Some players feel this will soon be dead content due to the narrow scope of rewards. However, if you are the type of person that prefers to train skills doing daily tasks be sure to include shooting stars on your day-to-day game play to increase your mining skill.