Testing the new Ectoplasmator for passive prayer experience

Testing the new Ectoplasmator for passive prayer experience

The ectoplasmator is a reward from the Soul Wars minigame and it’s considered to be an alternative to the Bonecrusher, but for ghostly beings. Instead of burying bones, experience rewarded as 20% of the ghost’s base experience. The main attraction of this item is that it doesn’t need to be fuled with ecto-tokens.

Since there are some ghosts in the game that are suitable for AFK training, we decided to test out passive experiece rates at each spot.

Ankous - Hourly rate: 109k Combat Experience | 4K Prayer Experience

The best place to train on Ankous is in the Kourend dungeon since it is close to a teleport spot. While they can hit frequently, have high-defence armour like barrows will make your trips last a long time. Expect to make up to 100K per hour in gold by picking up Blood & Death runes.

Aberrant Spectres - Hourly rate: 97K Combat Experience | 3.3K Prayer Experience

A good spot for regular, off-task aberrant spectres is in the slayer tower. Simply teleport nearby using the fairy rings or Ancient Magics, and climb up the chain to these aggressive ghostly beings.

If you have an herb bag, you can self sustain yourself with herb drops alone. Alchables and rare seeds also make this spot profitable.

Ghosts in Stronghold of Security:Sepulchre of Death - Hourly rate: 94K Combat Experience | 2.4K Prayer Experience

Within view of the entrance to this part of the stronghold, there is a room filled with mid-level ghosts and skeletons. If you position yourself towards the northern end of the room, you will engage with more ghosts than skeles.

Twisted Banshees - Hourly rate: 112k Combat Experience | 4.3k Prayer Experince

Twisted Banshees are the harder form of Banshees, located in the Kourend dungeon. While it is unfortunate you will need to use ear muffs or a Slayer helm to kill them, they have lot’s of profitable drops in addition to the Prayer experience you will gain.

Ranging them in a safe spot is viable for low-level players, but main accounts should melee them for maximum experience rates.

Barrows - Rate per run: 120 Prayer Experience

Surprisingly, the ectoplasmator also works on the barrows brothers, considering they are ghosts. It may not be the optimal way to train prayer considering the time it takes between runs. If you are planning on doing hundreds/thousands of barrows trips, you might as well take it along to get a few free prayer levels.

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